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Would A Player Text You Every Day? An In-Depth Analysis

Would A Player Text You Every Day? An In-Depth Analysis

So you’ve been talking to a guy, and he seems kind of shifty. You’re wondering if you’ve come across a player, but something doesn’t add up – this guy texts you every day. Why would a player text you every day?

It’s good that you trust your gut feeling. Your intuition won’t steer you wrong, especially if you already have experience dealing with a player. Even if you’re not sure, it’s better to be careful.

If you’re looking for dating advice because you suspect that the guy you’re talking to might be a player, keep reading.

Why Would A Player Text You Every Day?

You might think a player probably wouldn’t text you every day because he’s not invested enough to put in that much effort, but there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to get what he wants.

A player can appear thoughtful and charming while pursuing whatever it is he’s after. Daily texts, sweet talk, promises, there’s nothing a player wouldn’t do to put you under his spell.

When the challenge is gone, he moves on to the next victim and leaves you heartbroken. Knowing how a player works might help you recognize their game early on and avoid the pain.

1. He wants sex

A player will text you every day because he wants sex.

If you’re already in a sexual relationship with him, he’s texting to hook up or make sure you stay available. If you’re not involved yet, he’s working on it.

The type of player who’s just in it for the sex and is upfront that’s all he wants is the least harmful of them all. You know what you’re in for, so you are able to protect yourself, even if he loses interest after you have sex.

You need to stop yourself from wishful thinking and false hope that he might change his mind. Be honest with yourself, and accept that this guy wants one thing and is not going to change his mind.

Decide if you want this kind of relationship with him. It has an expiration date and no future, but if you’re looking for something like that right now, it might be right for the moment.

2. He’s stringing you along

A player is rarely working on just one person. There’s a possibility that you’re only one of his options. He’s texting you every single day to keep you on the hook – he sends other girls texts just as often.

How can you tell that he’s stringing you along? This is where your instincts come into play because you’ll definitely feel that he’s not really into it. You never feel like you’re a priority.

When a guy is keeping you on the line,

• He gives you the bare minimum of attention necessary to keep you interested.

• He comes and goes as he pleases, not when you want.

• He avoids making any plans.

• He makes promises but never keeps them.

• Things feel one-sided.

His text messages are a way to keep you where you are, just in case. A guy who’s keeping you around as a spare is not worthy of you. You deserve better than that.

3. He likes the attention

A player might be using you to boost his ego. It doesn’t take a relationship expert to realize that a guy like this will make everything about himself.

He sends you a good morning text to remind you he’s around, not to actually wish you a nice day. His personal problems take precedence over anything that’s going on in your life.

An attention seeker doesn’t make an effort to get to know you but expects you to be interested in him. He’ll text you to brag, complain and fish for compliments but won’t ask about your day.

Whatever you reply, he won’t take it into account. What matters to him is that he talks about himself.

A guy like this would make you feel exhausted even if he texted you occasionally, let alone every day.

4. He’s enjoying the chase

You might be thinking, “He texts me every day; it must mean he cares.” But a player only cares about himself.

One of the reasons he might be texting you is that he’s hooked on the excitement of a new relationship and has no intention of taking it further. Keeping it casual and avoiding commitment is the only thing he’s interested in.

There won’t be anything serious in his texts.

He won’t express plans or wishes to meet your friends or introduce you to his. He’ll text you for hookups but not ask to take you out. He’ll never be available when you want to see him, and you suspect he’s seeing others.

Sooner rather than later, a player who likes the chase will get ready to move on and break up with you. If you figure out him and his tactics in time, you can avoid getting hurt.

5. He’s manipulating you

A player who likes to manipulate emotions is the most dangerous kind you could run into. After an affair with such a person, you’re left feeling betrayed and hurt.

Playing with your feelings is fun for a guy like this, and he will use any tactic to get you where he wants you.

He’ll pretend that he loves you or that he’s even obsessed with you to psychologically force you to do something. You’ll start feeling guilty for ignoring him when it’s him that has been ignoring you. Your feelings won’t matter, and you’ll question yourself.

