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You’re Too Good For Someone Who Isn’t Sure About You

You’re Too Good For Someone Who Isn’t Sure About You

When you’re looking at the ceiling now, you can see him in every crack.

You see all the effort you’ve made, you see all the rules you’ve broken to be with him. And still, he isn’t really sure if he wants to be with you.

Dear, was it ever up to you?

You can’t make him be with you if everything he wants is fun and everything he’s interested in is keeping you as an option besides all those other women who are standing in line, just like you are, to see which one he’s going to pick.

Is that fair?

Is it fair to make him your priority, when he’s just keeping you as an option? Is that what you would want from a man who means so much to you?

This is the same man you thought to be your soulmate, from the moment he stepped into your life.

He kept you in his life all this time just to make you believe that you were his only, when you were one of many. You had to fight your way to his heart, when he took yours by storm.

You didn’t even think twice about making him happy, showing your affection and giving him all of your attention.

Remember when you went out of your way to be there for him, every time he needed you, even though he never wanted to be there for you?

Just like you want to be loved, you thought that it was the same thing he wanted. Nothing could make you believe otherwise.

But look around yourself, realize that it’s not like that. He made you put so much effort in without giving you anything in return.

He didn’t try to make you feel loved, he made you feel needed. He made you feel needed every day when he would ask something of you, when he made you do the dirty work.

He didn’t ask you to kiss him, he didn’t ask you to love him. He asked you to stand around waiting.

It’s always like this with these insecure men.

They want to see women fighting for them, they want to see them suffer in his name. Don’t give him the pleasure of doing so.

It does hurt, I know, believe me, I do.

But when it comes to him, the man who can’t see what you’re doing for him, the man who isn’t able to make you feel loved, the man who can’t keep it in his pants, why are you crying?

You are beautiful, and there is nothing you can’t do in this world. You don’t need him to accomplish your dreams and reach your goals. You don’t need him to be happy.

If he does ask you to come back, the best way to resist him is seeing the happiness in being alone.

Life without him is clear and full of sunshine. So, do you really want him to make your days clouded like they were before?

Go ahead and leave! You deserve so much better in your life, you deserve perfection.

You deserve love and appreciation and if, for the time being, you’re the only person who can give yourself that, then you don’t need anyone else.

People are selfish and they can’t comprehend if someone is as pure as you are. You don’t deserve to stand in a row of women waiting for your turn.

Don’t bother with these people. Don’t bother with him. You’re too good for someone who isn’t sure about you.