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8 Texts You Receive If You Have An Awesome Boyfriend

8 Texts You Receive If You Have An Awesome Boyfriend

1. “Goodnight gorgeous”

This is the kind of message every girl wants to get from her boyfriend. It means that you are his last thought when he goes to bed and that he would like to have you close to him.

Also, telling you that you are gorgeous will boost your ego and put a smile on your face. And I don’t need to mention that you will have some sweet dreams afterward.

2. “I just wanted to say hi”

Listen here—guys never reach out just to say ‘hi’. If he texted you, it means that he misses you and that he wants to know what your plans are and if you will be available to meet him.

The truth is that he wants to be with you all the time and he can’t spend an hour without texting you and asking what you are doing. This is so sweet and you should be happy because a guy like this was really worth the wait.

3. “I can still feel your perfume all over me”

Let’s be honest—if a guy hooked up with you just to have sex and vanish, he definitely wouldn’t send you a text like this. But if he does something like this, it means that he thinks about you a lot and that he still enjoys your perfume on his skin.

In that way, he feels you are closer to him and he can’t wait to have you in his arms again. A man like this really knows some cute things to say to a girl so you better never let him go.

4. “I would love to spend the rest of the day cuddled with you”

If your boyfriend tells you something like this, it means he really likes you. He prefers staying with you at home than having fun with his guys out somewhere.

And when you feel his warm body close to yours, you will see a lot of signs of sexual tension. Now, it is up to you whether it will go further or it will stay only with cuddling.

5. “How was your day?”

When your man asks you how your day was, it means that he really cares about you. He wants to know whether you are tired or not and if he can help you to relax a bit.

He would probably love to come to your place and make you dinner after a long day at work.

Nothing is too hard for him and he shows that every time he has a chance. Also, you will see that he is not just any fuckboy because he will never try to have some dirty sexting with you. He respects you and he knows you are not that type of girl.

6. “I can’t stop thinking about you”

Imagine this: You are getting up in the morning, getting dressed and heading to work. Then, at your front door, you find a bouquet of roses with one of the sweetest love paragraphs.

Your man tells you that he can’t stop thinking about you. Is there any better way to start the morning? I don’t think so!

7. “Wish you were here”

Okay, girls, if your man tells you that he wishes you were with him, it means that he is head over heels for you.

You captured his heart and he simply can’t stop thinking about you. The only thing he can do is tell you that he misses you and that he would want you to be there.

Just know that a confession like this is quite hard for guys to admit so you better cherish him because he is a keeper.

8. “Please be safe”

Men often show that they love you even if they don’t actually say it out loud. So, if your man tells you that you should take care, it means that he cares about you and wants you to be safe.

It is a sign that he loves you and he doesn’t want something bad to happen to you.

If you have a boyfriend like this, you can consider yourself lucky because guys like him are pretty rare nowadays.