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5 Unfortunate Signs His Love For You Is Conditional

5 Unfortunate Signs His Love For You Is Conditional

When a man loves you properly, he does it no matter what, despite everyone and everything.

That is what true love is: when nothing and nobody can pull you and your partner apart.

However, sadly, this type of romance is extremely rare. In fact, more men than you think feel conditional love for their better halves.

Here are 5 signs that your boyfriend is one of them.

1. He is in love with your potential

The first sign that a man’s love for you is conditional is the fact that he is actually not in love with the real you. In fact, he loves your potential more.

Don’t get me wrong. Having a partner who pushes you towards improvement is one thing, but being with someone who is not satisfied with the person you are at the moment is worrying.

This is exactly what’s going on with you and your boyfriend. He says he loves you but he would love the person he imagines you’ll become even more.

It’s like this guy pictured his perfect relationship and perfect girlfriend he wants by his side.

So now, he thinks of everything you could accomplish and everything your relationship could be.

At first glance, you might see this as a sign that he loves the real you. However, with time, you’ll realize it is actually a sign that his love for you is not unconditional.

2. He is nowhere to be found during hardships

When a man says he loves you no matter what, it means he’ll stick by your side during the good times and the bad.

It means that he won’t leave you at the first inkling of trouble or run away when things get nasty.

Nevertheless, this is exactly what your boyfriend is doing. Every time a storm is headed in your direction, he escapes like a coward.

This guy doesn’t have your back. He doesn’t take care of you, isn’t there to catch you when you fall, and doesn’t act like he is ready to defend you against the world.

In fact, he always leaves you hanging. He flees when you’re feeling down or your life is about to become a mess, so you end up fighting all of your battles alone.

Yes, he is too emotionally weak to confront the challenges of adulthood. But the truth is that he doesn’t care for you enough to be your ally and support.

3. He doesn’t love your bad sides

You know what they say: Your soulmate will love you the same at your best and at your worst. Well, that’s not how your partner behaves.

It’s one thing if he is realistic about your flaws. As much as he cares for you, it would be ridiculous to expect him not to notice some things about your character or not to be bothered by them.

But in your case, your boyfriend only loves your good sides.

If you’re honest, you’ll admit that he doesn’t love you the same when you are all dressed up as when you wake up in the morning.

He doesn’t give you the same amount of attention when you’re laughing and everything is going great as when you’re crying and in need of someone to cheer you up.

It’s like he doesn’t understand that you’re an entire package and he can’t choose which parts of you to love.

4. You’re never enough

A real man will never fail to see your worth. In fact, he’ll make sure you see it as well, if you ever think of yourself as not good enough.

Well, a man whose love for you is conditional will make you feel like you’re never enough.

He doesn’t have to directly put you down or call you names, but he will constantly imply that you’re beneath him in some way or another.

You feel like you don’t deserve even the crumbs of his love and attention.

It’s like you have to compete for him because he compares you to all those other girls who are better than you.

5. He takes advantage of you

Finally, men who love you conditionally will always find a way to take advantage of you. Sometimes, they will use you without making it so obvious.

For example, this guy could indirectly take advantage of your good looks.

Yes, there is nothing in it for him, but maybe he gets a kick out of having an attractive girl by his side.

Maybe he uses you for your money, for the way you boost his ego, for the fact that you take care of him, cook for him or get things done for him.

Whatever the case, the bottom line is the same. He would walk away from you the moment you stopped doing or having whatever he is using.