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If Your Guy Does These 7 Things, He Doesn’t Give A Damn About You

If Your Guy Does These 7 Things, He Doesn’t Give A Damn About You

Deep inside, we all crave love. We all want to be loved because we weren’t designed to be alone.

There is this insatiable need that we have to satisfy, a need for love and company.

It’s true that we were born alone and that we die alone, but going through our life alone just isn’t right.

I know it’s hard to be alone, but believe me, it is better being alone than in an unhappy relationship, pretending that you are happy.

No one deserves to be someone’s backup plan because we all have our match and we need to find them.

So, don’t settle and don’t be blind on purpose to avoid being alone.

Don’t let him fool you by pretending to love you. That is not love, that is nothing but the pain you will feel at some point. Believe me, you’re better off alone.

You deserve someone who will show you that he loves you. You deserve someone who will support his words and not throw them in the air meaninglessly.

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If you think that you are not his first choice, read these signs to be sure and dump his sorry ass:

1. He embarrasses you in public

Let’s say you have a situation in public and he is there with you. If he doesn’t take your side and stick up for you, his feelings for you are not real.

If he doesn’t have the courage to defend someone he allegedly loves, there is something wrong in your relationship.

Or if he does something to embarrass you, tells a joke at your expense or wants to look like a big shot in front of his friends by making snarky comments about you, he doesn’t give a damn about you.

You are probably something on the side, just to kill time. Leave him immediately because you deserve so much more.

2. He doesn’t bother to kiss and make up after a fight

Are you the one who always makes the first move? I guess you always reach for your phone first and send him a text or call him after you cool off.

First of all, it’s completely normal that couples fight, but if you are always the one who makes it all better, then something is wrong.

It can’t be that he is that stubborn that he doesn’t want to be the one to say sorry first.

To test if he is just stubborn or he couldn’t care less if you make up or not, next time you have a fight, don’t touch your phone after you cool off.

Let him make the first move and see how long it will take him and whether he will bother to pick up the phone or show up first.

If he doesn’t, there’s your reason to dump the bastard who only wastes your time.

3. He wants you to change your looks

He doesn’t have the right to tell you what to wear and what not to wear.

He doesn’t have the right to tell you how to do your make-up, or whether it is too much or not enough.

You have to be in control of your life and you have to make the decisions that concern you.

If you want to wear revealing clothes or clothes that cover you up, there shouldn’t be anyone who has the power to stop you. If he does these things to you, you don’t need him at all.

4. He introduces you as a friend

Well, this is a huge, red flag! When he takes you out and introduces you to his family or friends by your name or, even worse, as his friend, you are definitely not his girlfriend.

He is probably embarrassed of you, your behavior or the way you look, but the most common reason is that he is just terrified of commitment and you don’t need that. You need a real man who will be proud of having you as his girlfriend.

5. He is abusive

No one has the right to hurt you in any way, especially physically or emotionally.

Some men are such cowards and they hide behind this tough exterior, when the truth is they are so weak and insecure.

So, they prove their strength by lashing out at the ones they think are weaker than them. If he ever lays his hands on you, leave him right that second.

You mustn’t endure violence—no one should. You shouldn’t be afraid of anyone, let alone a wuss like him.

6. He is never there for you

You have no support whatsoever. When something is bothering you and you’re feeling down, he should be there for you to make you feel better.

He doesn’t even have to say anything, it’s enough that he is by your side. He should next to you and listen to what you want to get off your chest.

If he disappears in the times when you need him the most, then sorry, but he doesn’t give a damn about you or your problems.

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7. He avoids talking about the future

All commitment-phobes do this. It freaks them out to talk about your future together because they do not see you in theirs.

For now, you are something casual and he doesn’t want to be too attached.

If you mention your future together, he will either avoid talking about it or switch the topic to something else. If you continue to insist on talking, he will get annoyed and angry.

If your guy does this often, then he is not for you. Leave him and give yourself another chance to love.