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11 Different Types Of Empaths And Their Unique Abilities

11 Different Types Of Empaths And Their Unique Abilities

Most of you have probably heard the term empath, but you may not know that there are actually different types of empaths and not just one!

First, we’ll start with defining what empathy is (in case you need to refresh your memory or you’re not really familiar with the concept). 

So, empathy is basically the gift of being able to understand others, share their feelings, and put yourself in someone else’s shoes. 

Some empaths are prone to feeling the intense feelings of others, and some have a powerful connection with animals.

There are plenty of other types of empaths and each one of them is gifted with a different set of unique, empathetic abilities.

Being an empath is one of the most complicated and at the same time one of the most amazing things in the world. 

It has plenty of pros and cons and can leave you feeling confused, and lost.

For that reason, it is important to define yourself because understanding who you really are is the first step to accepting it as a gift, and not a curse.

Here is a list of different types of empaths that will help you identify your own type and teach you some new things about your own body and mind:

Emotional Empath

An emotional empath, also known as an emotionally receptive empath, is one of the most common empath types. It means that the person has the ability to deeply feel the emotions of others around them. 

So, if you’re an emotional empath, you can feel what people around you are going through.

If they are sad, you can feel it as if their emotion is yours. If they are anxious, you can also become anxious even though you have no idea why. 

These emotions can be really confusing and sometimes draining because you cannot know for sure whether it is something you are experiencing or if it is the people around you.

I remember when one of my friends was deeply distressed because her life was chaotic and she was literally yelling about and cursing a certain guy (yes, it’s always about the guy) and so on. 

I realized that I could feel every single bit of her emotion as if it was happening to me. So, when she finally came to her senses and left, I cried for half an hour because I had to get those emotions out of my system. 

It was then I realized that I’m a legit emotional empath who absorbs other people’s emotions like a sponge. 

Also, before that, I would often feel confused and emotionally drained when around other people, but now that I know these emotions are not mine (in most cases), it is easier for me to deal with.

So, whenever you start feeling this way, ask yourself whether these emotional states (especially negative emotions) are yours or if they belong to someone else (perhaps a narcissist?). 

When you learn to differentiate between the two, your life will be much easier and you won’t feel drained all the time.

Physical/Medical Empath

Physical empaths are types of empaths who can grasp onto the energy of other people’s bodies.

They have this ability to feel what is troubling another person and they can even feel the physical pain and symptoms in their own body.

This one feature is similar to an emotional empath, but the only difference is that this one is related to the physical aspect. 

You know you’re experiencing physical empathy if you’re aware of other people’s physical symptoms, and you absorb them with your own body like a sponge. 

Also, these kinds of people might also be able to see obstructions in someone’s energy field that needs to be treated and they often become healers during their life. 

But, the biggest “curse” is that sometimes absorbing other people’s physical pain might endanger the health of a physical empath.  

Plant/Flora Empath

Has someone ever said to you that you have green fingers? Well, perhaps it is because you’re a plant empath

If you truly are this kind of empath, it means you have the ability to sense what plants need with the help of your intuition. 

You have a unique ability to know where a certain plant should be put in a garden and the truth is that many plant empaths already work as gardeners in parks and similar. 

Listening to plant vibes is something they really enjoy doing.

Some plant empaths receive those vibes as guidance from plants or trees, which means they can literally hear what the plant or tree needs. 

If you have a tendency to bond with trees and plants, you have probably spent lots of time sitting next to one, observing them and contemplating them.

That’s how you know that you’re a true plant empath.

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Geomantic Empath

Geomantic empaths have the ability to experience harmonization in certain places of physical landscape. Have you ever felt anxious or overly happy in certain places (and you know that the reason wasn’t you)? 

If yes, then you might be a geomantic empath! If you are one, then you’re probably drawn to certain places and environments. 

For example, you may be fascinated with sacred places and natural riches and these places are where you feel best and in tune with your true self.

Geomantic empaths are also highly sensitive to any type of damage in the natural world.

They cannot understand why someone would cut down trees or do other destructive things. Because of that, they often need some time to recharge and come to their senses. 

Animal/Fauna Empath

Do you have a pet or pets? Or do you spend lots of time worshipping different types of animals, fighting for their rights, and simply taking care of them?

If yes, then you might be a legit animal empath. These kinds of empaths have the ability to sense the different needs of animals and, in some cases, are also able to telepathically talk with them.

Most animal empaths strive to spend all of their free time, or better said, as much time as possible in the company of animals.

It might be something for a project, or simply hanging out with them, adopting them etc. 

Their lives mostly revolve around animals because they see them as their friends and special creatures who understand them. Needless to say, they are especially sensitive to any type of animal abuse and mistreatment. 

If you’re interested in boosting your animal empath gift, you could consider attending an animal healer training program where you’ll learn to detect what’s wrong with a certain animal and how to help it.

Claircognizant/Intuitive Empath

Intuitive empaths have the ability to decipher other people’s intentions, their body language, and collect information about them by simply being in their vicinity. 

If you belong to this type, then you have the ability to easily detect when someone is lying to you, when something is bothering them, and their type of personality.

With just one look at a certain person and observing their behaviour (especially body language), you can gather lots of valuable information without them telling you anything. 

You can literally sense other people’s energy and that is how you know whether they are feeling happy, sad, or if something else is going on with them. 

If you’re this kind of empath, you have a special ability to know and feel what you should do and if you should do something in a certain situation. 

Those thoughts and feelings are not rational and there is no specific evidence for them. 

Basically, you have the ability to feel and understand other people’s energy and because of that, you know what you’re supposed to do in a certain context (or what you shouldn’t do). 

This process might be really frustrating because you’re under constant self-induced pressure to decipher other people’s thoughts and emotions.

