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Girls That Are Hot: 12 Types Men Go Crazy About

Girls That Are Hot: 12 Types Men Go Crazy About

Hot girls have always been the ultimate goal for every man. There are so many things about them that attract every guy and they know it. All the way from the way they walk, to talk and act is sexy.

They have that attractive vibe that makes them a magnet for men. They have a high self-esteem and you can see from a mile away that they feel great in their own skin.

No matter if they are European, Indian, Asian, or American, hot women will always be noticed.

Many young women nowadays strive to look good, which shows that they think their good looks matter because it makes them feel better.

But on the other hand, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so some girls will look gorgeous to some guys, while others won’t even notice them.

If you are interested in knowing which types of hotties men are crazy about, I suggest you read further.

1. The Femme Fatale

This type of girl is every man’s dream. She has it all to make a guy happy – and she knows it.

She has style, taste, good looks, and intellect. She is strong to the bone and she never settles for less than she deserves.

She invests in herself, knowing that something like that will never fail, and she is proud of that.

She is open-minded yet very careful about to whom she will give her heart. A woman like this doesn’t put up with any bullshit and she handles every situation in an easy way.

To some extent, she comes off as intimidating, which, in most cases, is a turn-on to guys.

She is not the type of girl you can pick up easily. If you want to be with her, you’ll have to go the extra mile to make her yours.

But once she is, she will transform your life into the most beautiful love story.

2. The fun chick

Hot girls don’t have to look extraordinary to be called that. For example, fun girls are also hotties because some men prefer the way they act and talk more than how they look.

If you didn’t know, according to the latest poll, the hottest girls according to guys were those fun chicks who know how to take every party to a whole new level.

A fun girl will lift you up every time you fall using her wit. She’ll always be interesting because of her amazing vibe and the way she handles things.

No matter how you look, you will be more attractive if you are fun and easy to talk to.

Even some hot guys rather choose fun and cute girls because they want someone they can talk to openly.

They want a woman who’ll know when to say something and who’ll behave accordingly.

Maybe hot girls were important in high school, but as time passes, more and more guys choose a normal girl they can feel comfortable with.

3. The cute girl

This type of girl is actually the best thing that can happen to a man. So, you don’t need to look like Sarah Jessica Parker and dress up in New York City’s latest fashion to attract a good guy.

You just need to be cute and have your own integrity. You should wear clothes that look good on you and not those that others wear.

If you are cute, you will always attract hot guys and that will make you feel good about yourself.

The most beautiful women are actually those who have their own style and don’t blindly follow all rules put in front of them.

They think with their own head, they are creative and playful, and a life spent with them is the best time you’ll ever have.

Falling in love with the cute girl is practically the easiest thing in the world because of their charm and positive energy.

Also, they have healthy self-esteem and tend to live to the fullest.

4. The inexperienced girl

This kind of girl is like a man magnet. Everything about her is a pure mystery and all men tend to want to get to know her better. But she is not easy to catch because she’s afraid that she’ll get attached too easily.

She is unknown territory and that’s why men would love to spend more time with her to explore her more.

Because of the lack of love experience, she tends to look like a little frightened girl that every man would love to protect and keep safe.

Even if she looks naive, she has the ability to make any man go crazy about her.

She doesn’t put a lot of effort to her looks because she doesn’t care that much about it, but her smile and her eyes will sweep you off your feet.

She seduces in ways you didn’t know existed – and the best is – she’s not even aware of it.

She was incredibly desirable in high school and all that madness continued later in her life.

But she would rather stay single than be with someone just to avoid being alone. She plays the game and she plays it well. Without any effort, she makes all men go gaga over her.

5. The single girl

Single women have always been a great enigma for most men. They fly solo and they feel good about that fact.

Which most men don’t really understand, right? That’s why they find them hot and attractive because it takes a lot of effort to win the heart of a single girl.

A single girl is someone men will try to seduce, but also someone who is selective about with whom she wants to be.

Maybe she is more into some shy guy and approaches him rather than some fuckboy who will try to win her over by telling her all sorts of lies just to get laid.

The most desirable thing about a girl like this is that she spends a lot of time with guys but she never commits to any.

Those are all her friends and she won’t date anyone until she finds her own way.

She isn’t someone who will settle for less than she deserves, so she’d rather stay single than waste her life on an immature jerk. If that is not desirable, I don’t know what is.

6. The badass alpha female

This type of girl is like a poison for all men. She is fearless and she has her own rules.

She can’t stand injustice and if you want to win her over you will have to have more than just good looks. She has worked her ass off to get where she is now and she cherishes that.

Guys are crazy about her because she won’t settle for less than she’s worth and she is willing to show it to any guy she dates.

She looks good, is intelligent, and always puts herself first. That is why she has so much integrity over guys and why they respect her.

Some guys are even intimidated by her behavior and don’t want to date her, thinking she will dominate over them.

That is what every man fears the most. He is terrified that a woman will take away their manhood and that she will make the big decisions.

But if you treat her like your equal, she will never do something to downplay your manhood.

