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His “I Love You” Doesn’t Mean Anything If He Refuses To Commit

His “I Love You” Doesn’t Mean Anything If He Refuses To Commit

I know you keep hearing this guy tell you how much he cares about you.

You keep listening to him swearing his love for you and to him telling you that he couldn’t imagine living his life without you.

Nevertheless, you can’t help but notice that these are just empty words.

This man keeps telling you how much he loves you but you don’t see or feel that love because his words don’t match his actions.

No matter how hard you try not to see it, you can’t avoid but notice the painful truth—this man isn’t fully committed.

He isn’t putting in the effort you need and he isn’t completely dedicated to your relationship.

There are times when he acts as if the two of you are nothing more than a temporary fling and times when he treats you as a second choice.

No matter how much you try to fight it, deep down you feel that this man doesn’t love you wholeheartedly and that he hasn’t invested his entire self to your relationship.

Even though you know all of this, you have never had the courage to confront him about it.

Even though you are aware that you are settling for less, you have never had the guts to walk away and to leave this man in the past simply because you want to believe his words instead of his actions.

Every time you try to end things, his sweet words change your mind in a split second.

It is obvious that he knows exactly what you need to hear and that he is using that against you.

So before you know it, instead of ending things, you find yourself giving him just one more chance to make things better, just one more chance to become the man you need him to be and just one more chance to stand behind his words.

Nevertheless, this isn’t happening.

Instead, he keeps on being the same guy who doesn’t want to label things, the same selfish asshole who doesn’t put you first and the same guy whose behavior keeps on breaking your heart.

Well, I have to tell you the harsh truth you keep running away from—he doesn’t love you enough, never did and never will.

Sure, hearing, “I love you,” is amazing but these three magical words don’t actually mean anything if they are not backed up with actions.

I love you doesn’t mean a thing coming from a man who doesn’t treat you according to those words.

Remember one thing: a man who loves you will make sure you always feel that love.

He won’t make you question it, he’ll never make you doubt him and he’ll never make you beg for his attention.

A man who truly loves you won’t have trouble committing to you. He’ll be more than happy to make you his priority and to call you his girlfriend.

This man will act like your true partner in crime because he’ll know that loyalty is much more than fidelity.

He’ll be your best friend, your lover and your biggest support.

And the best part is that when he tells you he loves you, you’ll know that he means it for real.

However, none of these things describe the guy you are involved with, do they? So what exactly are you waiting for to dump his lying ass?

How long do you plan on believing his, “I love yous”? How long do you plan on buying his lies and empty promises?

How much more time do you plan to waste, patiently waiting for him to start acting according to his words?

When exactly do you plan on opening your eyes and seeing the truth? When do you plan to stop settling for less than you deserve?

I know all of this is easier said than done but trust me—you have the strength to take this step, even if you don’t see it now.

It is the only way for you to open up the path for the man whom you deserve to come into your life.

And even if this special guy doesn’t come along soon enough, being single always beats being with someone who doesn’t honestly love you.