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How Well Do You Know Me Questions: 300+ Things To Ask Each Other

How Well Do You Know Me Questions: 300+ Things To Ask Each Other

Has it ever happened to you that you are at the beginning of a new relationship or you’ve been in one for a while but looking at your partner sometimes makes you want to ask them: ‘How well do you know me?’ Like, REALLY know me?

Sit down with your partner, grab some snacks and drinks and ask each other the questions we’ve prepared for you.

We are certain that this will entertain you and help you make a few steps toward knowing each other better.

It’s time to take our “How well do you know me quiz”!


1. What is the best gift that I ever gave you?

2.What is the strangest gift that I ever gave you?

3. What is my favorite outfit of yours?

4. What is my favorite part of your body?

5. When did I begin to fall in love with you?

6. How many people did I date before you?

7. What is the longest relationship that I have been in?

8. What is the worst date that I have been on?

9. What are the things that I like about you?

10. How old was I when I had my first kiss?

11. Where did we kiss for the first time in public?

12. Where did we take our first picture together?

13. Have I ever been married?

14. Have I ever been engaged?

15. Have I ever lived with a significant other before?

16. What do I think is the greatest weakness in our relationship?

17. How have I changed since we got together?

18. What is one thing that I wish you were better at?

19. Between the two of us, who is better with money?

20. Who has more shoes?

21. What is my idea of a romantic getaway?

22. Do I get easily jealous?

23. How did my last relationship end?

24. Am I still friends with any of my exes?

25. Do I think that women and men can just be friends?

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26. What are my thoughts about marriage?

