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The Ultimate Guide On How To Seduce Your Wife

The Ultimate Guide On How To Seduce Your Wife

If you’re wondering how to seduce your wife like a pro and bring the spark back in your marriage, then you just landed in the right place!

When you just started dating, everything was new, exciting, and fresh like a summer breeze.

Seducing your then girlfriend that would become your future wife was easy as pie – you always knew which buttons to press in order to make her feel special and get her in the mood, right?

Your sexual desire and emotional connection was peaking like a porn star’s career.

Your sex life consisted of long foreplays, hot outfits, sexy lingerie, dirty text messages on a daily basis – you name it. 

Back then it was impossible for your sex drive or emotional connection to dwindle or disappear because every lovemaking felt like it was the first time.

Every touch felt like electricity through your body from all the passion and desire.

And then, after a long-term relationship, suddenly you wake up as a married man.

Your wife is nagging you about your dirty socks under the bed, children are screaming around the house (if you have them), the closest to physical intimacy is when you accidentally touch your wife while sleeping (and sometimes you even apologize for that).

You start wondering who replaced that sexy wild beast woman you once fell in love with, because this kind of woman is impossible to turn on, touch, let alone anything else.

This kind of woman is constantly nagging about random things and killing your sex drive with the mention of dirty socks, dishes, and hundreds of other things.

Well, my friend, this is how married life functions.

You fight, you yell at each other, the list of potential arguments is getting ever longer, you laugh, you live. And the only way to bring the old spark back in your marriage is by learning how to seduce your woman!

Yup. If you want to stop hearing sentences like “I have a headache,” or “Damn it, I told you to wash the dishes today and not tomorrow,” you’ll need to refresh your memory on the charms of seducing because a happy and content woman equals a happy marriage.

Indeed, the art of seduction is your best friend when it comes to marriage because keeping your spark alive is a full time job and not just something reserved for the beginning of your relationship.

A woman’s desire needs to be nourished in order to be constant and flourish into something bigger and greater.

Because making effort is HOT!

Being a nice guy will not help you boost your marriage if you don’t learn the art of seduction, which will help take your marriage to the next level. 

Your marriage will become filled with passion once you learn how to interact with your wife on the level that presses those buttons again and make her feel special, loved, and appreciated. 

And here’s a step by step guide on how to do it! So, buckle up and let’s get started!

STEP 1: Remind yourself of why you fell in love with her in the first place

In order to be able to seduce your wife, you need to make sure that you’re doing it because you WANT to and not because you HAVE TO.

If you’re intentions are purely physical, your woman will notice it and you won’t be able to seduce her properly.

Women have this sense that tells them whenever someone is being disingenuous with them. They don’t fall for fake words or actions.

Seducing a woman is all about getting to her heart first and not just preparing her for lovemaking. 

And that’s why you need to remind yourself of the reasons why you fell in love with her in the first place.

Think about the first time you saw her, about that bright spark in her eyes, her warmth…

Think about your first date, her smile, you walking hand in hand like two lovestruck teenagers.

Think about her unique personality. What attracted you to her most? Think about that feeling when she said “yes” and made you feel like the happiest man alive.

And then ask yourself whether you want to make that woman happy, content, and loved again. 

Ask yourself whether you want to bring the old spark in your marriage again because you really want it with all of your heart and not because you feel like you ought to do it.

If your intentions are in the right place, then you know you’re ready to start reviving your passion and making your wife the happiest woman on earth.

STEP 2: Start taking responsibility for your actions (and non-actions)

Men have this thinking that if a woman rejects them with an excuse like having a severe headache (for the thousandth time so far), all they need to do is just wait and things will fall back into place on their own. 


If a woman tells you one time that she’s not in the mood because of a headache, then she’s probably not lying.

But, if a woman constantly repeats the same thing every time she senses that you’re initiating sexy time, then know it’s no coincidence and there’s a serious reason behind it.

So, instead of just waiting for things to solve on their own, start thinking about whether you could do something differently that will help her open up and increase her sexual desire and need for connection. Summarized, start taking responsibilities for both your actions and non-actions.

Rewind the film in your head and think about whether something happened before that might have made her feel that way.

