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12 Benefits The Feminization Of My Husband Brought Us

12 Benefits The Feminization Of My Husband Brought Us

Even though I wasn’t sure in the beginning how it’d affect us and our marriage, the feminization of my husband has brought us nothing but pure happiness, and our marriage has never been better.

I regret it didn’t happen to us before, but hey, it’s better late than never, right?

Unfortunately, most people (mostly men) have the wrong picture of feminized men and feminization in general, and that’s why I decided to share my story.

I hope that after you read this kindle edition about male feminization, you’ll change your mind about this phenomenon and realize all the advantages it may have for you and your love life.

Feminization Of My Husband: 12 Benefits It Provided Us

It’s not like my husband was begging me, “feminize me, feminize me, please,” and it definitely didn’t happen overnight. It was a spontaneous process my husband decided to indulge in once he realized the amazing impact it immediately had on his life and our marriage.

I decided to share my story with you and wrote all those benefits and advantages right here, hoping these things will help improve or save someone else’s marriage too.

1. He’s really my best friend now

You know how relationship and marriage experts always say that a couple needs to be one another’s friend first, then a romantic partner? Well, I couldn’t say that for my husband and me before.

He simply wasn’t able to understand me the way my real best friend did. Sometimes, he would judge me without even trying to understand why I did something the way I did it.

We shared most of our secrets, but he had some kind of barrier when it came to talking about his deepest feelings and emotions. He just couldn’t open up to me completely, no matter how much I tried to knock down that wall he built inside of himself.

Luckily, through the process of feminization, he realized the damage his emotional walls were doing to our connection, and he decided to tear them down himself.

Now, we have open communication on a regular basis, and our emotional bond has never been stronger. I can proudly say that he is my best friend, and I know he thinks the same about me too.

2. He’s more gentle and understanding

Two of the best traits the feminisation process brought my husband are, by far, understanding and empathy. He’s now able to feel my feelings, which is a huge step in improving our connection because before, he couldn’t even understand my emotions.

He’s there for me on those days of the month, and he really tries to make that time as easy for me as possible. He does all the household chores, brings me tea and sweets, and orders the food I like when I have my period.

He also tries to understand my mood swings because he says he read a few articles about the menstrual cycle, female hormones, and those kinds of things and is more able to understand what I’m going through when that time of the month hits me.

It’s like I’ve got a whole new husband.

And truth be told, I like this one much, much more. I was in love with the previous version of my husband, too, but I wouldn’t change absolutely anything about this new version of him.

3. He respects the fact he has a dominant woman

Even though our marriage isn’t one of those female-led relationships (trust me, we’re all about equality), my husband knows he has a dominant woman by his side.

At the beginning of our marriage, he struggled with accepting that fact, but now, not only has he accepted it, but he also enjoys it.

He says that it’s the reason we have a successful marriage and such a passionate sex life. He has absolutely nothing against femdom and being the submissive one when we’re making love.

He’s proud of me in every possible sense. He knows me and knows that once I set my mind to something, I’ll do whatever I can to make it happen, and he’s always there to support me in those mad goals of mine.

In the end, that’s all I ever really asked of him: unlimited love, respect, and support.

4. He’s started participating in household chores

Most men think that doing household chores makes them less manly. Well, pardon my English, but that’s a bunch of crap. They think it’s the woman’s job to take care of the house.

However, that’s not how things work in real life. They’ve obviously forgotten about gender equality, as that kind of thinking definitely won’t lead them to a healthy and successful marriage.

Thank God my husband realized it in time. He understood that we needed to participate in household chores together because it’s not my only job. I work eight hours a day, too, and I can’t continue working when I come home.

I hope you now realize how powerful tool male feminisation is. Now we have more time to spend together because we’ve found a way to agree about the chores, and we don’t disagree about them at all anymore.

5. It improves male hygiene

You know men and their hygiene… Okay, they bathe regularly and brush their teeth, but that’s about it. They don’t take care of important things like the products they use at all.

Also, most men don’t trim and groom their body hair because they think it makes them masculine and sexy. If only they would know that most women actually don’t like it, right?

Since my husband went through the feminisation process, his hygiene has improved greatly. Now he pays attention to his body and skin care and enjoys self-care rituals.

6. His physical appearance has changed

Not only has my husband changed internally, but his appearance has also changed. To be honest, I fell in love with his pure soul and heart, but it was his good looks that attracted me in the first place.

All that self-care has paid off, and now he looks better than ever before.

The truth is, we all tend to forget about our physical appearance once we get into a serious relationship or get married. Then it’s no wonder the passion and attraction also fade so early in marriage.

Luckily, feminisation has reminded my husband that he needs to keep flirting and winning me over even though we’re already married. We both want to look nice and sexy for each other, and I think it’s great.

