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How To Destroy A Psychopath: 13 Proven Ways

How To Destroy A Psychopath: 13 Proven Ways

Most people think that breaking a psychopath is impossible. Well, this is because they were never taught how to destroy a psychopath.

I have to warn you: this is not an easy task. But it can be done! Here is exactly how.

How To Destroy A Psychopath

Follow this step-by-step guide on destroying pure evil:

1. Spot their psychopathy

One of the most difficult things in this process is accepting that you’re dealing with a psychopath. I mean, it’s never easy admitting that your husband, wife, or other family member has psychopathy.

In his new book Snakes in Suits, Canadian forensic psychologist Robert Hare talks about the sneaky ways psychopaths disguise themselves as average people. It’s not like they walk around displaying psychopathic personality traits.

On the contrary, they blend in perfectly. In most cases, they hide their evil from the public and only display it around their victims. In fact, sometimes, experts in psychiatry have a hard time recognizing this personality disorder.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that you needed this long to accept who you’re dealing with. However, seeing as you’re here, it means that you’re getting there.

From this point on, there is no going back. Accept things as they are, come to terms with the fact that they’ll never change, and find the best way to save yourself.

2. Destroy their ego

They say that you can’t beat fire with fire. Well, in this case, that is exactly what you must do.

Here’s the first thing you need to know about psychopaths: they have no vulnerabilities. At least, not in the way a neurotypical person does.

Basically, if you want to hurt their feelings, stop right now because you’ll just be wasting your time, effort, and energy. These people have no emotions in the way you have them.

However, there is one thing that you can successfully destroy: their ego. And that’s the part of them you must aim for if you want to destroy them.

I know that this will be out of character for you, but it has to be done. Start by insulting and humiliating your abuser.

If you’re scared of their revenge, and if you think they might get physically abusive when you do, try with backhanded compliments and subtle insults.

The thing that will trigger them the most is public humiliation. They’re quite similar to narcissists. The moment a psychopath is embarrassed in front of others is when their world starts to collapse.

3. Show no emotion

Whatever you do, don’t show any feelings in front of this person – no happiness, no sadness, no remorse, no excitement, no guilt, no anything.

They have to see that they’ve lost the ability to provoke any kind of feelings from you. Trust me – this realization will destroy the psychopath more than anything in the world.

They’ve lost their impact. In the same way that they can’t make you smile or laugh, they can’t make you cry, either. And that means that they have no more power over you.

You might think that showing them hate would break their heart, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you show them hatred, they’ll know that they still have influence over you.

That is why indifference is the best way to go.

At first, hiding all of your emotions will be tough, but with time, you’ll get used to it.

4. Emotional detachment is the key

When you’re wondering how to destroy a psychopath, you keep forgetting that this should be more than an act. It’s one thing if you show no emotion in front of them. But if you keep on eating yourself alive after everything they say or do to you, you won’t make much progress.

That is exactly why you have to practice emotional detachment while hiding your feelings. You know what they say – fake it until you make it.

If you succeed in emotionally detaching yourself from this person and this relationship, you won’t have to hide your emotions for much longer because there will be none left inside of you.

First and foremost, forget about the potential your relationship once had. Forget about the person your psychopath was at the beginning of your romance – that was nothing but a disguise.

Forget about all the what-ifs, could-have-beens, and should-have-beens. Accept the harsh reality and do your best to start getting over them while you’re still in this relationship.

5. Find out more about them

If you’re trying to figure out how to destroy a psychopath, you have to be armed with the correct data about them. Psychiatry says that psychopathy is a genetic personality disorder. However, there are certain environmental factors that impact it as well.

You have to be sneaky enough to get to the bottom of these environmental factors. What made your psychopath this way?

What were their triggers? What was their childhood like? What are their deeply rooted traumas?

Who did they inherit their personality traits from? Were their parents also psychopaths? How did that make them feel?

If you want to learn about their vulnerabilities, this is the way to go.

6. Find their weak spot

I have to warn you: you’ll have to be ruthless in this step. You’ll have to use their dirtiest and most painful secrets against them – if you want to destroy them correctly.

Now that you’ve learned a lot more about your psychopath, it’s time to focus on their weakest spot. Don’t worry, they have one. Even though they don’t have vulnerabilities in a typical sense, I’m sure there is a part of their life they don’t want to tackle.

Their weak spot is usually something off-limits, something they never talk about, something they buried deep in the past. Well, it’s your job to bring it back to the surface.

Try different things and see what triggers your abuser the most. Do they go crazy when you insult them in public? Or maybe when you mention the mother they’ve spent years without talking to?

Maybe it happens when you question their ability to do something. Or maybe when you compare them to someone else?

Whatever works!

