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What Do Men Want In A Woman? 25 Traits Of The Ultimate Dream Girl

What Do Men Want In A Woman? 25 Traits Of The Ultimate Dream Girl

One of the most famous questions nowadays is without a doubt, “What do men want in a woman?”

Are they only interested in your looks, while taking your personality for granted? Are they only interested in the concept of a “trophy wife”?

None of this is true. Well, it’s partially true, but what men really want is much simpler than you might have thought and, don’t worry, I will help you understand it better.

Now, how many times have you labeled men as being assholes who only think about one thing (jumping into your pants), and you instantly linked this with the thinking that men are only interested in your looks and nothing else?

How many times have you encountered emotionally unavailable men or those who have no idea what they want, which made you think that you will never understand them because they don’t understand themselves?

I feel you. I’ve been through the same thing millions of times before, which once again has brought me back to the question, “What do men really want in a woman?”

The truth is, there are some men who are only interested in getting into your pants, and there are some men who don’t know what they really want at that moment, but these men are just going through a phase that has nothing to do with what they really want from you.

They are simply not ready yet for a relationship or anything more serious than physical contact, which doesn’t mean that they will stay like this forever.

And you certainly don’t want to waste your time on such men, so you shouldn’t worry about their preferences.

Instead, you should look at the bigger picture.

If you ask any grown ass man out there who is confident (and who is not only interested in mediocre romances) what he really wants from a woman, he will tell you that he wants the right woman, the one who will stand by his side, the one who will reciprocate and love him unconditionally the way he loves her.

And, believe it or not, this is the definition of every man’s ultimate dream girl. The only difference is that some men realize it sooner, some later.

But, eventually every single one of them will reach the same point. But don’t get me wrong.

Even though the accent is on your personality, character, and other traits that make you who you are, physical appearance is also included, but it is not predominant!

So, don’t think that the ultimate dream girl has to have a perfect body, has to go to the gym five days a week, has to have perfect makeup, and things like that.

No! Being a dream girl means knowing what you want, respecting yourself and others, and feeling good in your skin—which is far more valuable than just good looks to any man out there.

A good-looking woman will certainly win a man’s attention, but her appearance alone will never be enough to capture his heart.

And a woman who radiates special, positive energy will always be every man’s dream because her energy is like food to them, and her inner beauty will never fade!

You see, there’s so much more to it, and we’ve just scratched the surface.

To help you understand it better, here’s a list of the top 25 most important traits that men really want in a woman!


He wants a woman with character

Yes! He wants a woman who is not afraid to show her weird side and her true self without worrying what others will think of her.

He wants a woman with character who will not be afraid to contradict him or judge him if needed.

A woman with character knows what she wants, and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. (Memorize this piece of relationship advice.)

And that is exactly what he wants from you. Men want decisive women who have their own goals and who never dance to other people’s tunes.

They want a woman who is genuine and who will never change, no matter what others say to her (if she herself thinks that she’s doing it right).

And, believe me, there’s nothing sexier than that! 

He wants a woman who takes care of herself

No, he doesn’t want a woman who will be 24/7 in beauty salons. Men don’t want a woman to be perfect, so don’t ever forget that.

They just want to see that a woman is taking care of herself, that her hair and nails look neat, that her outfit suits the purpose, and so on.

They don’t expect you to wear makeup all the time; most of the time, they don’t even notice it.

Just accentuating your natural beauty will be enough.

Taking care of yourself means paying attention to little details that make you feel good in your skin.

It doesn’t mean that you need to look like you’re on a runaway because, once again, men are not really seeking perfection.

They just want a woman who takes care of herself inside and out, but is not over-anxious about her appearance.

He wants a woman who respects herself

Yup. He wants a woman who respects herself and doesn’t let others talk bullshit about her.

Men don’t really want women who are too available for other men because they want to feel like they have worked hard to win you.

He wants to feel like he is the one for you, and even though you could have chosen others, you chose him because he’s worthy of being with you.

And only women who have high self-respect can achieve that.

After all, respect is something that every woman should work on her whole life, and it is something that men will always value.

He wants to share his passion with you

He wants a woman with whom he will be able to share his passion for different hobbies, activities he likes to do, traveling, and things like that.

A man wants to feel connected with his woman, and if you let him know that he can share anything with you, he will feel free to open himself up even more to you.

He wants to feel comfortable enough to talk about things that mean a lot to him.

He wants to share his passion for things that inspire him, and he wants you to be a part of them, too.

So, when a man is talking to you about something he’s done recently, it means he wants you to be equally interested in it because it means a lot to him.

He wants a good listener

Even though men are pretty much famous for disappearing and keeping things for themselves when they are going through difficult periods in their lives, this is not always true.

