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If You’re Faking An Orgasm, You Should Read This

If You’re Faking An Orgasm, You Should Read This

There’s not a single person who didn’t fake an orgasm at one point. Be it because of a lack of attraction, lack of time, one too many drinks or something else.

Whatever the reason, faking an orgasm is something that you should think about twice before doing it again.

It is not only a matter of deciding not to have one, yet it is much more complicated and in the long run it can lead to disappointments and discontent with ourself.

Here are some reasons why faking orgasms occur and what it says about you:

1. Emotions, emotions…

Emotions have always been crucial when it comes to faking an orgasm. If you’d been emotionally hurt in previous relationships or in a current relationship, this may be the reason for you faking an orgasm.

When you lose trust in one way or another, it is hard to relax and concentrate on your own feelings and desires. You start paying too much attention to unimportant details like What time is it? or similar.

This is your mind’s subconscious way to escape situations where you don’t feel that comfortable.

2. Your partner does not include enough of what you like

Sex is all about giving and receiving. If you don’t give, you cannot expect to receive and vice versa. Sometimes partners simply forget to give and they concentrate on their own satisfaction instead of mutual.

It is hard to achieve orgasm in a situation like this and you shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask your partner to hit that G spot so that you can go wild for the next couple of minutes.

3. Are you thinking about cheating?

Sometimes faking an orgasm has nothing to do with emotions or your partner. For those who are in a relationship, this may be a red flag telling you that you’re about to cheat or you’re just thinking about it.

You have to think about the possible reasons that may be the cause. Perhaps you’re no longer interested in your partner intimately or you’re just bored.

If you’re just bored, do not hesitate to buy some new lingerie and LIGHT THE FIRE (if you know what I mean).

4. You’re ashamed of your body

Please, do me a favor and forget all of those models on cover magazines because you are truly beautiful!

Each body size and shape has its own perfect imperfections and you should not be ashamed to embrace it. Confidence is the key!

5. You’re ashamed to explore

Sometimes you choose to fake an orgasm because you’re not sure of how to achieve it. The more you explore, the more you will be confident to show your partner your favorite positions and fantasies.

If you’re not familiar with your own body, you cannot expect your partner to predict your demands. Don’t be afraid to tell him what to do and he will be more than happy to be at your service.

6. Anxiety or depression may steal all the joy

Anxiety and depression are the most common enemies of your sex life. Sometimes you’re not even aware of being anxious or depressed and you decide to fake an orgasm because you’re not in the mood to have one.

Yet sometimes these symptoms are much stronger and suddenly you feel disturbed, not knowing what to do or how to feel in the middle of the action.

That’s when you decide to fake your orgasm. You can make it less intense with regular exercise.

7. You’re drunk

It is really hard to achieve an orgasm when alcohol takes control over your body.

Especially if it is a one-night stand and you’re both under the influence of alcohol, there are higher chances that both of you will fake an orgasm just to avoid any possible embarrassment.

Cutting out a drink or two before going to bed with someone may be a wise decision in the future.

8. You’re worrying about contraception

You’re making out and everything’s perfect until you start worrying about if you have taken your pill or when your last period was.

Worrying kills all the fun and libido as well, so the first thing you will think of is to find a solution to get out of the action.

In that situation, the only logical solution is, of course, to fake an orgasm.

9. You’re focusing a lot on unimportant details

Let’s say that you have taken your pill but somehow cannot relax and be in the moment. You start looking around, thinking about unimportant details like the color of your panties or if you have shaved your legs or something similar.

When you’re not focused on the right things (like emotions and touch), it is hard to experience the essence of sex. Don’t let your mind jump from one thing to another. Just relax, embrace the moment and listen to your body.