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This Is How You Leave A Man Who Doesn’t Deserve You

This Is How You Leave A Man Who Doesn’t Deserve You

Almost every girl has been crazy in love with a man who didn’t deserve her. And, we’ve all had a man who didn’t treat us well but we loved him blindly, anyway.

Leaving that man is probably the hardest thing you’ll do, even though you clearly know that he is going to hurt you someday for sure if you don’t end it as soon as possible.

In the beginning, you thought that your love would change him. You showed him every day how much he meant to you.

You loved him more and more every day. You desperately wanted to make it work.

You really hoped that he’d realize that no one will ever love him the way you did and that would make him change and appreciate you more.

You hoped that for your anniversary he’d get you something special, maybe even an engagement ring. But that didn’t happen.

He didn’t get you anything because he forgot.He has failed you again. You’ve even stopped counting how many times he failed you.

Life can be so unfair sometimes. A person whom you love completely and for whom you would give your life doesn’t give a damn about you.

Leaving him may seem like the hardest thing for you to do right now, but you’ll realize one day that it was the best decision you ever made.

Here is how you’ll finally leave a man like that and leave him in the past once and for all.

Have an honest talk with yourself

The most important thing is that you have to be true to yourself. Admitting that he doesn’t deserve you is the first and the hardest step.

You have to be aware of how brave you are. You can leave him. You can continue with your life. One day, you’ll meet someone who will treat you the way you deserve.

Work on your self-esteem

His behavior has affected your self-esteem. He’s made you believe that you don’t deserve to be treated respectfully and that you don’t deserve love at all.

Now it’s time to improve your self-esteem. You have to know that you are worthy of everything and that every other man would be more than happy to have a girl like you.

The person in the mirror is your best friend. Talk with her. Give her compliments.

Comment on her looks and give her fashion advice whenever she’s getting ready to go out.

Tell her how beautiful she is. And when she cries because of him, tell her that no man is worthy of her tears and that he is certainly not worth ruining her mascara over.

Take some alone time

You have to be alone with your thoughts. You are aware that he doesn’t deserve you and you know that you should leave him.

But that’s easier said than done, right?

Don’t listen to other people and their advice. You shouldn’t even listen to your friends and family.

It’s your life and you are the only one who can make the decision.

Take a couple of days off from your job and go somewhere where you can be completely alone.

Somewhere where you can think about everything.

Bring all the photos you have of you two. Turn off your phone and don’t answer it for anyone.

Remember, this is your alone time, the time for you to make the final decision.

Take a look into the past. How many times have you cried yourself to sleep because of him?

How many times has he ruined your night because he had to flirt with some other girls?

Has he ever done anything crazy just to show you how much he loves you? Has he ever shown that you are his top priority?

Think about all these things. Weigh the good and the bad things in your relationship.

Take the final decision. Choose to love yourself again.

Think about your future

Now that you’re done with thinking about the past, take a look at your future.

Imagine how great it would be if you could finally do all those things he forbade you to do.

To wear all those dresses he didn’t like to see on you because he thought you were wearing them to seduce other men.

You’re an intelligent and successful woman. Focus on your job. Work on yourself. Go out with your friends.

Travel – because it was your favorite thing to do, but he wasn’t a fan of traveling so you didn’t do it while you were dating.

Think about all those things you’ve always wanted to do but he didn’t like them or didn’t allow you to do them.

Once you’ve broken up with him, you’ll be able to enjoy all those things.

Write him a letter

This doesn’t mean that you’ll break with him via this letter. No. When the time comes, you’ll break with him in person.

Writing a letter will help you to write down everything you’ve felt over the years and everything he’s made you feel with his actions.

Feel free to write whatever you think will help you to feel better. Write down everything you were afraid to tell him because you were worried that he would leave you.

Write down how sad he made you feel every time he forgot your birthday or your anniversary.

How awful you felt every time your friends sent you a text telling you that they’d seen him with some girls at a club.

Write down your deepest feelings. Write that you still love him, but that you’ve made the decision to love yourself more.

And that the love you feel for him will no longer stop you from achieving your dreams and goals in life.

Get rid of his stuff

Most people would say that you should give him his stuff back along with the things he gave to you.

But I say that you don’t have to take care of his stuff – just like he never cared about you.

Getting rid of those things will be particularly difficult for you because that’s when you’ll understand that your relationship has come to an end.

However, it’s something that you must do in order to properly move on with your life.

Otherwise, his stuff will only be a reminder of him and the past, and it’ll be painful every time you see something that belongs to him.

Put those things in a box and throw them away or even better, burn them. Do whatever will bring you the most pleasure.

Don’t force yourself

You’ve realized that he is wrong for you and that he doesn’t deserve you. I know that you want to break up with him and move on as soon as possible.

There is no need to rush, though. You’ll move on but you need to give yourself time to heal properly first.

You need time to think about everything so that you don’t let any man treat you less than you deserve ever again.

Don’t let other people’s opinions confuse you and make you break up with him before you’re ready to do it.

You should take all the time you need to make it less painful for yourself. Even though he doesn’t deserve it, you love him.

And that is something that can’t be changed overnight, no matter what other people say.Go slowly. Take it step by step.

If you break up with him before you’re ready, you’ll be the one who’s going to suffer.Love shouldn’t make us miserable.

If it’s making you sad and if you’re doubting your partner’s feelings, then it’s not love. True love should make you feel like you are in heaven.

He should be your angel, always encouraging you to be better and never allowing you to feel bad about yourself.

Always know your worth and don’t let anyone make you forget it.

Don’t waste time on people that don’t deserve you because every second of your life is precious.

Leaving a person you love, no matter how they treat you, is always hard.

But, it’s possible and it’s something you must do to leave space for something better to come.