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Struggles Of A Girl Who Is Definitely Not A “Morning Person”

Struggles Of A Girl Who Is Definitely Not A “Morning Person”

I could never get people who wake up early and love it. The usually wear huge smiles on their faces while I am still half asleep and I just feel like asking them, “Are you high or something?”

When they say, “Good morning,” all cheery because they had a good night sleep, I really want to say, “I don’t see what so good about it,” but I suppress my sarcasm because deep down I know we are not all alike.

No matter how many hours of sleep I get, when I have to get up early, I always lack that 5 extra minutes (hours) to get the rest and beauty sleep I need.

If you are anything like me, you will definitely relate to all the struggles that someone who is not a “morning person” faces:

1. You set 5 alarms on your phone to wake you up and you postpone each and every one of them.

 Struggles Of A Girl Who Is Definitely Not A "Morning Person"

2. You change the sound of your alarm clock to hand clapping sounds. To get all the recognition. You deserve it for waking up early.

3. The thought of waking up early keeps you up at night.

4.. When you actually do get out of bed, you feel like falling right back in.

5. You like to have a long stretching session in the morning while you curse life for being up.

6. Your SO, roommate, or parent is too scared to wake you up because they never know how you’ll react. Plus, its really hard work.

7. Everyone keeps asking you “What is wrong” and “Are you sick?” when they see your morning look.

8. It’s not about going to bed early, no matter how much time you spent sleeping and dreaming, you can never get enough.

9. You have calculated to the minute the exact time you can sleep in without being late.

10. In spite of your thorough calculations, you are still always late.

 Struggles Of A Girl Who Is Definitely Not A "Morning Person"

11. It’s not just mornings, you are late after your afternoon naps too.

12. You don’t feel like saying “Good morning” back to people who say it to you.

13. You are not responsible for your actions until you have your morning coffee.

14. Caffeine is your drug of choice.

15. You want all your work and other obligations to be in the afternoon because sleeping till noon is no. 1 on your wish list.

16. Concealer is a must-have item in your makeup kit because those bags underneath your eyes are scary.

17. You’ve accepted the fact that you will never be a happy and energized morning person and you are more than okay with that.

Struggles Of A Girl Who Is Definitely Not A "Morning Person"