If you’re lucky enough to win over a woman like this, just know that she will be the best thing that ever happened to you.

7. The girl next door

This type of girl is cute, lovey, and most importantly, super approachable.

She is that neighbor you didn’t find so attractive until she finally grew up.

Now, since she’s transformed into a real beauty, you are trying to make her notice you.

You can’t believe a girl like that has been living right under your nose and you didn’t try anything with her.

She is all cute and sweet, and she always wears some provocative yet innocent clothes.

She never reveals all of her body; she just gives you hints at what is underneath.

That is something that makes all men go crazy about her. She doesn’t even have to put a lot of effort into looking good because her natural beauty helps her to impress wherever she shows up.

She is someone you can talk to about your life’s problems and not be worried if she will blab to someone about it.

She makes a great friend who will always be there to have your back. But if you succeed in winning her over as your girlfriend, she’ll transform your life into the most beautiful story.

A girl like this has a clean heart and soul; she will always choose humanity and sincerity over any amount of money and material things.

8. The wild girl

This type of girl is all you need if you want a life full of action. She is not a girl who will just settle, but one who’ll constantly explore life.

She is the one to increase your adrenaline by doing crazy things and making you feel like you have never felt before.

She is a party freak and she is totally open-minded, which helps her live her life to the fullest.

When you go out with her, you shouldn’t expect just a normal date. She’ll try different things and entertain you in some insane ways.

But you will like them and you will hook up on her sooner than you thought. She will use her magical smile and wit to make you fall for her.

Her free spirit is what will attract you the most and you will be obsessed with her beauty in no time. A girl like this needs a strong and fearless man to keep up with her.

She will show you how to enjoy life to the max if you let her be her. If you want to keep her in your life, you better let her do things that make her feel good.

She won’t ever settle for you if you take away her essence, so don’t even try to control her. Because to be honest, she is like wind and you can’t control it, right?

9. The girl who is older than you

An older girl is hot AF! She has more experience than you and will gladly show you all she knows.

Sex with her is a spectacle you don’t want to miss since she is so good at finding your erogenous zones.

Not only will she teach you how to be great in bed, but also how to think in a mature way.

And mature guys are real hotties, don’t you think so? If you date a girl like this, be ready for a lot of adventures since she can’t stand being in one place all the time.

She is a woman of action and if you try to tell her to slow down, she will go crazy.

This independent woman can’t stand people who manipulate and control her, so don’t even try to tame the beast.

Just because she is a bit crazy and knows what she wants, she is attractive to most men.

In fact, there are men who exclusively choose older girls so they could be with someone who knows what they’re doing.

10. The girl in uniform

Have you been naughty lately? If so, there is this hot police chick that would like to interrogate you and make you feel sorry for all the bad things you did.

You know, she will use all means necessary to pull the truth out of you, but you will suffer the most when she turns you on and leaves you with a boner.

A girl like this is every man’s fantasy – there’s honestly no man who wouldn’t be into roleplay if his partner will be a policewoman.

Girls like this are real hotties because of their power and badass attitude.

Men find them intimidating and whatever they do looks so good and powerful to them.

She keeps her uniform clean and tidy and she is always in great shape, so it all looks great on her.

All I know is that girls in uniforms will always be attractive to men and we won’t know the real reasons behind it. We just know it benefits guys and really gets them going.

11. The business girl

A business girl looks like a real bitch, but that just a facade she has to wear because of the nature of her job.

She has to look like someone who will destroy you if you don’t play by her rules.

That is why many men find her intimidating and attractive all wrapped up in one.

She looks good and she knows it. She is happy when she can take some time out after work to work on her body and relax.

The thing is that she gets pretty exhausted at the office and she needs some down time when she gets home.

She is stubborn, persistent, and she always reaches her goals, no matter how hard it might be.

She is someone you can proudly introduce to your parents, who’ll be thrilled you’ve found a woman like this.

She loves her career more than anything, so you will probably have to wait for her to reach her business goals before thinking about kids.

She isn’t someone you can control, so don’t even dare. When she thinks of something, she won’t leave it until she gets what she wants. And that makes her so fucking perfect!

12. The romantic girl

She is an endangered species and she knows it. If you’re lucky enough to have fallen for a girl like this, just know that she will make you the happiest person in the world. She feels everything so deeply and doesn’t sweat the small stuff.

When she loves, she goes all in, and her behavior and emotions are what attracts many men.

When guys see a girl like this with another man, they envy him and want her in their life.

She is the most loving and caring creature you’ll ever meet and she loves making others happy.

A romantic girl enjoys most when a man loves and appreciates her, then she’ll give him all that she has.

Guys think she is hot because of the way she approaches her love life and her problems. She knows how to relax a guy and make him feel good, which is pretty important nowadays.

She isn’t someone who will fool you around, but rather someone who will always wear her heart on her sleeve.

Maybe she’ll be a little bit shy in the beginning, but once she relaxes, she’ll charm you with her wit and intellect. Trust me, a girl like this is worth the wait.