7. It’s affected his testosterone levels

Estrogen is the female reproductive hormone, and testosterone is the male reproductive hormone. However, both of these hormones can be found in men and women.

Transgender women undergo feminizing hormone therapy, which is basically shots of estrogen and progestin. They do it to change their physical looks, become more feminine, and lower their testosterone levels.

Of course, my man didn’t go through that kind of therapy, but feminisation definitely helped him control his testosterone levels.

Before, he had stress and bad temper issues and displayed aggressive behavior, and it was all due to high testosterone levels. It also affected his potency.

While he was getting to know the feminine side of himself, he changed the quality of his life, started sleeping and eating better, started exercising, and led a healthy life. Everything has changed, and now, his testosterone levels are completely normal.

8. His sexual energy increased significantly

Whether guys want to admit it or not, women have better sexual energy. We have higher sexual desire, and it’s no wonder we’re better in bed than men are. 😉

Luckily for us both, feminisation also increased sexual energy within my man. It’s not that he has a higher sexual desire now, but he likes to cuddle more and is far more considerate and gentle in bed than he was before.

9. It brought the spark back into our bedroom

As I said, our marriage is far from an FLR (female-led relationship), but our sex life definitely has femdom characteristics. I don’t like to speak about my own sex life and share those private details with people outside my marriage, but trust me, things have never been more passionate in our bedroom.

My husband is now into kinky role plays. Heck, he even changed his mind about crossdressing. Just last night, I bought a maid uniform for him, and he put it on together with my favorite knickers.

You may think it’s funny, but try it, and you’ll thank me later for the awesome orgasm it’ll bring both of you. Believe me, it’ll be the best sex of your life. 😈

10. He understands my turn-ons better

Just like our love languages differ, so do our turn-ons. From the very first moment we engaged in an intimate relationship, I tried very hard to understand what my man’s turn-ons were.

On the other hand, he never tried to understand mine. Perhaps he thought he didn’t need to because I had never shown him that I wasn’t pleased with our sex life.

However, feminisation also made him realize how important it is to get to know your partner’s turn-ons, and he felt guilty because he didn’t find those things out earlier.

11. He copes with stress better

All those anger and temper issues he had earlier were connected with stress. He changed his job and needed time to adapt to a new work environment.

All of that was bringing him a lot of stress, and he didn’t know how to deal with it all. It definitely affected our marriage because we were fighting a lot, and he started avoiding me as he blamed me for the bad things that were happening to him all of a sudden.

Fortunately, feminisation taught him to deal with stress in a healthy way. He started kickboxing training, and it’s how he vents his stress now.

12. He is fully aware of the importance of loyalty in marriage

It’s not like he’s put on one of those chastity devices, but I know that he now looks at loyalty in marriage differently. Maybe he still looks at other women every now and then, but I know for sure he would never cheat me.

It’s simply because we talked about it, and he’s now fully aware of the pain his infidelity would bring me. I truly hope that all husbands, whether feminized or not, are aware of the importance of loyalty in marriage.

How Can A Man Become More Feminine?

Some may say that a man should dress up differently and get rid of his body hair to feminize himself, but that’s so wrong. The truth is, the feminization process has nothing to do with physical appearance. The most important thing is that a man should change what he carries inside.

He needs to change himself internally to be more feminine.

First and foremost, he needs to work on his social and communication skills. He needs to get rid of vulgarity and bad vocabulary. He needs to try to be a good listener, especially with his partner.

He also needs to reach out to his empathetic side and open up. And he should definitely learn to listen and trust his intuition more.

To connect with his feminine side, a man needs to constantly work on self-improvement. And to close, he definitely needs to embrace his vulnerabilities and start showing them openly.

How Do Men Show Feminine Energy?

They simply show it by doing things that aren’t considered very masculine in general. They also show that feminine energy through their emotional intelligence and availability.

They don’t need to dress up like women, that is, wear panties, high heels, nylons, or lingerie to radiate feminine energy. They should simply try to be gentler, more understanding, emotional, and empathetic.

When men are creative, it’s also a sign they’re showing their feminine energy. All of these are traits of feminine energy, so when a man displays them, it’s his feminine side speaking.

Final Words

As you can see, the feminization of my husband had many advantages for our marriage, and my husband also agrees. The changes are visible, and all of them have played a significant role in improving our marriage.

Some people think that feminized husbands are sissies and that they allow their partners to control them, but that’s awfully wrong. These men simply embrace the divine feminine energy inside them because they realize its great impact on almost every sphere of their lives.

Once I got to know this whole new side of my hubby, I fell madly in love with him all over again.

And if you get your man to go through the process of feminization, you’ll experience the same explosion of love and passion, and, trust me, you’ll feel more loved than ever.