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160+ Infinity Tattoo With Names, Dates, Symbols And More (For Women)

160+ Infinity Tattoo With Names, Dates, Symbols And More (For Women)

If you’re thinking about getting a new tattoo – more precisely, an infinity tattoo with name, date or any kind of symbol – you’re in the right place. 

Before taking a look at infinity tattoo ideas, let’s start with unfolding the meaning behind the popular symbol:

The infinity symbol (∞) is a symbol representing the concept of infinity. The symbol resembles a geometric figure called a lemniscate.  

The sign, to put it simply, represents limitlessness and infiniteness. It has been used for centuries for protection and bringing harmony among opposing entities.

Take a look at these infinity tattoo designs to see what you like and what to show your tattoo artist:

1. Infinity symbol with yellow and purple watercolor half-moon and full moon, very dreamy and feminine

Via @mingkkwa_tt

2. Arrow infinity on the wrist tattoo looks very clean and minimal

Via @studio_zec

3. Dotted infinity tattoo with DIY-looking paper plane and tiny hearts for minimalistic lovers

Via @small.minitattoo

4. Infinity symbol with a flying whale representing sense of freedom

Via @tattooist_dori

5. Fun and colorful donut tattoo with stars for donut lovers

Via @kim_ai_tattoo

6. Infinity sign, feather and roman numeral date tattoo looks very classy on the arm

Via Pinterest

7. Cherry blossom flower and sunflower infinity tattoo; different flowers for your different personalities

Via Pinterest

8. Family, love, and roses infinity tattoo, very elegant and feminine

Via Pinterest

9. Beautiful pastel you only live once infinity tattoo with flying birds, perfect for the wrist

Via Pinterest

10. Simple small infinity tattoo on wrist with a red heart, looks minimal but says a lot

Via Pinterest

11. Beautiful, feminine yet bold tattoo with butterflies and swirls

Via Pinterest

12. Infinity tattoo with quote and blue butterfly for the back

Via Pinterest

13. Rainbow Disney castle design for the Disney lovers out there


14. Delicate line art flower infinity tattoo, simple and sweet


15. Half quote, half flowers sign, awesome for expressing yourself with words and imagery


16. Delicate tattoo with roman numerals, anchor and red rose, packed with so much meaning


17. Beautiful infinity tattoo with feather, date, name and birds look great beneath the collar bone


18. Small tattoo on the finger with a flower, easily hidden and subtle


19. Delicate love tattoo with names in beautiful cursive and two hearts


20. Colorful feather tattoo with small paws can represent love for your pets


21. Very delicate travel inspired design with camera and plane illustration, perfect for adventurous travelers


22. Unique wedding rings infinity sign, a great way to mark a special day


23. Original infinity rope tattoo to go with the nautical theme


24. Wonderful rose watercolor flower tattoo with script, feminine and elegant


25. Keep faith watercolor tattoo, bold and colorful

26. What goes around comes around quote infinity tattoo remind you of karma


27. Sweet and pastel-colored tattoo with a lot of small symbols: planets, crown, stars, flowers…


28. Celestial theme infinity tat with Earth, moon and stars motif


29. Lovely infinity design with names


30. Beautiful colorful infinity heart tattoo for pastel lovers


31. Dotted infinity with name tattoo for a more subtle look


32. Purple feather and names infinity tattoo with great shading


33. Per ardua ad astra (meaning through struggle to the stars) infinity tat with half-moon and wonderful meaning


34. Beautiful brightly-colored humming-bird tattoo


35. Simple tattoo with feather, great for cover up


36. Simple feather infinity design


37. Unique rainbow thread sign, very subtle and sweet


38. Pink flower stems in infinity shape, infinite bouquet


39. Sweet girl portrait infinity tat with date and red hearts, perfect for paying tribute to a loved one, especially your child