7. Play with their mind

When you’re dating a psychopath, you’ll experience manipulation, gaslighting, and other forms of emotional abuse. This person is literally playing with your mind and distorting your view of reality.

Well, when you’re trying to figure out how to destroy a psychopath, you’ll have to use their weapons against them. Show them that the student has become the master!

I mean, out of everyone, you’ve had the chance to master all of these manipulation techniques. So, who better at applying them than you?

How to do it effectively

You’ll need to lie to them, deceive them, and even cheat on them with someone else. When they figure out what happened and what you’re doing, proceed to gaslight them.

Tell them that they’re losing their mind, that they made you behave like this, that they’re imagining things, or that they should blame themselves for the state of your relationship.

Send your psychopath mixed signals. Act like the most loving and caring person one day, and then start picking fights the very next for no reason whatsoever.

Destroy their self-esteem by constantly pointing out their flaws, and then tell them you love them.

Ghost them all of a sudden. Don’t pick up your phone, don’t respond to their texts, but be active on social media and post stories as if everything is perfectly fine. Then, out of the blue, make a big comeback into their life and try acting as if nothing happened.

I know that all of this sounds cruel. And I won’t lie to you – it really is. But it’s the only way to fight this pure evil. Besides, they’ve been doing the same thing to you for years, haven’t they?

8. Work on your body language

Psychopaths are often highly intelligent. Just because they have no empathy doesn’t mean they’re unable to read through people. In fact, they’ve spent a lot of time studying their victims, so your abuser can likely read you like an open book.

That is why you’ll have to put in some extra effort if you want them to believe you’re really indifferent or that you’re telling the truth when you’re lying.

To achieve this, you must work on your body language. You can’t expect them to think you’ve become coldhearted if your face lights up every time they enter the room.

You can’t expect them to believe they have no impact on your whatsoever if your eyes tear up the moment they raise their voice.

Practice your facial expressions and learn how to lie. It’s not an appealing quality, but it will come in handy when dealing with a psychopath.

9. Charm is your biggest weapon

Most people with psychopathy rely on their charm, similar to narcissists. These two kinds of people can convince you to think and do whatever they want.

This is a skill you should learn from your abuser. Charm should become your biggest weapon.

Firstly, use it against them. It will come in handy when you’re lying to them, deceiving them, or sending mixed signals.

But most importantly, you’ll need it when you decide to ruin this person’s reputation and public image. You need others to believe that your psychopath is nowhere near the man or the woman they pretend to be.

So instead of spending your days plotting your revenge, get out there. Make new friends, expand your social circle, and slowly start preparing for what’s coming next.

10. Game theory

Game theory is the science behind the decision-making process. It can help you a lot when you’re trying to figure out how to destroy a psychopath. In simple terms, it means that you have to strategize in advance.

The worst thing you can do is rely on your emotions. Instead, before making a move, you have to assess the situation objectively and realistically. You have to perform a cost-benefit analysis.

What matters here is for you to see your psychopath as your opponent. Forget that they’re your romantic partner, parent, friend, or sibling.

They’re your enemy, and your job is to come up with a way to defeat them because that’s the only way you can win.

There is no love, compassion, or concern here. You’re only focused on your end goal and making choices that exclusively benefit your personal interest.

11. Tit-for-tat

“Tit-for-tat” is all about equivalent retaliation. It means paying someone back in the same way they did you dirty. It’s also a successful strategy when trying to figure out how to destroy a psychopath.

Basically, you get your revenge by doing to them exactly what they have been doing to you. You mimic their words and actions, and you treat your psychopath in the exact same way they’ve been treating you.

The only problem here is that their reaction will never mimic yours. Even if you put them through everything they’ve put you through, you’ll never succeed in hurting them with the same intensity.

But achieving that would be impossible because we’re not talking about an average human being. However, you will definitely get a reaction and be on your way to destroying them.

12. Cognitive apathy

Psychopaths don’t feel in the same way the rest of the world does. However, they are able to develop cognitive empathy.

This means that they can understand and perceive the emotions of others. When you think that they feel sorry for you, they don’t. They’re only acting that way because they know it’s expected of them.

Well, that means that they’re able to develop cognitive apathy. To put it simply, it’s indifference or loss of interest in something or someone.

And that’s exactly what you want to achieve – for a psychopath to lose interest in you and stop seeing you as an attractive victim.

The best way to achieve this is by not giving them any reaction whatsoever, which we already discussed.

But the trick is to evoke cognitive apathy in a psychopath only toward the end of your journey. If you manage to do it in the beginning, you’ll set yourself free, but you won’t succeed in destroying them.

13. Cut them off

Finally, you must cut your psychopath off. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about your mother, father, or sibling, let alone your romantic partner.