Or think about whether you’ve given her enough attention, whether you made her feel special from time to time, or you just waited as a passive observer.

Instead of just standing by for things to solve on their own, start doing the following things that will make her fall in love with you again!

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STEP 3: Brighten her day with little things that mean A LOT

Did you know that your performance during the day and every word you say can greatly influence your wife’s sex drive?

Every manual on a happy marriage tells you the same thing: It’s all in the little things! Because women memorize EVERYTHING.

She’ll remember if you said something insulting, if you neglected her, if you gave her that look, if you forgot to do something, if you were just a couch potato uninterested in anything, and especially if you put your dirty socks under the bed.

She will remember all of it and it will make her feel disappointed, disrespected, and unappreciated.

And when a woman feels that way, she’s definitely not in a mood for anything, let alone sex. 

Now, I’m not telling you that you should do things only to prepare her for some action. No.

You should brighten her day with little things to make her feel loved in the first place, and then to share that love with her between the sheets. 

You can help her with laundry, dishes, you can take the kids to school, you can prepare her favorite meal, you can make her a coffee the way she likes it, you can compliment her choice of outfit that day, you can hug her…

All of these things will not take a lot of your time, but it will mean the world to her!

And even if you fuck some things up in the process, she won’t get mad that easily because she’ll see that you’re trying. And trying means caring about her feelings.

STEP 4: Show affection

Remember when you were still dating and you’d kiss passionately like there’s no tomorrow.

You’d never forget to kiss her when you parted and always texted her once you got home. You were in touch with each other on a daily basis, both physically and mentally.

In marriage, showing affection becomes a chore because people get lazy.

They think that once they’re married, it automatically means they should stop making an effort because their job here is done.

They succeeded in winning that special woman and now she belongs to them.

Well, you might have succeeded in winning her, but if you don’t continue making an effort to continue doing so, your affection, passion, and love will slowly start fading.

If you want to learn how to seduce your wife properly, you need to start showing affection on a daily basis. 

Hug her

Hug her in the morning when she wakes up, a few times during the day, and when you go to sleep.

Hugging helps women release a hormone called oxytocin – a feel good hormone – which makes her feel loved. 

Kiss her

Kiss her on her forehead (especially when you’re leaving for work) because this will make her feel utterly loved and special.

Kiss her passionately whenever you get the chance, kiss her on her cheek when she’s being silly, kiss her arms and whole body to show her how much you’re crazy about her.

Give her a massage

Make sure to give her a massage after a long day at work and especially when she’s complaining that she is feeling tired or has a headache.

Massage will relax both her body and mind, and may even lead to something more spicy, which will make her feel even better. 

Also, make sure to add some scented candles, a glass of wine, and other romantic remedies that will add that special touch.

Ask her about her day

Many people think that showing affection is specifically linked with physical affection only. But this is not true.

You can show your affection through merely words – by asking her about her day and listening carefully to what she has to say.

This will let her know that you’re interested in what’s going on in her life and that she’s not alone.

This will reassure her that she can rely on you, her fellow husband, and that she doesn’t have to carry all of her burdens alone. That she has a safe place to vent when needed and is understood.

STEP 5: Make her feel special

There’s not a single soul on earth who doesn’t enjoy when someone makes them feel special.

It’s the ultimate sign of respect, love, and affection. Making someone feel special means telling them you’re there for them now and always, and that you’re willing to go out of your way if needed only to make them feel good.

And you probably practiced this before marriage because it was an essential part of your plan on how to win her over.

And now you have to keep doing the same thing if you want to learn how to seduce her and let her know that she’s still that special woman you once fell in love with!

You’ll make her feel special if you:

Make her laugh

Before marriage, you probably knew by heart every single joke on the internet and made sure to incorporate it in your every date so that you can make her laugh.

It’s the same in marriage as well. Seducing means making your woman feel relaxed, blissful, and happy. 

And laughing will do exactly that. So, instead of being grumpy about something bad that happened, just laugh it off and make the best out of the situation.

Tell her a joke here and there, especially when she’s feeling off. Retell her funny scenarios from your work so that she can be a part of your daily life, too.

Make her laugh whenever you have a chance only to see her beautiful smile and remind her that you care about how she feels.