40. Minimal sign made of dates tattoo, great way to mark important days in our life

41. Purple flower with name tat, beautiful matching tattoo


42. Koi fish infinity tattoo, rich in symbolism


43. Classic black and grey tattoo with rich floral design and butterflies, great body art


44. Beautiful yet simple arrow design


45. Great red rose and blue rose with names infinity design, lovely idea for couple tattoo


46. Small infinity neck tattoo, elegant and soft


47. Arrow passing through infinity sign loops tattoo


48. Infinity arrow collar bone tattoo looks very elegant and sophisticated


49. Shoulder tattoo with leaves looks great


50. Cool best friend tattoo with pinky promise hands and red sign, a great way to show appreciation for your friend

51. May we meet again cosmic themed tattoo, very symbolic and meaningful tattoo


52. Family infinity heart forearm tattoo


53. Beautiful swirly design


54. Infinity inside geometric design with red lotuses tattoo


55. Lotus and two flying birds arm tat representing freedom and beauty


56. Wonderful and feminine floral tat with initials of your loved ones


57. Dreamy pink and purple tattoo for space cadets and dreamers

58. Rainbow watercolor tat for those who love vivid color in their tattoos


59. Colorful names in cursive tattoo, great for matching family tattoos


60. Family names with birds, perfect idea for kids’ names tattoo

61. Baby feet print with birds and initials


62. Powerful back infinity tattoo with feather and birds representing freedom


63. Minimal and small planet and star if you’re not a fan of big sleeve tattoos


64. Cute and pastel infinity tattoo with space theme for dreamy girls


65. Beautiful tattoo with botanical motifs, elegant and femimine tattoo for women


66. Flower stem and name infinity tat, simple yet poignant


67. Feminine neck infinity tattoo for the classic lady


68. Small infinity design with sun and moon


69. Wonderful flowers and feather side rib tattoo, modern looking and sweet


70. Live the life you love, love the life you live tattoo – a good life reminder


71. Infinity relationship tattoo with dates and flowers, cool idea for a matching tattoo


72. Black and grey flower bouquet infinity design


73. Pink and blue fish with water infinity symbol


74. Hands making infinity symbol tattoo, nice idea for best friends matching tattoos


75. Mother and daughter tattoo, so simple and so beautiful


76. Dotwork feather tattoo for a loved one, great way to make a good composition for a future sleeve


77. Double infinity symbol tattoo with names and flowers


78. Pink feather family tattoo, pretty and soft


79. Blue realistic rose with green stem infinity tat, looks like it belongs in a vintage illustration book


80. Purple and pink feather and rose love tattoo, very elegant and feminine


81. Minimal botanical tattoo with red details look great placed on the wrist


82. Great tribal tattoo design with a flower and tiny dots


83. Magnificent back tattoo with angel wings design


84. Lovely infinity tattoo with simple line art flowers



85. Unique vertical infinity sign tattoo with dotted details in inverted rhombus


86. Splash (or maybe brush strokes?) design tattoo looks very organic


87. To infinity and beyond with a heart design, simple and clear


88. Beautiful rich purple flower tattoo


89. Feather infinity tat with birds to honor your loved ones


90. Rich flowery tattoo with butterfly in the center


91. Music lover tattoo design with microphone


92. Simple double line tattoo design, minimal style


93. Mother and daughter with half-moon design


94. Beautiful cosmic sparkly tattoo design, very dreamy and cute

95. Very detailed tree tattoo wrapped up in infinity symbol with its treetop in one loop, and roots in the other


96. Small and minimal ankle tattoo


97. Meditating pose with heart tattoo for yoga lovers


98. Colorful infinity symbols inside lotus line art, very unique and clean


99. Tiny bird in a loop tat


100. Paw print with red heart for your favourite pet

101. Double infinity with a lotus illustration, very elegant and clean


102. Small inside of the finger tat, subtle and minimal


103. Wave forming infinity tattoo representing vastness of water


104. Another per ardua ad astra (through struggle to the stars) tattoo


105. Infinite cat and coffee tattoo for cat and coffee lovers, a perfect combo


106. Beautiful floral back piece


107. Cat and dots design with a name


108. Incredible water with fishes design tat, so creative and cool


109. Cool pattern design for pattern lovers


110. Pretty sister tattoo in a pink sign with a flower


111. Infinity symbol inside hourglass tattoo representing the illusion of time


112. Colorful matching tattoos for your friends or family members


113. Be yourself quote design, a cool daily reminder to always be who you are


114. Red and blue color splash design


115. Unique Peter Pan tattoo for those who don’t want to grow up and leave Neverland


116. Cool idea for to represent endless love for your partner


117. You and me inside infinity symbol – great for couple tattoo

118. Wonderful back piece with birds and feather


119. Fun pizza infinity for big pizza lovers


120. Simple three birds back piece design


121. Awesome orange hakuna matata (meaning no trouble) Lion King inspired design


122. Fish and turtle inside blue sign design


123. Lovely and delicate rose design for ladies, placed at your inner arm


124. Heart and infinity design look great on feet

