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Fundamentals Of A Rewarding Relationship

Fundamentals Of A Rewarding Relationship

There are a few things that you can do to make your relationship with your significant other not only last but feel secure and rewarding. Many times, things get overwhelmingly busy and we’re so focused on other aspects of our lives that it becomes difficult to center our thoughts on the things that truly matter. We have to invest in our relationship, however, and make the person we love feel loved. Here are some of the fundamentals and stepping stones of a healthy, meaningful partnership.

Positive Reinforcement. Studies have shown that happy couples engage in positive reinforcement, while unhappy unions often focus more on punishment. Those who reinforce their status by agreeing, laughing, approving, smiling and providing other forms of positive feedback tend to have stronger bonds. Like the law of attraction suggests, like attracts like.If you maintain positive vibes in your partnership, you are more likely to receive positivity in return. If you are far-too-focused on distrust and staying guarded, your significant other is likely to feel this energy and offer you the same in return.

Attention. We all need to know that we’re wanted, desired, and loved by our partner. It’s human nature. So, we need to devote sufficient attention to the union in order for it to last. Monogamy isn’t easy, and this is why more than half of all marriages end in divorce. Studies have actually suggested that it is statistically more likely for partners to cheat on each other than to remain faithful. That’s the sad reality of the world we live in. And, much of the desire to step outside the partnership stems from lack of attention. It is important to show the relationship is worth your while. Of course, there are a million other important obligations to tend to on a daily basis but, your relationship has to be a top priority. Make sure you’re not only offering attention, but you are receiving it as well. Relationships are not one-sided and both members need to be actively making it work.

Physical Touch. It’s a proven fact—we all need touch. It is important to be affectionate and to show your feelings in a physical way. Doing so will increase the level of attraction between you two, which must be evident for a relationship to last. Small gestures, such as hand holding, or a loving embrace, can go a long way.

Small gestures, such as hand holding, or a loving embrace, can go a long way.

Forgiveness. We’re all human and we’re bound to make mistakes. Ever hear the saying, ‘Go ahead and judge me—just remember to stay perfect the rest of your life’? It’s because it’s unfair to hold anyone else to a standard we ourselves will never achieve. We wouldn’t want our partner to criticize everything we do and hold a grudge if we make a mistake. So, we too need to be willing to forgive. Nothing will make a relationship fail faster than punishing with grudge-holding. Plus, when you refuse to forgive, you’re not just hurting the other person but you’re hurting yourself the most. Harboring feelings of ill-will and resentment will take a toll on your health. You must learn to forgive others in order to usher out any negativity and clear the path to lasting happiness.

The Unexpected. Much of our lives is based around routine. We have daily responsibilities that our schedules revolve around and from the moment we awaken, we normally have a general sense of where the day is going to take us. So, infusing a little spontaneity into a partnership and stirring things up a bit can be fun. We’ve all been told to ‘expect the unexpected’ but we rarely do.  You don’t have to go on a spending spree and buy lavish gifts that are sure to wow your significant other. Something as simple as offering to take care of a task that is typically on the other person’s list can make your bond grow stronger. This is a little token of appreciation and gratitude that will truly go a long way.

While we may believe we all intuitively have what it takes to make a relationship work, at the end of the day actions speak louder than words—saying and doing are two completely different things. Don’t just tell your partner how much they mean to you, show them. Work each day to make your union last.

Fundamentals Of A Rewarding Relationship