If you are dating a Leo man, there are some things you need to know about his character so you could easily satisfy him in bed. First of all, you need to know that Leo is someone who wants to be noticed wherever he goes. He is passionate and charismatic, and those characteristics always bring him a lot of women. But he will eventually find a special woman who he will want to make love with and that women has to know some things that will turn him on. If you found yourself in these lines, keep reading because we are bringing you some amazing tips to satisfy a Leo man in bed.

1. Dedicate to his back

If you want your Leo to feel good in his skin during sex, you should experiment with his back. You can massage him and it can be great foreplay. Also, you can touch him gently all over his spine and that will make him have chills for sure. The catch is that Leos are sensitive in that area—it can be called their erogenous zone. If you continue doing this throughout the whole process, he will be so turned on and what is most important, he will be completely satisfied.

2. Let him feel your desire

If you want to totally satisfy your Leo man in bed, you need to show him that you want him badly. When he sees that you want him and that you are crazy about him, it will turn him on so much. He will literally lose his head for you and the games under the sheets will last long into the night. The thing is that Leos have bigger egos than the rest of the zodiac signs, so they need to feel that their partner feels an incredible desire to have them.

3. He wants to have the royal treatment

Just like the real king of the jungle, a Leo wants to have a royal treatment. That means that you will have to go an extra mile to satisfy him in bed. He won’t be pleased with just two standard positions but he will want more from you. So be ready for a lot of experiments, body liquids and most important—a lot of orgasms. In the end, you are dealing with a passionate Leo.

4. Biting is a “must have”

Leo is passionate and he wants to have a partner like that. So, the wilder the better. He wants you to bite him in between kisses and scratch him on his back. He wants a lot of action and to be completely pleased. Your wishes won’t be so important to him because of his big ego but he will try to satisfy you. Even if it is important to satisfy him in bed, don’t forget to think about yourself and your needs.

5. Outdoor sex is essential

Leo is someone who keeps seeking action and can’t be in one place more than a minute. His restless spirit doesn’t let him to do so—that’s just the way he is. He likes to experiment a lot with positions, but he also likes to not stick only to the bedroom. That’s why he will enjoy sex in public. I am not saying that he will have sex on a beach full of people, but he will find some hidden place where people won’t see him.

6. Provide him with erotic massage

remember that a Leo man likes to be touched on his back? What is better than a massage to completely satisfy him? He is extremely sensitive on his shoulders and the upper part of his body, so you can start touching him there. I am sure that in a minute, he will roll over and let you straddle him. And that’s when the real party begins!

7. Talk dirty

What is a better turn on that talking dirty? Nothing! So, when you feel that the situation is calm, you can start talking dirty to spice it up a little bit. I am sure it will turn on your Leo man instantly and that he will come in a second. He just enjoys when women tell him what they will do to him and when they explain in detail how they are going to do that. By just fantasizing about all the things that they will do to him, he will explode!

8. Flatter him

It is already known that Leos like to be in the spotlight but another important thing is that they want to feel special. So, you will have to flatter him in and outside of the bed if you want to build a good relationship with him. He is so turned on by your words and he doesn’t need anything else except you, telling him how perfect he is. When you have sex, you can tell him that his size suits yours and that he is bigger than average. It will turn him on immediately and he will do anything to make you scream and beg for more.

9. Make love, a lot

A Leo man’s endurance is remarkable and he has a strong appetite for having sex. That means that he will want to have sex with you multiple times a day. But the catch is that he doesn’t want you to feel like not doing it. He wants to see desire in your eyes, he wants you to scream uncontrollably and he wants to feel like he is your almighty master. Only then will he be 100% satisfied.

10. Be submissive

With a guy like this, there is no way that you can be the dominant one. He wants to know that he owns you and that he can do whatever he wants with you in that moment. If you want to please him, act like a submissive one and do things that he wants you to do. It will turn him on when you listen to everything that he has to say and he will climax in no time!