27. What are my thoughts about divorce?

28. What are my thoughts on open relationships and polygamy?

29. Would I want a big wedding or a small wedding?

30. Would I ever get married at a courthouse?

31 What is the hottest outfit that I think I own?

32. Where is my favorite place to kiss besides the lips?

33. Where is my favorite place to be kissed, besides the lips?

34. If we had to pick a couple to go on a double date with, whom would I choose?

35. What do I think makes me different from you?

36. What is one thing that I would not tolerate in a relationship?

37. What is one thing that can make me weak at the knees?

38. What is something that I really like about you?

39. Do I like to be affectionate in public?

40. How do I show someone that I love them?


1.  Did I have a favorite teacher?

2. What was my favorite grade?

3. Who was my celebrity crush when I was growing up?

4. What is my fondest childhood memory?

5. Was I brought up in a certain religion?

6. Do I have any nieces or nephews?

7. Am I more like my mother or my father?

8. What is the worst trouble that I got into as a child?

9. What town did I grow up in?

10. What was the name of my elementary school?

11. What did I like to do as a child?

12. Did I ever go to summer camp?

13. Did I get an allowance as a child?

14. What are some chores that I had to do when I was growing up?

15. Did I have a favorite restaurant as a child?

16. What do my parents do for a living?

17. Where do my parents live?

18. Would I rather spend a day with my parents or your parents?

19. Are my parents still together?

20. What was my favorite subject in school?

21. What was my least favorite subject in school?

22. Have I ever performed on stage?

23. Was I ever a part of student government?

24. What is one club that I participated in at school?

25. Did I play any sports when I was growing up?

26. Am I close to my extended family?

27. Who is my oldest friend?

28. What is my most favorite thing about my childhood?

29. What is my zodiac sign?

30. What is my mom’s maiden name?

31. What is my least favorite thing about my childhood?

32. What year did I graduate from high school?

33. Have I ever had to repeat a grade in school?

34. Would I want my parents to live with me when they get old?

35. What is my middle name?

36. Am I close to my parents?

37. Are my grandparents still alive?

38. Do I have any siblings?

39. How do I feel about your parents?

40. Who do I like better, my mother or my father?

41. Did I ever fail a class?

42. Did I or would I go to my high school reunion?

43. What was the name of my first pet?

44. What was my favorite TV show as a child?

45. Are my family religious?


1.  What is my dream job?

2. Have I ever quit a job?

3. What was my first job?

4. Have I ever been fired?

5. What do I love about my job?

6. What do I not like about my job?


1.  How many countries have I traveled to?

2. Have I ever gone camping?

3. Have I ever gone fishing?

4. Have I ever gone hunting?

5. What are the places that I have been to and would love to visit again?

6. Do I know how to pump my own gas?

7. Have I ever flown business class on a plane?

8. What is the farthest that I have ever traveled?

9. Do I prefer to travel alone or with a group?

10. Do I prefer to travel by car, plane or train?

11. Have I ever been on a cruise?

12. If my job forced me to take a vacation for a few days, what do you think I would do?

13. If I could get on a plane to anywhere in the world, where would I go?

14. What is the longest road trip that I have been on?

15. Do I know how to start a fire?

16. Can I change a tire on a car?


1.  Do I like to dress up for Halloween?

2. Which holiday gets me more excited, Christmas or Halloween?

3. What is my favorite season?

4. What do I love to do on a hot summer day?

5. What is the perfect thing for me to do on a snowy winter day?

6. Would I rather live in a place that has four seasons or somewhere where it is the same climate all year?

7. What is my favorite holiday?

8. Do I like rainy days?


1. What is the most complicated thing that I have ever tried to cook?

2. Do I take leftovers home when I eat out?

3. If I opened a restaurant, what kind of food would I serve?

4. Do I like spicy food?

5. Do I like to eat at buffets?

6. What is my favorite meal of the day?

7. Have I ever had to send a meal back to the kitchen at a restaurant?

8. Have I ever snuck food into a movie theater?

9. What is my favorite restaurant?

10. What is my favorite candy?

11. What is my favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

12. What is my favorite thing to drink?

13. Do I prefer Pepsi or Coke?

14. Do I like vanilla or chocolate better?

15. What is my favorite ice cream flavor?

16. Would I choose eggs or pancakes?

17. Do I think that GMOs are good or bad?

18. Do I like hot dogs or hamburgers?

19. Do I prefer my coffee hot or iced?

20. What is my favorite cereal?

21. What is my favorite snack?

22. What would I choose for my last meal?

23. What is my favorite alcoholic drink?

24. Do I prefer Coke or Sprite?

25. Do I prefer pizza or hamburgers?

26. Do I prefer French vanilla or mocha?

27. Do I prefer my ice cream in a cup or a cone?

28. Would I choose strawberry or chocolate syrup on my ice cream?

29. If I could have one food for the rest of my life, what would it be?

30. If I drink coffee, how do I like it?

31. Who has a bigger appetite, me or you?

32. Who is a pickier eater, you or me?

33. What is my favorite sandwich?

34. What are my favorite pizza toppings?

35. What is my favorite kind of cake?

36. Do I prefer tea or coffee?

37. What can I not eat?

38. If I could have dinner with one person who was either dead or alive, who would that be?

39. What is the most expensive meal that I have ever had?


1. Who is one celebrity I would love to be best friends with?

2. What is my nickname?

3. Have I ever been in the military?

4. Have I ever gotten into an accident?

5. Have I ever gotten a ticket for driving?

6. Have I ever changed my name?

7. Have I ever been to a bachelor or bachelorette party?

8. Do I know how to do my own laundry?

9. Do I know how to properly set a table?

10. Have I ever been awake for 24 hours straight?

11. What is the least amount of sleep that I have ever had?

12. Do I prefer cats or dogs?

13. Do I let my hair air-dry or do I use a blow dryer?

14. Do I prefer bright colors or neutral colors?

15. Is there one color that I seem to especially have in my closet?

16. Do I prefer a fan or an air conditioner?

