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All I Want Is That Christmas Morning Kind Of Love

All I Want Is That Christmas Morning Kind Of Love

Is it too much to ask? Has happiness become a privileged feeling?

I know that something is missing in my life. When I get up in the morning, I don’t have anyone by my side to share anything with.

I don’t have anyone to look at when I turn over in my bed. I don’t have that excitement when I open my eyes because… I don’t have you.

There is no one by my side to make me believe in my potential and myself in general. There is no one by my side telling me: “Get up honey and make one more day extraordinary!”

Well, Christmas morning is supposed to give me the feeling that I’m so longing for. In fact, every day should look like that but on Christmas… everything you’re feeling is doubled and so is my loneliness.

I’m not going to lie to you, although I could. I could pretend that I don’t need anyone and that I don’t need love.

I could pretend I’m fine being single forever… but what if I’m not?

What if I truly and sincerely want to have someone in my life to love? What if I’m tired of being alone?

What if all of us need that one special person to be our person for the rest of our life and maybe even beyond?

My Christmas morning kind of love will look at me with enchanting, sparkly eyes, like I’m the only woman for him.

He will make me smile at any given moment because I will never be able to resist his jokes—not even if I’m angry at the world and him together.

I want a man by my side who will make me feel that it’s safe to break down in tears in front of him just because I feel that way.

I want a man who will make every stupid and mundane day extraordinary just by being with me.

My Christmas kind of love will inspire me to be the best I can. He will challenge me and make me want to be better.

He will make me believe in myself and he will convince me that I can do anything I want… because I can; I just don’t have the confidence to do so. The man I want will give me exactly that.

He will find me in the crowd among thousands of others because it was meant to be.

He will see right through me and through the mask I’ve put on to protect myself.

He will see me stripped of emotional camouflages, naked and sincere—just the bare me. And I won’t be ashamed of myself, I won’t try to hide what I am or what I feel.

I imagine his arms and his hug to be the safest place on earth, where no one can touch me.

I imagine him giving me the courage to do all the things I’ve been scared to for a long time.

Now that the holiday season has come along, I only think more about the love I’m waiting for.

My feelings have quadrupled and intensified.

This magic that overwhelms us during the holidays, that’s the exact feeling I dream of having when I finally meet the one .

People are together, everyone is in good spirits because the magic of Christmas works wonders.

Wouldn’t it be just perfect to have that feeling with someone special all year round, to feel like you do on Christmas morning but instead you feel like this every morning?

I want a man by my side who will be better than anything I ever imagined. He will make love so simple and easy and we all know that love is anything but that.

Well, with him by my side, all the arguments and disagreements will be overshadowed by a love so powerful and pure, love that overcomes all obstacles.

I want that Christmassy magic in my life. I want to feel that excitement and surprise when I’m opening my Christmas gift. I want it all while I’m with him.

And most importantly, I never ever want to spend Christmas without him. I don’t want to spend any holiday without him.

Our love will be different and unique and it will never stop growing because we will never stop trying!

I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait to have you. I can’t wait because all I want for Christmas is you.