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If You Consider Her A Backup Plan, She Will Consider You Gone

If You Consider Her A Backup Plan, She Will Consider You Gone

This girl isn’t a stop along the wayshe is a final destination. She won’t settle for being anyone’s second choice because she knows she deserves to be her man’s priority.

She won’t be the rebound you’ll date to get even with your ex. She won’t be your safety net whom you can call when everyone else abandons you or when you run out of other options.

She is not the type of girl who will patiently wait for you to choose her out of all the women in your life.

A girl who will fall asleep all dressed up with her phone in her hand, waiting for you to come and pick her up the way you promised.

This is not a girl who will wait for you to make time for her in your busy schedule or a girl who will settle for your late-night drunk calls and texts.

She is not a booty call or someone you can go to whenever you need an ego boost.

This girl will never accept being your plan B. And if you even think of considering her your backup plan, she will consider you gone in no time.

She isn’t a girl who will raise your immature ass and she’s definitely not a girl who will wait for you to get your shit together.

You see, she is very well aware that she can’t change you and that it isn’t her job to fix you, so she won’t even try to do so.

Be aware of the fact that she won’t give you numerous second chances every time you blow it. Don’t expect her to justify your shitty behavior or to allow you to treat her the way you want.

You’ve got only one shot with this girl, so don’t expect her to believe your empty promises when you try to come crawling back into her life, after you’ve missed your opportunity with her.

You see, this is not the type of girl you can play with or a girl who will waste her precious time waiting for you to make up your mind about her.

She’s not the type of girl who will waste her energy on trying to decode your mixed signals or a girl who will be the only one trying, while you aren’t putting any effort into your relationship.

And you know why? Because she knows her worth. She knows that she doesn’t need you and that she can go through life without you by her side.

She’s worked hard to become the woman she is today and she won’t let you even try to diminish her in any way possible, no matter how much she loves you.

You might call her old-fashioned but the truth is that this girl isn’t looking for anything temporary . She isn’t interested in meaningless hookups or NSA relationships.

She wants it all or nothing and she’ll never settle for your half-hearted love. She won’t beg for crumbs of your attention and she’ll never chase you to give her the place in your life she deserves.

Instead, this woman will remain single until the right guy comes along rather than wasting her life on the wrong men who don’t deserve a place in her life.

You might think that she is asking for too much but the truth is that she is just asking for the same amount of effort she is ready to give you.

She is asking for a real man who will see her true worth and a man who will know how to appreciate all of her sacrifices.

A man who will be ready to compromise and who will have the strength to walk through life by her side.

A man who will fight for her love and who will always put her first.

If that is something you can’t give her, please walk away in time.

If you are just an immature boy who doesn’t know what he wants from life, don’t even try to lead this strong woman on and don’t pretend to be someone you are not.

Because if you do, she’ll see right through your intentions and she’ll dump you before you know it.

If you try to play her, she will walk away from you and she’ll never look back.

But if you decide to give it a shot with this special lady, you’ll see that she is worthy of all of your efforts and energy.

You’ll see that she is one of a kind and that she has a lot to offer.

If you try with her and if you manage to win her over, you’ll see that this was the woman you’ve been waiting for your entire life because she is like no other.