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How To Make Parents Happy: 20 Incredibly Easy Ways

How To Make Parents Happy: 20 Incredibly Easy Ways

I’m sure the question every kid wants to know the answer to is how to make parents happy. I was a kid too once and sometimes, it truly does seem like a mission impossible.

However, it doesn’t have to be. Doing some simple little things on a daily basis are perfectly enough to make your parents happy because all they really want is to see that they’ve managed to raise you well.

If you don’t respect your parents and everything they did (and still do) for you, of course, that will make them sad. In the end, parental happiness depends only on their children’s behavior towards them.

How To Make Parents Happy: 20 Ways

To make your parents happy, it’s enough to do these several little things very often. Your parents will be happy and proud of having you as their kid.

1. Earn your parents’ trust

If you want your parents to trust you, you need to earn that trust. You need to show them that you’re a mature person who is ready to make his/her own decisions and stand behind his/her actions.

Earning their trust means no lying and not doing anything behind their back. This won’t only make your parents happy but it’ll also completely change your relationship.

2. TALK with them

You need to know that the only way your parents can know what you want is when you tell them. It’s unfair to expect them to read your mind and it’s actually the reason for so many quarrels between parents and their children.

If something is bothering you or you simply don’t agree with your parent’s opinion regarding something, you should talk to them about it.

There is nothing that can’t be solved through healthy communication. Also, don’t be afraid of your parent’s reaction because I’m sure they’ll try to understand if you explain your reasons to them the right way.

3. Let them be your friends

From my point of view, your only true friends are your parents and you’ll never have more sincere friends. If you can’t see that right now, you’ll understand it one day. I just hope it won’t be too late when that happens.

I’m sure your parents will try hard to befriend you and earn your trust. You shouldn’t block their way. Give them a chance and you’ll see what fun and incredibly interesting friends they can be when they aren’t on their parental duty.

4. Forgive them for their small mistakes

Unfortunately, most kids don’t understand that parents are human. They also have their weaknesses and they make mistakes, just like the rest of us.

It seems like their mistakes can’t be forgiven and forgotten. However, you should know that, just because they don’t make mistakes often, your parents are allowed to have some wrongdoings.

Just try to remember how many times they forgave you for your mistakes. So, if your parents make a mistake, don’t give them a hard time because of it. Forgive them and let it go.

5. Try to understand when they’re going through a hard time

All grown-ups go through some ups and downs in life. I’m sure your parents will try to hide it from you every time they go through a hard time but if you notice that something bad is happening, just be their support and try to understand.

Be patient and try to help them as much as you can in those moments. Don’t give them a hard time by making the entire situation even worse.

Let them know they have your support. It’ll make your parents happy because they’ll see how mature you have become.

6. Take care of their well-being

Who takes care of you when you’re sick? Your parents, of course. Wouldn’t it be nice to do the same for them? The next time your parents catch the flu, take them soup or tea in bed.

Once your parents get old, you should take care of their physical health. Make sure they never miss a doctor’s appointment and if they ever start complaining about their well-being, you should react immediately and take them to their doctor.

7. Help around the house

How to make parents happy? I’m sure that doing the household chores would make any parent happy, especially mothers.

Try to agree about dividing the household chores so all of you can participate in it together. This way your parents will be happy and neither one of you will be tired of doing all the chores alone.

You can also surprise your parents and do the chores by yourself from time to time, so that, when they get home from work, they don’t immediately have to start cleaning the house.

8. Spend quality time with them

When you’re going to school, you have to work hard. You have many other obligations too. You also want to hang out with your friends from time to time and that’s perfectly okay.

Then you go off to college and soon after you find a job that takes up most of your time… Those are all completely normal parts of life. However, no matter how busy you are, you always need to make time for your parents.

After all, they’ve dedicated their entire lives to you. Visit them more often and spend some quality time together.

9. Don’t lie to them

I know it’s not easy to always be honest with your parents, however, for the sake of your connection, it’s always for the best to never lie to them. Of course, those small white lies are allowed.

By being honest with them, you’ll give them a reason to trust you and you’ll see how that changes your relationship.

On the flip side, if they catch you in a lie more than once, you’ll lose their trust and they’ll start checking up on you just to be sure that you didn’t stray from the right path.

10. Never raise your voice at them

Sometimes, your parents will raise their voices at you and you should simply see it as a part of their parental job. I know it’s hard to understand this, but they’re doing that for your own good.

You, on the other hand, should never raise your voice at them, no matter how angry you get. It’s disrespectful and your parents will definitely get a whole new picture of you.

If you don’t agree on something, try to work it out through healthy communication. You most definitely won’t solve anything by raising voices and yelling at each other.

11. Take time out and apologize if you cross the line

You shouldn’t get into fights with your parents but if you disagree about something and you feel like you’ve crossed the line, you should apologize to them ASAP and pull back.

Don’t fight them and do or say some things that you’ll only regret later. You might feel sorry afterwards, but your parents may not be able to forget about them.

If you notice that things got heated, just take some time out. Once you cool down, ask your parents to talk again and try to explain your side of the story to them in a nice manner.

12. Work hard at school and try to get good grades

You don’t have to be the best student but your parents would appreciate your efforts to be the best you can possibly be. Also, behave in a nice way and don’t ever put them in a position where they need to feel ashamed of you in front of your teacher or other parents.

Keep in mind that you aren’t going to school because of your parents but because of your future, too. So, if you give your best to be a good student, you’ll make them proud but you’ll also set some good foundations for your future.