Why would a player text you every day? If he’s the manipulative type, texts and phone calls are a way of keeping control over you. A manipulator wants to undermine you and make you doubt yourself.

If you think that this is the situation you’re in, your best course of action is to end it immediately. As for healing, look for ways to unlearn what you’ve been told and work on setting boundaries.

How Do You Tell If A Guy Is A Player Through Text?

You can tell a lot about someone’s intentions by the content of their messages. People text because they want to have casual contact that isn’t possible on the phone or in person.

Even though it’s hard to express subtleties of tone via text, there’s time to compose a message and make it sound the way you want. If all of his texts are either about sex or himself, it tells you that’s all he thinks about.

1. His texts revolve around sex

If he only sends flirty texts, and they all somehow come back to sex, there’s no doubt that you’re talking to a player with only one thing in mind.

Here are some ways such a guy makes it all about the thing he’s after:

• As soon as you start talking, he goes there. You can tell he can’t even pretend to care about anything else you have to offer.

• For instance, he texts you a sex joke and expects you to find them as funny as he does.

• He initiates sexting or at least tries to. If you refuse, he’ll try again.

• You get horny texts every time he’s in the mood.

• He asks for sexy pictures or nudes. If you refuse to send them, he gets mad.

• He asks a lot of sexual questions and doesn’t care how invasive they might be.

• He loses interest in the conversation as soon as you change the subject or tries to steer it back to his favorite topic.

2. He has no interest in you as a person

You can tell he’s a player if his other favorite subject is his own self.

He can talk about himself to no end. He talks about things he thinks should interest you about him yet doesn’t share anything of substance.

Your life is of no interest to him. He might pretend that he’s listening from time to time, but in reality, he’s only waiting for his turn to talk. When you share something, he forgets about it because he wasn’t paying attention.

He doesn’t care about you or your problems – whatever you talk about, he will counteract it with his own story. He doesn’t want to talk about your personal life or even think to ask a personal question.

Would a player text you every day? Absolutely, if he wants you to pay attention to his uninteresting life all the time. Don’t let this guy bore you with things that don’t matter, and block his number.

3. He’s evasive and secretive

Players are liars, but no matter how practiced they are at it, eventually, a player becomes easy to spot. The more he lies, the more his stories will stop adding up. It becomes obvious that he’s hiding things from you.

He won’t disclose his relationship status, or if he talks about relationships, he’ll be vague. He doesn’t want to talk about your relationship either. He might imply he’s interested in having something, but he’ll change the subject quickly.

He won’t add you to his social networks, and he’ll keep his profiles private. If you ask him about it, he’ll make up some excuse to quickly get you off his back.

4. He’s obviously talking to other women

Players talk to several women at once, literally: they send the same generic text to many women and wait to see who responds.

A sure giveaway that he’s doing this if he always uses nicknames, such as baby, sweetheart, or similar. The compliments he gives you are vague and could be applied to anyone.

He does this to avoid making the mistake of calling you by the wrong name because he has multiple conversations going on at once.

His attention is split too many ways, so he’ll sometimes slip up and mention other women, but he’ll try to cover it up. He might say they’re family members, good friends, or similar nonsense.

5. He plays games

He’s not called a player for nothing – it’s all a game to him. He thrives on being able to seduce you, make you fall in love with him, or whatever else he may be in it for.

Players are dangerous because they can make you believe that they’re whatever you’re looking for using deceit and pretense. They exploit any vulnerability they spot to get what they want.

For instance, he’ll play hot and cold to make you like him more. He’ll text you every day, be attentive, and pretend to care. He’ll then stop replying from time to time, effectively ghosting you, before coming back.

This way, he makes you miss him, and it gives him power over you.

He’ll play mind games, make you feel bad about yourself, disrespect you, and give you the impression that it was all your idea.

Will A Guy Text You Every Day If He’s Interested?

Now that you understand the answer to the question, “Why would a player text you every day?” let’s see how a guy who is genuinely interested behaves.