You’ve figured out how to destroy a psychopath, and there is absolutely no point in keeping them in your life anymore. You can’t stay friends with them, and you can’t continue playing this game.

Cutting them off means deleting their number, blocking them on all of your social media accounts, and not responding to any of their attempts to initiate contact. Sometimes, it means even changing your number or home address.

It means staying away from places you know you could encounter them. It means breaking ties with mutual friends and everyone who might talk to them about you.

Most importantly, cutting them off means never going back to them! I don’t care if they’re going through a rough patch or you want to say your condolences because they suffered a painful loss – you need to stay away from them!

How Do You Get Rid Of A Psychopath?

If you really want to get rid of a psychopath, here is what you should do:

1. Forget about excuses

If you’re wondering how to escape a psychopath, the first thing you have to do is forget about justifying their behavior.

No, they’re not having a bad day. No, they’re not emotionally unavailable, and no, you won’t change them. No, you didn’t misinterpret the signs.

You have to understand that psychopathy is a personality disorder. You’re dealing with a narcissist and a manipulator all in one.

Of course, you have to forget about the blame game as well. You didn’t do anything to provoke their behavior.

2. Realize that they won’t change

The next step is accepting that they won’t change. I know that this might be the hardest part of the journey, but trust me, if you don’t, you’ll keep going back to your psychopath. And that’s the worst thing you could do.

To take complete control of your life, you have to stop believing in their lies, manipulation, and emotional words. As painful as this might sound, a psychopath is not an average person – they couldn’t change even if they wanted to.

And there is absolutely nothing you can do to make them change. Therefore, start your healing process in time, and accept this painful fact.

3. Make plans ahead of time

I’ll be honest with you: walking away from a psychopath is not the same as leaving any other person. The truth is that they won’t let you go easily.

That is exactly why you must plan ahead, especially if you’re married to this person or live with them. Find yourself a place to stay, and make sure you’re financially taken care of. Basically, you have to come up with an escape plan.

Also, plan how you will leave them. I know that you want to be a decent human being and do it in person. In any other circumstances, I would applaud your intentions.

However, this situation is different. Discussing why you’re breaking up is practically impossible, so it’s best if you just text them or leave them a letter saying that you’re leaving them.

No matter what, never expose your new location or anything else regarding your new life.

4. Go no-contact

The next step is cutting all ties. When I tell you to go no-contact, I really mean it.

Be careful because psychopaths are incredibly sneaky. Your abuser will do everything in their power to find a way back into your life.

If you let them in just a little bit, they will do their best to crawl all the way back into your life.

5. Ask for help

But what if you’re dealing with a sociopath who might get physically abusive? If you’re worried about your safety, ask for professional help.

First of all, report domestic abuse to the authorities. If your psychopath is stalking you or is abusive in any other way, he might be admitted to a psychiatry hospital or even go to jail.

Don’t forget to take care of your mental health as well. See a mental health expert who will guide you through the healing process.

What Is A Psychopath’s Weakness?

Even though not all psychopaths have a universal weakness, their ego is the most important thing in the world to them. Therefore, this is the first thing you should aim at when wondering how to destroy a psychopath.

Once you make them realize that they failed in destroying their victim, their entire world collapses.

The same goes for their public image. You have to understand that psychopaths are, in many cases, respected members of society: lawyers, police officers, CEOs, doctors…

They put a lot of effort into manipulating everyone around them. So, when you reveal their true colors to the world, they’re ruined.

Can A Psychopath Be Afraid?

Unlike neurotypical human beings, psychopaths cannot be afraid. To be more exact, they can sense danger, and at that moment, they’re aware that something might happen.

However, they don’t feel the emotion of fear, at least not in the way an average person feels it. This absence of fear, combined with their lack of empathy, is what makes them this way.

Do Psychopaths Know They Are Evil?

In most cases, psychopaths are perfectly aware of their personality traits. At the end of the day, they know that what they’re doing is wrong on many levels.

But keep in mind their lack of empathy. They do know what they’re doing to their victims on a cognitive level. Still, a psychopath can never feel your pain, and they can never emotionally understand the impact of their behavior.

Of course, I’m talking about highly-intelligent psychopaths here. There are also the ones who are completely unaware that their actions are wrong.

To Wrap Up:

Even though I’ve taught you how to destroy a psychopath, I’ll be honest and tell you that this entire process will slow down your path to healthy healing. Yes, you’ll get the satisfaction you need. You’ll end up feeling like you’ve paid them back for everything they did to you.

However, the smarter thing to do would be to invest all of this energy into repairing yourself. By trying to destroy them, you’re wasting more of your time – precious time – that you could use for healing.

But if you still want to get revenge, I understand completely. I know that you will never feel at ease until you know that you’ve managed to hurt them just a little bit.

In that case, I can’t wish you anything but good luck!