13. Don’t forget your parents’ birthdays and other special days

You can forget anyone else’s birthday but not your parents’. After all, that was a day that changed their lives forever.

That’s why they don’t deserve you to forget their birthdays either. Mother’s day, Father’s day, wedding anniversaryThose are all some dates that are very special to your parents, which means that they should be special to you, too.

You don’t have to spoil them with some super nice gifts every time. For them, it is and always will be enough just to hear your voice over the phone and to know that you didn’t forget.

14. Appreciate their hard work and everything they do for your family

Happy kids = happy parents. However, I’m sure you aren’t even aware of all the things your parents had to give up to give you everything you ever wished for.

They had to neglect their own wishes so many times because they were standing in the way of yours. They had to give up on their career or some other things that were important to them in those moments.

All the hard work and their efforts were because they wanted to give you a better life than they had and you should really be thankful for that.

15. Surprise them on their wedding anniversary

A wedding anniversary is a special date for every married couple. It’s the day your parents vowed eternal love to each other and that day really deserves to be celebrated.

Now, think about all the anniversaries your parents had to skip because of you or because they had many other things going on in their family.

Well, now’s the time to repay the debt. Plan a romantic weekend getaway for them or a romantic trip for the two of them and make it the best anniversary they ever had.

16. Pay attention to the way you represent yourself on social media

From the very first time you decide to create a social media profile, you should be careful about what you’re posting there and with what kind of people you chat with.

If you post some pics of yourself that you know your parents wouldn’t approve of, it’s a clear sign you don’t respect them. And seeing those pics of you on social media may make them really ashamed of being your parents.

Also, if your parents ask you to check your mobile, you shouldn’t fight with them about it. After all, you shouldn’t hide things from them and that’s why it shouldn’t be a big deal for them to see your phone.

17. If you don’t live together, call and visit them often

Once you grow up, you’ll fly out of your nest and that is completely normal. It’s not going to be easy for your parents to handle it but they’ll know it’s for the best and they’ll be happy for you.

However, that doesn’t mean you should move out of your home and never visit or call them. That’s definitely not how you’ll make your parents happy.

Actually, it’s only the way you’ll break your parent’s hearts.

Visit them, celebrate special holidays with them, invite them to visit you at your home, and let them see their grandkids whenever they want. And those things will make your parents immensely happy.

18. Understand that they only want what’s best for you

Even if you’re a grown-up man/woman now, you need to understand that you’ll always be a little baby for your parents. They’ll always try to guide you and tell you what you should do and how you should behave.

And you should always listen to them. After all, they have a greater life experience than you do and they’ll definitely give you the best advice because they’re the people who always want the best for you.

All the others may be jealous of you and that’s why they may be fake around you and give you some bad advice – they want to see you fall down.

But that’s not the same when it comes to your parents because your failure and your pain hurt them just as much as it hurts you.

19. Never forget where you came from

Everything you are and all those things you have in your life right now, all of that you owe to your parents. Even in the old ages, you should never forget where you come from and who raised you.

That’s a huge part of you that shaped your entire character in a way. If you forget where you came from, you’ll lose a part of yourself and you’ll never be the same again.

No matter what others say, always be proud of your parents. Maybe they had their mistakes but I’m sure they did their best to raise you and to give you everything you wanted. Most of all, a warm home and a happy family.

20. Try to pay them back for everything they did for you

Once you decide what you want to do in life, you should go and start achieving your goals. And when you reach those goals and become an independent person, you should pay back your parents for everything they gave you in life.

Let them have financial peace of mind. Buy them some tickets to the destination they always wanted to visit but never had the opportunity. I’m sure it’ll be a nice surprise for them.

Surprise them with something nice for Father’s or Mother’s day, every anniversary, birthday or other special dates. Take care of them and don’t ever allow them to feel lonely.

How Can I Make My Parents Happy And Proud Of Me?

Simply listen to their advice and behave the way they were guiding you to behave for your entire life. That’s how they’ll know that their job as parents was successful and they will be proud of you.

You don’t have to do so many things in order to be a good daughter/son. Just show your mom and dad how much you appreciate them and try to pay them back for everything they did for you.

And the best way to pay them back is by being a good and kind-hearted person.

Your parents don’t expect you to be successful or famous, but they most surely expect you to be an honest and respectful person. And if you aren’t that kind of person, they’ll feel disappointed in you.

How Do I Stop Disappointing My Parents?

The only way you can disappoint your mom and dad is by mistreating them and behaving disrespectfully towards other people. Once you improve your behavior, you’ll make them proud ASAP.

You can also talk more with them and work on improving your connection. Sometimes, when kids get to those teenage ages, their connection with their parents can seriously be harmed and the only way they can fix it is by staying in touch with them.

Help them with household chores. No matter how tired you are sometimes, if they ask you politely to do something, don’t refuse them.

These are all the little things that can make a huge difference and make your parents proud of you for a change.

To Conclude

I hope you now know how to make parents happy and that you’ll listen to this advice. Trust me, one day you’ll thank me because you’ll understand that your parents are what counts the most in your life.

Don’t ever allow yourself to realize it only when it’s too late. Don’t allow yourself to regret the way you treated them one day when you’re left without them.

Your friends, co-workers, even your loved ones… Those people may come and go out of your life but family stays forever. Your family members, especially your parents, will keep accepting and loving all of you no matter what and they’ll stick by your side despite everything. Forever.