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The Hottest Sex Positions For Each Zodiac Sign

The Hottest Sex Positions For Each Zodiac Sign


This sign is quite passionate and energetic. When they are turned on, nothing can stop them having sex. No matter where they are, chances are they will find a quiet corner to do their thing.

They like to experiment, but they feel the best in the reverse cowgirl position.

They feel powerful and they feel good in their own skin. In that way, they can have all the control, and they are the ones who decide the tempo.

All that control turns them on even more, and only seconds are dividing them from an orgasm! So you better watch out because your Aries man is about to explode!


Taurus people like to have sensual intercourse and doing things they like makes them feel good. When having sex, they want all their senses to be included in that game.

They are extremely emotional, so it is important whom they have sex with.

The truth is that they will enjoy it more with a long-term partner than with a stranger for a one-night stand.

They will feel better doing it with someone they can trust and with someone who knows what kind of things they prefer.

Their favorite position is missionary; simple but always good, and what is most important is that multiple orgasms are 100% guaranteed!


Gemini is known as someone who likes to experiment. If you have the same kind of sex every single time, they will soon get bored.

So, go ahead and get wild. Do things that you thought you would never do, even in your wildest dreams.

What is most important to them is foreplay. During foreplay, they can get half of the job done and once he gets inside, if your guy knows what he is doing, you will have multiple orgasms.

The best position for this sign is standing as it helps them switch places from the sofa to the counter or balcony. If this is not wild, then I don’t know what is! So, let’s get the party started!


Even if Cancers are emotional and sensitive, when they are turned on they transform into wild animals, hungry for sex. What they like is watching their partner’s enjoyment while penetrating them.

They think they will be better lovers if they make their partners happy. Their favorite position is sitting cowgirl. They like to try the rest of the positions, too, but this one is something they prefer because it describes them the best.


Leos are real rock stars in bed. They like showing off their skills and asking for feedback from their partners. Their favorite position is doggy style because a man has all the control and can adjust the tempo to his wishes.

He likes when you say to him what you want him to do to you while he is behind you. That dirty talk will turn him on so badly and will make him climax before you. Make sure that you give your man a sign when you feel that you are about to come.

It can make him reach an orgasm faster because he will know that he already satisfied all your needs—many times!


Don’t let the name of this sign fool you—Virgos are real monsters in bed.

When they find a position that suits them the best, they stick to it. They like simple and clean sex with a lot of clitoral stimulation. Their favorite position is standing face-to-face. In this way, they can make a deeper bond with their partner.

Plus they extremely like watching their partner while entering them. It turns them on even more, and if they hear you moan, they can come instantly!


This sign is fair-minded and they love to enjoy sex as much as they can. That’s why they never have quickies but enjoy their intercourse for hours, with smooth touches and gentle kisses.

They like to take it slow and enjoy every second of intercourse with you. Since they are fair players, their favorite position is the 69. It is a win-win combination because it gives pleasure to both partners at the same time.


The most important thing about Scorpio with sex is that anything works. They like a mix of different positions; some blindfolds, handcuffs, or any kinky game works well for them.

They also like to play the game of being either a dominant or a submissive person as it makes the atmosphere hotter, and the blood in their body circulates much faster. If you are about to have sex with a Scorpio, be prepared for a roller coaster of emotions.

Hope your neighbors won’t mind if they hear you moaning loudly!


This sign has a free spirit so they will have sex no matter where they are. If you catch yourself having dinner out and see that look he is sending you, be prepared to go the toilet and do your thing on a toilet seat.

It will get your adrenaline even higher and it will blow your mind how good it can be. Their favorite sex position is raised doggy style. It is risky but it will pay off after you reach your first orgasm—one of many!


Capricorn’s sexual drive is the highest of all the zodiac signs. They love to find a comfortable position and once they do, they won’t change it. Their favorite position is standing doggy style.

In this way, your man will do all the work while you spice things up with some moaning and dirty talk. They like to be passive, so this sex position works the best for them as both they and their partner will get what they want!


This zodiac sign uses sex just to have fun. They like to change their sexual partners often so they can learn a lot from them. They enjoy all sorts of positions but they prefer lying on their backs.

They like when their partner takes the lead and lets them enjoy it. By doing this, they can watch their partners doing their magic and saying dirty things. That is what makes them crazy, and only seconds will be dividing them from an orgasm!


This sign is passionate but emotional. They like to show feelings when having sex. Saying things like, “I love you” is something they need to say if they want to form a deeper bond with their partner.

Their favorite position is spooning as it helps them get that intimacy they crave so much. Also, this can form a deeper bond with their partner and can take their love l to a whole new level. Once you feel this, you will never want to leave the bedroom!