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If You Truly Love Her, Treat Her Like This

If You Truly Love Her, Treat Her Like This

1. Never stop flirting with her

No matter what stage of relationship or marriage you are, never stop flirting with her. Don’t allow your seduction game to fade away.

Always have the same desire for her in your eyes and never be ashamed to show it.

2. Never make her wonder where she stands with you

If you truly love her, you will probably plan your future with her in it. Tell her this.

Yes, you love her, but sometimes she might get caught up with the things going on in her life and she might forget where she stands with you.

Never let her be unsure what the future holds. Take her by the hand and tell her everything you’re planning for the two of you.

3. Never make her question her worth

Little things you do might make her wonder if she’s good enough for you or not. Sometimes, she can even convince herself that you deserve more than she has to offer.

Reassure her. Tell her that she’s more than enough and that she’s everything you’ve been looking for.

4. Never let her fall asleep mad

No matter what you’ve been through that day, regardless of the bumps in the road you might’ve encountered, never ever let her fall asleep mad.

Always kiss her goodnight and start each day fresh. Life is too short to waste it on being mad.

5. When she tries to push you away, don’t let her

She might be haunted by some of her past demons. You might hurt her unintentionally.

Things might escalate at some point of your relationship and she might try to push you away. Don’t let her.

Know that she’s doing it because she’s hurting, so never let a woman you love go.

Take her by the hand, sit and talk through every issue one by one until you’ve solved them all. Never let a woman you love walk out of your life.

6. When everyone leaves her, stay

Always be her biggest support. Never see her through the prism of other people’s opinions. In her way up she might piss some people off.

Plenty will be jealous of her. She’ll struggle. There will be a lot of ups and downs. Stay. Love her through her worst, so you can enjoy her best days, too.

7. When you make a promise, keep it

Never make a promise you have no intention of keeping. Always put your money where your mouth is.

Because if you keep shooting dummy bullets, you’ll eventually lose her trust.

And you can never allow yourself to lose the trust of a woman you love.

8. When things get messy, unmess them

If you love her, don’t let her struggle alone. When things get tough in your relationship, don’t give up.

And if you must give up, always be the last one to do it. Work on your issues, help her solve her problems and no matter what comes in your road, work on it together.

This will only strengthen your bond.

9. When jealousy kicks in, don’t let it cloud your judgement

When that burning feeling inside you makes you say things you don’t really mean, stop it. Think about where it is all coming from and handle it.

Don’t hold her back from having a life besides your relationship, including people other than you.

10. Make her your priority

If she’s loyal, honest and kind, she should never be just an option to you. If you truly love her, then put her first.

Let her be aware that she’s your choice, the one that always comes before everyone else. That’s how you love a woman right.

11. Always have time for her

No matter how busy your schedule is, you’ll always have time for a text such as Hey babe, it’s madness here, I’ll ring you as soon as I catch a minute.

Let her know you’re thinking of her, because it’s not who’s on our mind when we’re lonely at to 2am, but who’s on our mind when we’re busy at 2pm that actually matters.

12. Show her your emotions

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in front of her. Show her you trust her to the point where you’re comfortable with baring your entire soul before her.

When you’re feeling butterflies in your stomach because of her, show her. When you feel like screaming – scream.

When you feel like lying in her lap or cuddling with her, do it. Be comfortable about showing her your emotions and it will mean the world to her.

13. Love her unconditionally

One thing you should never hold back from a woman you truly love is exactly love. If you love her, then give her all of your love.

Love her without holding back. Love her to the point where you’re going to erase all the previous lovers from her life and to the point where she’ll never want to be loved by anyone else.

If you truly love a woman, this is exactly how you do it.