Because of that it is important to work on strengthening your own energetic field, so that other people’s energy, thoughts, words, and gestures don’t penetrate your being that easily. 

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Earth Empath

Earth empaths are very similar to plant empaths because they are both connected with nature. 

The only difference is that earth empaths belong to a broader concept because they are concerned with what is happening in the entire universe and not only with plants and trees.

So, if you are this type of empath, you are in tune with the different changes to our planet, weather, and solar system. Your mood can easily shift in accordance with weather (rainy or sunny day). 

Also, natural surroundings are your natural habitat because you feel more alive there than surrounded with concrete in overcrowded places. 

These types of empaths make awesome geologists, activists, meteorologists, and basically any other occupation that has something to do with the planet. 

Many earth empaths have the ability to predict natural disasters because they have this special connection with the earth.

It means that they can feel in their mind and body when something horrible is going to happen – like an earthquake, for example. 

Sounds impressive, right?

Telepathic Empath

Among all the empath types, this one fascinates me the most! Telepathic empaths have the ability to read other people’s thoughts and their feelings without communication or any kind of expression from the person. 

When I first heard about this, I thought to myself: 

How in the world is it possible for someone to know what the other person is thinking or feeling at the moment? Do they have a magic, decoding machine that is implanted in their brains at birth? 

Joking aside, their special ability is connected with the five senses. Telepathic empaths know what someone is thinking or feeling with the help of their senses. 

They have this powerful connection with the people who surround them and they basically have the ability to read their energy.

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Psychometric Empath

Psychometric Empaths have the ability to receive detailed information and energy from inanimate objects like photographs and jewelry.

They also have the ability to form impressions and connect certain situations or events with physical objects.

In other words, these gifted individuals are able to absorb and use the energy from a certain place or physical object in order to obtain information and impressions about that place or object. 

For example, we might only see a ring, but they see so much more than that because the ring’s energy gives them all the information needed.

They can sense how the person who is wearing that ring is feeling and they can feel the energy of their relationship. 

Psychometric empaths can also sense the origins of something, its meaning, and its age. 

Now, imagine that a psychometric empath comes into contact with an object that has a traumatic history. This would make them feel overwhelmed and confused. 

When that happens, they need to protect their energy with meditation or sage before touching a particular object. 

Additionally, you have probably noticed that a psychometric empath is similar to a telepathic empath and the main difference is that the former is about people, whereas psychometric empathy revolves around inanimate objects

Precognitive Empath

Precognitive empaths have the ability to experience a situation or event before it even happens. They usually experience this in their dreams of intense emotional and physical disturbance. 

These gifted individuals can feel extra anxious and nervous before a certain event takes place. Their intuition becomes sharpened and they feel as if something is happening right then, even though everything is in order. 

Precognitive empaths are highly sensitive beings who can literally see into the future. 

They have a strong vision of what will happen in the future (just think of Nostradamus and his predictions). 

Also, I have to add that my mother is a precognitive empath as well because she dreamt that something terrible would happen to the boy who lived next door to us (and she was right). 

I was literally in shock and I had a hard time believing my mum could predict things with such precision. Back then I didn’t know that the answer to my amazement could be found in two words: Precognitive empath.

Medium Empath

This one might sound scary, so you’ve been warned! Medium empaths have the ability to feel, hear, and even see different spirits (usually spirits from deceased individuals).

When I first heard about this type of empath, the first thing that popped into my mind was horror movies, where individuals talk to ghosts and invisible creatures.

I refused to believe that this is actually possible in reality. 

Also, note that some medium empaths have the ability to only feel, hear, or see spirits, while others might have the ability to experience all three. However you take it, it still sounds scary, right?

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Are You An Empath?

In case you’re wondering whether you belong to this group of special, highly sensitive people, here’s a list of signs that you might be an empath! 

Note: Some of you might experience all of the following symptoms or just some of them:

  • You easily absorb other people’s feelings and feel them as your own, which often leaves you feeling drained and confused. 
  • You often feel exhausted (both mentally and physically) for no apparent reason. 
  • You can feel the symptoms of a person who is ill as if it is happening to you.
  • You often have the need to be on your own to recharge.
  • You can’t stand any type of violence, cruelty, or bad behaviour in general.
  • You often find yourself experiencing multiple mood swings on a daily basis.
  • When they have a problem, people often come to you for advice.
  • Children and animals are drawn to you and they enjoy playing with you.
  • You are overly sensitive to smell, sight, touch, etc. and aware of the physical environment.
  • You don’t feel comfortable in crowded places because they make you feel drained.
  • You’re a good listener.
  • You want to protect everyone and take care of them (especially those who are weaker and in need).
  • A sense of higher purpose is strong with you (you feel like you’re here for a reason).
  • Sometimes you feel confused and like you don’t belong here.

Judith Orloff, MD, psychiatrist and author of The Empath’s Survival Guide, explains the difference between having empathy for others and being an empath in the following words: 

“Being empathetic is when your heart goes out to somebody when they feel joy or sadness, but being an empath means you can actually feel their happiness or anxiety in your own body.” 

So, if you’re actually feeling other people’s happiness and other emotions in your own body, then you know you’re a legit empath.

Final Thoughts

I personally am an empath, and if you are too, I want you to know that I know how you are feeling and what you’re going through. It took me a while to accept it as a gift (instead of curse) and now I’m happier than ever!

There are different types of empaths and when you know which type you are, you instantly feel more at ease because you belong somewhere.

You know there are other people like you struggling to find their purpose and understand their special ability.

All you need to remember is that you are a unique, gifted individual and you have your special ability for a reason. 

You were meant to make the world a better place, so embrace your specialness and make the best out of it!

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