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If You Want To Be The One He’ll Never Forget, Don’t Play His Game

If You Want To Be The One He’ll Never Forget, Don’t Play His Game

The dating scene today is messy, to say the least. It’s filled with players and their manipulative hot and cold games.

Naturally, most women don’t see much choice in the matter other than playing along.

By doing that, they get stuck in this web of half-assed love that the players constructed that will never be enough to make them happy.

Let’s see if some of these scenarios sound familiar: You receive a text message and then you wait a bit to text back; you do your best to make him jealous; you give him attention then you pull away and pretend like you don’t care.

In a nutshell, you are giving him a taste of his own medicine. And while that works for a bit, it doesn’t give you the result you need, it just keeps you in the game.

Correct me if I am wrong but inside of the game isn’t somewhere you want to live. It’s exhausting and tiring to always keep your guard up.

You want a normal and loving relationship. You want warmth, respect and honesty that you are able to give back.

You don’t want to think ahead and strategize your every move. You want love that flows, not one that is full of dams.

That’s why you shouldn’t play his game. You should have your own rules and do your own thing.

There is no need for you to engage in manipulations and mind games and stoop to his level.

He should rise to your level and treat you right or leave your life for good.

Don’t change your essence, stay true to yourself but by all means set some standards.

The only way you will get the love and respect you deserve is by loving and respecting yourself first.

Having standards means demanding that at all times. It means not putting up with somebody’s poor treatment.

It means loving yourself enough to walk away from situations that are making you miserable or unhappy.

Be the one who isn’t afraid to close her eyes, fall in love and hope for the best.

Yes, your fall might be bad and you might hurt yourself. But you can also keep on levitating if the love is true.

You shouldn’t pretend like you don’t care or act like a bitch to make somebody like you.

Be the one who gracefully refuses to be in something half-assed.

If he wants something laidback, casual, or no strings attached, tell him that’s great for him but it doesn’t quite work for you.

Wish him luck and send him on his way. Someone who will give you everything will come along but you won’t be able to notice if you are playing games that will lead you nowhere.

Be the one who will love without holding back. The one who will give her everything to make things work.

The one who doesn’t give up easily but knows that sometimes enough is enough and it’s time for her to go.

Be the one who chases only if she is chased. Don’t go after somebody who doesn’t go after you.

Don’t be the girl waiting by the phone hoping to hear from him. Don’t be the one who drops everything when he calls.

It’s not playing games, it’s not prioritizing somebody who never puts you first.

Be the one who builds her own life. Be the you that you are proud of.

Be someone who conquers her fears and thrives in spite of everything that’s holding her back.

Be the one who doesn’t allow sadness to stay in her life for too long. Be the one who laughs from her soul and smiles with her heart.

Be the one who expects the same respect, love, honesty, and investment she is bringing into the relationship.

Don’t settle for lame excuses. Don’t buy into stories that players use to lure you in. Don’t participate in the game… leave.

Don’t let him treat you like a toy and you won’t be remembered as one.

One day that player you are hooked on right now will get tired of his games. He will change.

He will look for you when you lose all interest in him. He will look for you when you find your home in somebody else’s arms. He will remember your warmth. He will miss your smile.

He will think of all the things he could have done differently so that maybe you would be by his side right now. You will stay encrypted in his mind as the one that got away.

You see, the thing with players is that they only know what they had once they have already lost it for good.