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How To Know He’s The One: 10 Signs He’s The Love Of Your Life

How To Know He’s The One: 10 Signs He’s The Love Of Your Life

When you first meet a guy, you can’t know if he is the one or not.

You need to spend some time with him to get to know him better and see if you are compatible on all levels.

You see, true love is hard to find and if you don’t feel comfortable in a relationship, then you shouldn’t be a part of it.

But first you need to know if he is the one, right? If he isn’t, it will be easy for you to end the relationship because you know that sooner or later you will get over him.

But what if he is the one? Here are proven signs that he is the love of your life and that you should stick with him. How to know he’s the one? Read further!

He respects you

Respect is an essential part of every relationship. If there is no respect, there is no love either.

And I must say that respect is what stays when infatuation fades away after so many years spent together.

If you have a man who respects you and listens to your needs, you should know that he’s a real catch.

A man like this will never take you for granted and he will always be there for you.

He will understand when you go through the bad times and he will be the shoulder you can lean on.

If it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t be able to rise above any problem you have. He is your best friend, your support, and your lover all in one.

He is always there for you


If you want to know he is the one, just pay attention to his behavior. If he is always there for you and if he wants to help you in your difficult times, it is a proven sign he is the right man for you.

Also, if you feel comfortable with him, it is a cue that he is the man you have been waiting for your entire life.

Having a man like this is very important because there will be many times in your life when you will need someone to rely on.

And if you have a partner like this, you can consider yourself pretty lucky.

A man like this will always be there for you no matter what he is going through.

Your happiness will take first priority and he would do anything to bring a smile to your face.

Trust me, a man like this is all you need to be happy because he will surely do all in his power to always take care of you.

You are the most important person in his life

How to know he’s the one? Easily! His behavior will tell all. If he always puts you first and if you are the most important person in his life, it is a sign that he has some strong feelings for you and that he loves you deeply.

What you are experiencing right now is called true love; that won’t change even when you grow old.

There will always be that old spark in your relationship and your man will treat you like the most important person in his life.

No matter how many good friends he has, no matter how many people make him happy, he will always rush back to see you and to spend some time with you.

It is because your love feels like home and he can’t live without you.

If he could choose to turn back the clock, he would make the same decision and he would never regret it.

He is the first person you want to call when something nice happens to you

Is he the first person you call when something nice happens to you? Or is he the first one you call when you are hurting and when you need help?

If your answer is in the affirmative, then you don’t need to wonder if he is the one.

He surely is the man of your life because you are already attached to him.

You can’t imagine your life without him and you believe he can help you with every problem you have.

A man who makes you feel like this is truly special because there are not many people you can count on when things get bad.

If you feel comfortable in his company and if you enjoy spending time with him, you can be sure that he is the one you have been waiting for.

He’s someone who will understand every fear and doubt you have and who will help you by sharing advice about how he would handle things.

In case he can’t help, he’ll listen to you and in that way help you feel a bit better. A man like this is rare, so you better not let him go.

When you are with him you feel peaceful


If you want to know if he is the one, you just need to pay attention to the way you feel when you are with him.

If you feel anxious and you are scared to say something that could offend him, it is a bad sign. In fact, life with a man like that won’t be pleasant at all.

While living with him, you will transform into someone you are not and won’t be able to speak your mind.

On the other hand, if you feel that you can do all that you want while he is next to you, then you are one free woman; you know that you can enjoy your life normally and that he will never criticize you for it.

Instead, he will let you live your life the way you want and need, and he will expect the same from you.

Only in that way can you function normally and live your life in peace.

Maybe peace is not of concern to you now, but in a long-term relationship, it starts to play a big role though.

You take it for granted at first, but once you lose it, you become aware of how important it is to you.

Trust me, along with love, peace is the most important thing you need in a love relationship.

You feel safe when you are with him

When you are with him, you feel safe and you believe nothing bad can happen to you.

Deep down, you know that he is the man of your life and that no other man will make you feel that way.

You like spending time with him and there is no other place you would rather be than in his arms.

If you are still wondering if he is the one, worry no more because all is crystal clear right now.

If a man makes you feel this way, it must mean something. You can’t just shake off that feeling because it is present and it is real.

Whenever you are scared, you’ll call him. Whenever you are afraid of all the bad things that life throws at you, he will be the one you turn to.

And I must say that having a person like that in your life is more important than you think.

If he is giving you all that you need to be a happy and fulfilled woman, seek no more because a man like this is a keeper.

He is the man you can easily trust

When trying to know if he is the one, you should pay closer attention to the way the two of you communicate.

Is he the man you can trust? Will he keep your secret if you tell him? Will he tell you his problems and his secrets or he will hide them from you?

If your answers are positive, it is a good sign because it means that you can always count on him.

He is the man you can trust and he will never take you for granted. He will be your best friend, your lover, and the man you can fall apart in front of, yet that won’t change the way he will love you.

Having someone you can trust no matter what life throws at you is extremely important in life nowadays.

It is really a blessing to have a man who accepts you the way you are, cherishes you, and wants only the best for you.

He is someone who would never do anything that would disappoint you or intentionally hurt your feelings.

Instead, he is the man who puts a smile on your face and who enjoys doing it.

He has never disappointed you


You all probably had partners who disappointed you during your whole relationship.

So, your only wish now is to find a man who will treat you as you deserve.

If you were wondering if he is the one, you need to pay attention to how he treats you.

Did he ever disappoint you and make you cry? Have you ever had to wonder if you were enough for him?

Do you still feel beautiful when you are with him or do you catch him staring at other women?

If he respects you and shows you his love, it is a proven sign that he loves you.

Maybe he won’t know how to show it to you every time, but that doesn’t erase the fact he loves you more than his own life.

If he does all in his power to make things work between the two of you and really tries to make you happy, you should cherish him because a man like that is rare.

He is definitely a keeper and no matter what problem might arise, he will do his best to solve it.

He always knows how to make you smile

How to know he’s the one?

Just think of all those times when you were down and then he came and started telling you so many funny stories,your stomach actually hurt.

You see, it is so important to have a man who can make you smile, no matter how down you are.

You will know that with him you won’t be sad and that there isn’t any problem too big that he can’t solve it.

Trust me, if you just rest your head on his chest, the beating of his heart will help you calm down.

His firm embraces and kisses will make you feel better and every problem that you have will seem so small.

With a man like that, you will never cry because that is not his intention. He just wants to see you happy – that will be his life mission.

He can’t stand that you suffer and that you have problems you are not telling him about.

He wants to always be by your side, no matter what happens. He wants to be your hand of salvation, your best friend, and your oasis of peace.

You can’t imagine your life without him

If you date a guy and you can’t imagine your life without him, just know that you are addicted to him more than you think.

You love him and you are not ashamed to admit it to your friends and family.

You know that he’s been  there whenever you needed him and that he’s always responded to you no matter how busy he was.

If you wish to see him every day you wake up, if you want to go to bed with him and hold him all night long, if you just feel complete when he is around, then he must be the man of your dreams.

Now you know all you need to finally be sure about his love. You know that you are head over heels with a special man and that having him in your life is the best thing that’s happened to you.

Now, you have it all to finally be truly happy.