A guy who isn’t out to use you but actually cares about your well-being might text you every day, but it’s not a requirement to show that he cares. It’s more important how he texts you than how often he does.

Pay attention to occasions when he texts. If he texts while he’s at work or doing something fun, it’s a great sign that he thinks about you a lot. If he often texts you first and responds quickly, these are also good signs.

The content of his messages is even more important.

• He talks about personal, important stuff. This shows that he cares about what you think. He wants to connect with you, so he’s opening up and being vulnerable.

• He notices your words and remembers details. He pays attention to you and places importance on what you say.

• He makes it clear that he wants you to text back. He wants to communicate with you and cares about your opinion. He’s not only talking to you because you’re available; he values you as you are.

He sends long texts. If his texts are thought out and well composed, it shows the care he puts into making a good impression. This isn’t a guy who’ll reply with a single emoji.

The functionality of text messages is to provide a quick method of contact. Even more important than whether your guy texts you every day is how he treats you when you meet face-to-face.

His behavior, his body language, what he’s like to you compared to other people all show his actual feelings.

Why Do Guys Continue To Text If They’re Not Interested?

The third situation – a guy who isn’t a player but also claims that he isn’t interested in you texting you a lot – —might be confusing if you’re interested in him.

He’s made it clear that he doesn’t want a relationship, yet he keeps talking to you. Why does he do it?

Attraction is fickle and hard to understand, not to mention that it doesn’t say anything about your value as a person. If you’re interested in a guy and he lets you know that he doesn’t feel the same way about you, it’s up to you if you want to keep in touch with him.

1. He wants you to be friends

If a guy likes you as a person, enjoys talking to you, and tells you that he wants to be friends, it’s important to first consider whether you can handle it, then make a decision.

How much do you like him? Do you need time to get over him? Are you happy being friends?

Relationships aren’t set in stone, and of course, there’s a possibility that its nature might change, but don’t accept friendship if you’ll keep hoping to eventually get together.

Rather than thinking about silly ideas like the “friendzone,” you have two choices.

Either let him know that you need space and can’t accept his friendship, or accept a new male friend who might even end up becoming a male best friend one day.

2. He’s bored/lonely

If he talks a lot about daily life and shares his opinions on the most random things, your guy might be bored or lonely. If you’re not too hung up on him romantically, consider giving him a chance as a friend because he could clearly use one.

3. He’s confused

A guy who isn’t sure what he wants might be unintentionally stringing you along. Whether he’s on the rebound, insecure, or scared of commitment, you probably dodged a bullet here.

This guy will never give you a straight answer if you ask him, but the reason he’s texting you is because he needs attention but doesn’t know how to ask for it.

4. He likes texting

If he’s sending you memes and including you in group chats, he’s a texter and considers you one of the people he keeps in touch with. If his memes are funny, why not stay on the roster for a daily giggle.

5. He is actually interested

Of course, the option that he lied about not being interested exists. If he likes you but is unsure in some way, he still wants to stay close but isn’t ready for anything else.

There could be lots of reasons he’s avoiding a relationship. Maybe he’s a shy guy, and even though he has a crush on you, he’s not sure how to handle it.

Maybe you’re in the same social circle, and he doesn’t want anything to change if things don’t work out, or he’s not sure if you share the same values.

Whatever the reason, unless he changes his mind and makes a move, believe his words and don’t pursue him. If staying in touch with him doesn’t work for you, let him know that he needs to back off.

In Conclusion

Would a player text you every day? Yes, but the difference between his texts and the texts of someone who is genuinely interested is in their intention. Nevertheless, at first, it might be hard to tell who exactly you’re talking to.

Players have a way of making you trust them, so until they slip up, you’re in danger of taking him at face value.

Be attentive and careful not to let yourself be swept away if you suspect anything. Don’t try to get a player to change.

Sooner or later, a player makes a mistake, and when you catch him lying, don’t let him trick you into believing his excuses. Protect your heart, and leave a place in it for a guy who deserves you.