Most men want to be able to tell you about how they feel and what bothers them.

Just as you want to be listened to (especially when you have a bad day at work), so does a man want the same from you.

He’d like to feel comfortable enough to share every detail of his life with you, to see your opinions on important matters, and to help him understand things better.

He wants your affection

Yes, men are also famous for enjoying physical touch more than anything else. And there’s a valid reason behind it.

Men are mostly visual creatures, and they connect with you through physical touch.

So, he wants you to show him your affection by holding his hand, kissing him, touching his face, or any other kind of touch (it doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual).

He just wants to feel that he is desired and that you still like him. Yes, a man can get pretty insecure at times, so you will have to reassure him of your affection.

He wants a woman who shares his goals and dreams

He wants a woman who has similar views and opinions regarding your future together and some other essential things.

He doesn’t want you to agree on everything he says to you.

He just wants to see whether you’re on the same page when it comes to certain things that matter to him.

So, if he’s interested in having children one day but you’re not that type, these are things that you cannot really compromise on.

If his goals are family-oriented and you’re pretty much indecisive, it will be hard for him to settle into a serious relationship due to you being unsure.

He wants a woman who has dreams and goals for herself

Every man out there wants a woman who is thinking about her future and not only interested in what is happening at the moment.

They want women who have dreams and goals for themselves and who are trying hard to achieve them.

And this is one of the biggest characteristics of every strong woman.

Having dreams you believe in and giving your best to accomplish them is something every man appreciates a lot.

Men are not really interested in women who are couch potatoes and who don’t have plans or goals to fulfill.

Instead, they will always choose a woman who is passionate about something because being passionate is extremely HOT.

He wants a woman he’s compatible with

They say that opposites attract, but it doesn’t always have to be so.

There are men and women who are completely opposite from each other, and they still can’t find a common language.

And, believe it or not, men are really cautious about this one.

They want women they are compatible with, which means they want people they can be themselves with, without being judged.

Being compatible means that despite being opposite, you are ready to compromise, too.

So, a man wants a woman who is opposite to him but is ready to accept their differences.

He wants a woman he can have great sex with

He wants a woman who will not be ashamed of her body and who will enjoy sex with him just as he enjoys it himself.

No, he doesn’t want you to look like a porn star or to do some magic tricks in bed.

He just wants a woman with whom he’ll be able to experiment and have a great time together.

A man also wants a woman who will not just lie in bed, waiting for him to do all the work.

He wants to see that you’re as engaged as he is, that you reciprocate and are enjoying every second of it.

He wants a woman with whom he can have stimulating conversations

There’s nothing more satisfying to a man than having a conversation with a woman who knows how to think critically and is familiar with what is going on in the world.

Men don’t want you to just nod to everything they say to you.

He wants a woman who will be engaged in conversations equally and with whom he can have stimulating conversations about different things—not only fashion and other girly topics.

He also wants you to initiate conversations from time to time and to show interest in particular topics, even if you’re not that familiar with them.

He wants a woman who is confident

Confidence is, without a doubt, the biggest turn on. But confidence is also a prerequisite if you want your man to respect you.

And, trust me, men want to respect their women, and they want women who have self-respect for themselves as well.

He wants a woman who will say one thing and stick to it because she firmly believes in it.

He doesn’t want a woman who is insecure about herself because that way, he will never know what she really wants and means.

He wants you to walk with your head held high and tell everyone to go fuck themselves if need be, when you know you’re right about something, instead of staying silent.

He wants a woman with an inspiring vibe

Men don’t want women with the personalities of potatoes.

They want women with inspiring, uplifting personalities and vibes because to them, this is the most attractive force in the entire universe.

To them, there’s nothing more satisfying than being with a woman whose heart is pure and beautiful, who takes care of herself from the inside out, doesn’t hold grudges, and knows when to apologize.

Such women are true gems.

They inspire men to become the best versions of themselves and to constantly look for new ways of improving themselves.

Men want women who will lift their spirits when they are down and keep them grounded when they are too high.

He wants a woman who loves him for who he is

Just as you want a man who loves you for who you really are, he also wants a woman with whom he will be comfortable being himself.

He wants you to love all of his flaws just as he loves yours, and not to want him to change immediately.

But this doesn’t mean that he’s like you to stay silent when he does something wrong.

He wants you to acknowledge all of his mistakes, but also appreciate his efforts to be the best for you.

He wants you to notice his efforts and never doubt his intentions or his love for you.

He wants a woman who has her own life

He wants a woman with whom he will spend great amounts of his time and have unlimited fun, but he also wants a woman who has her own life.

A man doesn’t want to feel restricted when it comes to his friends or hobbies.

He wants you to understand that he has his own lives, and he expects you to have your own.