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Surprise her

I think there’s no need to accentuate the fact that women love surprises! And not just women – we all love being surprised because it’s a perfect escape from routine and daily chores. 

You can surprise her by sending her flowers or lunch to her workplace, by buying her new sexy lingerie that will spice up your sex life, by writing on a piece of paper a few reasons why you’re so crazy about her and hiding it underneath her pillow.

You can plan a surprise road trip to some preferably romantic place or to the place where you two first met. 

You can surprise her by hugging her from behind when she least expects it and then kissing her passionately, by telling her how beautiful she is when she complains about her appearance, by making DIY gifts for her birthday that’ll let her know how much effort you’re willing to put into her happiness.

Give her compliments

Compliments to a woman are like water to a flower. Sadly, many men forget that once they get married.

They think that their women should have learned by now that she looks good because they told her that many times by now. But, just like men, women sometimes feel insecure too.

Sometimes they need reassurance that their dress looks beautiful on them, that their hairstyle or the color of lipstick fits their outfit, that they’re still the same hot woman you once fell in love with. And that’s where you come in!

If you want to seduce your wife and let her know how much she means to you, make sure to compliment her whenever you get the chance.

The only rule when it comes to compliments is that they have to be genuine. If they’re not, then they’re not real – and she’ll sense it. 

Whenever you feel like telling your woman how beautiful she is, don’t just keep it for yourself because you assume that she probably already knows it.

Make it part of your everyday life, because the more you compliment her, the more she’ll feel good in her skin.

The more you compliment her and make her feel special, the more she’ll be relaxed and satisfied.

Because by doing that, you’ll erase all of her insecurities and make her feel truly loved and beautiful.

And when a woman feels loved and beautiful, she’s able to feel sexy as well!

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Work on yourself

Just because you’re married now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep improving yourself and investing in yourself.

You want to make that woman proud of choosing you to be her companion through life, right?

And that’s why you need to keep working on you so that you show her that you’re willing to become the best version of yourself.

Trust me, there’s nothing sexier than that.

If you want to seduce your wife like a pro, then consider hitting the gym at least three times per week (if you can), make yourself presentable by choosing nice clothes (even if the outfit is just for around the house), keep your hair nice and clean, and take special care of your hygiene.

If you don’t have a hobby or something you’re passionate about, then it’s time to find something you enjoy doing, something that makes your day.

It can be anything, from cooking to guitar lessons, etc. 

By doing all of this, you will impress her. Effort and passion are the sexiest qualities and one of the biggest natural aphrodisiacs.

By doing all of this, you’ll seduce her like a pro and make her proud for choosing you!

STEP 6: Become a true giver

By becoming a true giver, I don’t mean showering your wife with expensive gifts. Instead, I mean giving your wife your attention, affection, and love without asking for anything in return.

Once you achieve that level of giving, then you know you’re doing it right!

It’s important to implement it in all aspects of your life together. Apart from the above-mentioned about showing affection and making her feel special, this also includes being a true giver when it comes to sex.

Instead of only focusing on satisfying your needs and pleasure, you should focus on hers. Her pleasure should be your pleasure, no matter how weird it may sound.

That’s the real definition of being a true giver.

So, make sure your foreplay lasts long enough so that she can prepare both mentally and physically for the action.

Remember that women need more time to get ready for being intimate because they require more stimulation and attention to help them relax and get in the mood. 

Kiss her entire body and touch her sensually. Bottom line is that all of this will make her feel comfortable and super loved up.

So, next time, don’t be surprised if she starts initiating sexy time on her own because she simply can’t get enough of it.

Let her guide you through her own ways to pleasure!

Let her express herself. Let her tell you things she likes in bed. Let her feel comfortable sharing ideas with you.

Let her choose positions she prefers. She’s the one who knows her body and what feels best. 

Kiss every inch of her body, her stretch marks, her arms, her legs, her belly. Make her feel comfortable in her own skin.

Make her be in love with her body! So, instead of just focusing on what feels good for you, focus on what feels good for her and you’ll succeed in making her feel truly loved and nurtured.

Once you focus on her happiness and all the little things that mean so much to her, you’ll succeed in bringing the old spark back in your marriage.

You’ll succeed in seducing her and making her the happiest wife of all!

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