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If You Have To Beg Him To Be In Your Life, He Doesn’t Belong There

If You Have To Beg Him To Be In Your Life, He Doesn’t Belong There

Love was never meant to be easy. It requires a mutual effort, tears, happiness, going out of your way to do things for each other, and patience.

Love will never flourish if there is no patience, respect, and appreciation. Love is never going to be easy as depicted in movies and series.

Love requires a lot of things, but begging for it is definitely not on the list!

So, if you have to beg him to be in your life, then you can be sure as hell that he doesn’t belong there!

If you have to go out of your way to persuade him that you’re the right one for him, then you know that he’s not the right one for you!

Love doesn’t recognize terms like one-sidedness, selfishness, unrequited love, or playing hard to get. It recognizes only real effort, mutual affection, and selflessness.

So, if you have to beg him to open his eyes and recognize your affection, he’s not worthy of any of it!

Stop chasing those who aren’t prepared to chase you!

Stop choosing those who aren’t ready to choose you!

Stop going out of your way for those who aren’t willing to do the same for you!

Stop making an effort for those who don’t appreciate it. You owe it to yourself and you know it!

Your heart deserves to be treated with care. You deserve to be someone’s number one priority.

You should never allow yourself to yearn for a heart that doesn’t match yours.

If you have to beg him to see and feel your love for him, it means he’s not ready to receive it. He’s not ready to receive your love, patience, and affection because his path doesn’t match yours.

So, stop begging for crumbs of love from those who aren’t capable of showing you what real love is!

There are thousands of definitions of real love and every single one carries part of the truth.

But, you don’t need to know the ins and outs of real love. You don’t even have to define it.

The only thing you need to remember is that real love doesn’t understand begging.

You don’t plead for love. You wait for it. You evolve. You wait for it while exploring the darkest and brightest parts of your soul and mind.

And when love finds you, you give your best to preserve it, to tame it like a wild animal, and to nourish it.

You don’t beg for love. You make a mutual effort and you wait for it to flourish!

Love has never been capable of surviving if it is one-sided. Love doesn’t recognize that concept.

Love only recognizes two hearts fighting for each other and together, creating something beautiful and out of this world!

Love is trying hard to make each other feel special.

Love is making each other laugh.

Love is kissing each other passionately.

Love is taking care of each other’s needs.

Love is unconditional!

Anything other than that cannot be called love. By begging for it, you are only hurting yourself.

You are only depriving yourself of happiness that you should’ve experienced a long time ago.

You are a strong, independent woman and you should never bring yourself to a place where you’re on your knees pleading for someone’s attention.

Remember that the one who is meant to be with you will never make you beg for anything.

The one who is meant for you will show you what selfless and real love is. You won’t have to wait. You won’t have to beg.

So, stop wasting your time on chasing something that is bound to fail! Stop wasting your energy on the wrong men!

Focus on yourself and your happiness. Instead of chasing pseudo-love, focus on the things that matter in your life.

Look forward to every sunrise, smell every flower, hang out with your favorite people, and have fun!

Instead of begging him to be in your life, choose to live life! Instead of wasting your time, live every second like it’s your last.

Instead of chasing fake men, wait for the real one to find you!

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