He doesn’t want to feel guilty for leaving you home alone just because you have no other interests outside your relationship.

No matter how much he wants to be with you 24/7, it is simply neither possible nor doable.

He wants a woman who connects with his heart

A man wants a woman who will not only be interested in his looks or how many cars he owns.

Instead, he’s looking for a woman who know how to connect with her heart.

He wants you to appreciate and respect him for who he is and not for what he can offer you.

He wants a woman whose main goal is creating something big with him and enjoying love, affection, and all the stages of a relationship.

He wants to experience that special connection between two people who are crazy about each other and who will do anything for each other—no matter what.

He wants a woman who appreciates him and respects him

He wants you to notice the little things he does for you, and he wants you to appreciate him just as he does you.

He doesn’t need you to agree with everything he does, but he wants you to respect his decisions and the things he enjoys doing.

And a woman who appreciates and respects herself will be able to treat her man the same way.

He wants you to thank him from time to time for something he helped you with and to acknowledge his efforts to make you feel special.

He wants to feel like his your man and that you’re proud of him and everything he’s achieved so far.

He wants a woman who is not afraid to ask for what she wants

There’s nothing more annoying to any man than dealing with a woman who is afraid to ask for what she really wants.

This drives him nuts, and it forces him to spend great amounts of time overthinking.

So, if you really want to know what a man wants in a woman, it is a one who is not afraid to ask for what she wants.

A man wants a woman who will tell him how to please him in bed and who will ask things from him because she knows that men are not able to read minds.

And all he wants is to make you utterly happy, but he also needs your help as well.

So, telling them what you really want will improve his performance significantly.

He wants a woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously

He wants a woman who knows how to relax and who doesn’t take herself too seriously, no matter the circumstances.

A man understands when you’re fucked up and you don’t want to talk to them, but if you’re like 99% of the time, it’s not really healthy for you nor the people around you.

He’d like for you to enjoy spending time with him without worrying about your makeup or other trivial things that you shouldn’t be worried about.

He wants you to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest, without giving a shit what others will say about you.

He wants you to be carefree and have fun with him, and  not make him feel bad for trying to have fun himself.

He wants a woman who brings out his best

He wants a woman who will always tell him when he’s doing something bad or if it is something that she doesn’t approve of.

He wants a woman who brings out his best and who doesn’t make him feel confused or less worthy.

He wants you to love him the way he is, but he also wants you to correct him when he’s not being fair to you or other people around you.

And every man’s ultimate dream girl knows how to find the balance between criticizing and bringing out his best.

He wants a woman that is honest

He wants to be able to trust you, and the only way to achieve it is by being honest with each other.

He doesn’t want to always overthink your every action or word. Men like to keep it simple when it comes to everything—especially relationships.

He wants a woman who is honest with all of her body and heart because he is looking for a woman to be his confidante, lover, and friend in one—and honesty is a prerequisite for every healthy relationship.

It is something that is non-negotiable because without trust, there is neither true connection nor true love.

He wants a woman who makes him laugh

We all know how much men enjoy humor and how they turn into comedians when being around women they are crazy about.

But, most of us don’t know that men also enjoy being with women who make them laugh, too!

But, don’t get me wrong. A man doesn’t expect you to memorize all of the words from the world’s famous stand-up comics.

Simply telling him something funny from time to time will suffice.

It can be the most trivial thing, like making fun of some useless beauty products, and you can be sure that it will make his day.

He wants a woman who will be ready to give him some space

We all need some space for ourselves in relationships, but sometimes women forget that, and they start accusing men of being too selfish when they ask to be left alone.

So, what a man wants in a woman is for her to be ready to give him some space when he needs it.

He doesn’t want you to instantly lose your mind overt it because this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t enjoy your company.

He enjoys spending time with you, and a lot, but sometimes he just needs alone time in order to recharge himself and digest all of his feelings and emotions.

He wants a woman who will make him feel secure

What does it mean to make a man feel secure?

It means letting him know that you’re there for him; that he can trust you with all of his heart, that you won’t do anything stupid when you go out with your friends or do something else without him.

A man wants a woman who makes him feel like home.

When he embraces you, he wants to feel your calmness and your love that soothes him.

He wants an ultimate dream girl who will make him feel secure and not let him worry about you every move.

He wants a woman who is in touch with her emotions

While it’s true that usually men are those who are emotionally unavailable and who have problems regarding their emotional side, there are also some women who have problems with this.

Just as you want a man who is in touch with his emotions, he also wants a woman who isn’t afraid to show her vulnerabilities or cry in front of him.

He’d like to know that you feel safe enough with him to show your true self and be who you really are.

A man doesn’t want you to be perfect, he just wants you to be genuine and to love yourself no matter what.