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Give Yourself Some Time

Give Yourself Some Time

Rome wasn’t built overnight and neither will your heart heal overnight.

But what matters in the end is that Rome was built eventually and you too will get over him eventually. Just give yourself some time.

I know all about the heartbreak you’re going through. I know it way too well. I know how hopeless you feel now.

I know you just want to crawl into your bed under the sheets and stay there for the rest of your life.

I know how your hand still types in his number unconsciously and how you almost dialed him a dozen times.

I know you still check his social media to see if he moved on. I know you wonder what could you do to make things right and if he still thinks about you as much as you think about him.

I know all about this and I’m here to tell you that it’s okay. It’s okay to feel heartbroken. It’s okay to miss him.

But it’s not okay to get back to him. It’s not okay to constantly cry over spilled milk. It’s not okay to beat yourself up for being stuck. ‘Cause you’re not stuck.

You’re moving on, you’re healing. And all this what you’re feeling? It’s all part of getting over him.

They say that the only thing more dangerous than war is love. You’ve felt this on your own skin. It feels like you went through a warzone and not a relationship.

And it seems like every bullet that was shot somehow found its way to you.

You loved and you got broken. You got your hopes up just to see them vanish into dust. You planned your future together just to see it never come to life.

And it hurts. All of this hurts so much. But remember: it’s always the darkest before the dawn.

You wanted to keep him. You planned your future with him. You actually wanted him to stay. But if he didn’t stay, then it means he was never sent your way to stay.

He was sent your way to stick around for a while, teach you a lesson and once his job was done, leave.

There was a reason God moved your heart toward him and there was a reason why you got attached more than you did with any other person in your life.

When you look back, you’ll see he played a major role in your life, but he had to be in it only temporarily so he could fulfil his duty of showing you a different way of life and then set you free.

Nothing—or nobody—ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.

The reason he came into your life and the mission he had is known only to you, but you won’t be able to grasp it until you let the pain go.

So allow yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling. Cry a river. Build a bridge. And then get over it.

Find consolation in the fact that your story is probably better left the way it is. You gave each other all you had to offer.

One got love and other got sorrow. But either way, what’s done is done. The time has come to admit to yourself that the chapter of your book in which he is playing the main role is over.

Now you can either choose to continue re-reading it or you can choose to move on to writing a new chapter, perhaps even a whole new book.

Time heals everything, so give yourself time to heal. But please don’t build walls. You don’t need all that armor. Because what lives inside can’t be broken.

One day, you will no longer yearn for his arms. One day, you will no longer love him.

One day, you’ll no longer wish that things had gone differently because you’ll finally understand you needed him and everything you lived with him took you to a better place.

Your heart will finally be whole again and you’ll be able to love someone who’s actually meant to stay.

You will build your own Rome, your own empire with someone else who’s not temporary. Just give yourself some time.

If you were brave enough to love someone, then you’re strong enough to get over him, too.

So stay strong, you’ve got this.