17. Do I prefer store-bought gifts or presents that are handmade?

18. Would I prefer if you were rich or kind?

19. Do I like things that are simple or luxurious?

20. Do I have any special talents?

21. Am a rule-breaker or do I like to follow the rules?

22. Do I have any birthmarks?

23. What is my favorite animal?

24. Would you rather have me too short or too tall?

25. Would I rather do laundry or dishes?

26. What is my favorite sports team?

27. What is my favorite kind of music to listen to?

28. What is my least favorite kind of music?

29. Do I like reality television?

30. What is my favorite TV show?

31. Have I ever had an operation?

32. When was the last time I had to be admitted to hospital?

33. Have I ever been in a major accident?

34. Do I put cups in the cupboard the right side up or upside down?

35. Would I rather watch a movie at home or in the theater?

36. Would I rather watch a horror movie or a comedy?

37. What is my shoe size?

38. Have I ever seen a ghost or had any kind of paranormal experience?

39. What is something that is popular that annoys me?

40. If I could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?

41. If I could open any kind of business, what would it be?

42. Am I organized or messy?

43. What is a controversial opinion that I have?

44. What is a trend that I followed when I was younger?

45. What is one thing that I want to accomplish before I die?

46. Do I think curse you a lot?

47. What is something that makes me nervous?

48. Do I have any useless talents?

49. Who has had the biggest impact on my life?

50. When was the last time I saw a movie?

51. Do I like watching documentaries?

52. Have I ever converted to a different religion before?

53. What is the longest book that I have ever read?

54. How often do I go to the library?

55. Do I have any favorite athletes?

56. Name a movie that I could watch over and over again.

57. What is my least favorite household chore?

58. If I was a superhero, what would I want my superpower to be?

59. What is my favorite book?

60. Who is my favorite author?

61. Who are my favorite band?

62. What position do I sleep in?

63. If I could live anywhere, where would it be?

64. If I could have any profession, what would I be?

65. Have I ever dyed my hair?

66. Have I ever been arrested?

67. Am I afraid of death?

68. What is, in my opinion, the worst way to die?

69. Do I have any phobias?

70. How did I spend my summers as a child?

71. What do I like to do on the weekends?

72. Am I religious?

73. Did I vote in the last election?

74. What is something that I wish we could do more?

75. What is my favorite color?

76. What is my dream car?

77. What would my dream home look like?

78. If I could become fluent in another language, what would it be?

79. What is something in my life that I would really like to change?

80. What is something that makes me feel better when I am sad?

81. What is my favorite movie?

82. What is my biggest career goal?

83. If I could take a class in anything, what would it be?

84. How many kids would I want?

85. If I could choose, who would play me in a movie?

86. Would I rather have a lot of money and not talk to my family or be poor but be close to my family?

87. What is something that is on my bucket list?

88. What are some things that I would want to have if I was stranded on an island?

89. What is one thing in my life that I would like to change?

90. What do I think is my greatest weakness?

91. Have I ever shoplifted?

92. What is my favorite social media platform?

93. Do I still watch cartoons?

94. Would I rather be blind or deaf?

95. Do I prefer movies or books?

96. What did I study at college?

97. Do I play any instruments?

98. Do I prefer a PC or a Mac?

99. Do I prefer Android or an iPhone?

100. Do I know how to swim?

101. Can I ride a bike?

102. Can I ski, snowboard or ice skate?

103. Do I prefer to dress up or dress down?

104. Do I have a favorite number?

105. Do I prefer skinny jeans or bootcut jeans?

106. Do I like the night more or the day more?

107. Do I prefer the rain or the sun?

108. Do I like my showers hot or cold?

109. Do I prefer showers or baths?

110. What is a pet peeve that I have?

111. What are my allergies, if I have any?

112. Who is my current celebrity crush?

113. What is something that I am insecure about?

114. What do I think is my worst habit?

115. Do I prefer the pool or the beach?

116. What are the things that I am really good at?

117. Who do I talk to on the phone the most?

118. If I like dogs, what is my favorite breed?

119. What was the last book that I read?

120. Do I sing in the shower?

121. Do I snore?

122. Do I talk in my sleep?

123. Do I hog the blanket in bed?

124. Do I move around a lot in bed?

125. Do I prefer plays or musicals?

126. How old was I when I got my first place?

127. Have I ever voted?

128. Do I shower in the morning or at night?

129. How often do I use social media?

130. Do I keep a journal or a blog?

131. Am I creative?

132. How do I like to exercise?

133. How often do I shower?

134. What is the nicest thing that I have ever done for someone?

135. Do I still have my wisdom teeth?

136. How would I describe you in three words?

137. How can you tell when I am having a bad day?

138. What is the best way to cheer me up?

139. What is the strangest thing that I have ever eaten?

140. Do I ask strangers for directions when I am lost?

141. Do I prefer to travel or stay at home?

142. Have I ever broken the law?

143. How many credit cards do I have?

144. Do I have any student loans?

145. What would I do with a million dollars?

146. What would I do if I was the last person on earth?

147. Who is my closest friend?

148. Do I think I am a good driver?

149. Would I ever run for public office?

150. Am I afraid of heights?

151. Have I ever dyed my hair a crazy color?

152. What is the craziest haircut that I have had?

153.What is the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me?

154. Have I ever run a marathon?

155. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me in public?

156. When was the last time that I had my hair cut?

157. Do I have perfect vision?

158. Am I afraid of public speaking?

159. Am I a sore loser?

160. Do I prefer to read books or e-books?

161. Do I read the newspaper?

162. Do I have any magazine subscriptions?

163. What are my favorite plants?

164. Would I choose Facebook or Twitter?

165. What are some of my favorite name ideas for a baby?

166. Have I ever won an award for anything?