Via Pinterest

125. Funny bacon lover tattoo for big bacon fans

Via Pinterest

126. Simple yet meaningful love and life design on your forearm

Via Pinterest

127. Simple matching finger tattoos for couples

Via Pinterest

128. Matching heart shaped fingerprints tattoo for couples

Via Pinterest

129. Boho dreamcatcher and feather design for hippie souls

Via Pinterest

130. Thin, elegant and simple butterfly design

Via Pinterest

131. Infinity heart with little stars for your ankle

Via Pinterest

132. Awesome realistic 3D feather design for your arm

Via Pinterest

133. Cute and small botanical design for your neck or wrist

Via Pinterest

134. Simple red roses with thorns design

Via Pinterest

135. Moon and lotus design with infinity symbol

Via Pinterest

136. Small blue flowers that look like forget-me-nots design

Via Pinterest

137. Simple rose finger tattoo for a bold and classy lady

Via Pinterest

138. Paws and heart design for a pet lover

Via Pinterest

139. Infinite cat ankle design for cat ladies

Via Pinterest

140. Subtle dotted infinity symbol with birds and initials

Via Pinterest

141. Dotwork with name, bird design and soft shadows

Via Pinterest

142. Anchor infinity tattoo, representing security and stability

Via Pinterest

143. Refuse to sink quote with anchor design represents hope and optimism

Via Pinterest

144. Delicate anchor, feather and birds design

Via Pinterest

145. Forever and always quote with a simple heart design

Via Pinterest

146. Stay strong quote in cursive script with feather design

Via Pinterest

147. Cool and colorful beachy theme design for ocean lovers

148. Be brave quote with birds design to remind you to keep your head up in tough times

Via Pinterest

149. Simple design with cross to represent your faith in God

Via Pinterest

150. Cute plane trail design for travel lovers

Via Pinterest

151. Never sink quotes with anchor design

Via Pinterest

152. Beautiful feminine breathe design with purple ribbon sign

Via Pinterest

153. Mother and daughter with red lotus makes a very meaningful tattoo

Via Pinterest

154. To infinity and beyond matching tattoo design symbolising never ending love

Via Pinterest

155. Cool idea for kid’s names tattoo

Via Pinterest

156. Om sign (a symbol of oneness) with dragonfly (symbol of change and transformation) tattoo

Via Pinterest

157. Beautiful swirly, name tattoo for shoulder

Via Pinterest

158. Music lover perfect infinity design with different kinds of notes

Via Pinterest

159. Minnie Mouse inspired design for cartoon lovers and Disney fans

Via Pinterest

160. Black birds carrying infinity symbol tattoos design

Via Pinterest

161. Elegant design with blue butterfly and tiny dotted lines

Via Pinterest

162. Love you to the moon and back quote with cute space rocket and moon illustration

Via Pinterest

163. Dance forever design to express your passion for dancing or to represent life as an infinite dance of the universe

Via Pinterest

More information on the meaning of this sign:

From a spiritual perspective, it can represent transcendence. In Chinese tradition, it represents wealth. 

In Christianity, it represents The Eternal Being – God. The infinity sign  can also be seen in strands of our DNA. Pretty amazing, right? 

Since it can represent love infinity, it’s a great way to declare your love with infinity friendship tattoos, sister infinity tattoos, family tattoos with children’s names and so on. 

In modern culture it’s become a popular tattoo design and one of the trendy tattoos, especially in tattoos for women and tattoos for girls.

Infinity tattoos are almost always small, but the meaning is extremely powerful. 

If you didn’t notice already, this symbol that looks like the number eight turned horizontally represents the concept of forever as it continuously loops into itself over and over.

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Infinity tattoo icon signifies never ending possibilities, no boundaries. It represents the universe and all of its possibilities. 

With never-ending possibilities given to us each and every moment of our being, we have the choice to be anything we want. This concept is great for deep thinkers and freedom lovers.

It’s present in almost every culture on earth with very or completely similar meaning.

Still, we can give it our personal meaning; for example it can represent you partner and  balance of forces between a man and a woman, it can represent your undying love for you family and friends, it can inspire you to never lose hope or remind you of your love for God and the everlasting promise to your faith or religion.

It can be used solely for its beautiful and elegant design, for its mathematical meaning, for representing freedom and everlasting love and devotion.

It can represent different philosophies of ancient worlds and esoteric principles like The Ouroboros in Alchemy, Gnosticism & Kundalini.

The Ouroboros is a snake, represented as a circle eating its tail. The Ouroboros originates in ancient Egyptian iconography.

It represents the perpetual cyclic renewal of life, idea of eternity and the cycle of life, death and rebirth, leading to immortality similar to symbolism of Phoenix.

Infinity tattoos help us remember something important. It shows others what we value and who we care for in this life.

The nature of infinity reminds us to wisely spend the time we have in this life. 

These cool infinity tattoo ideas have some of the best tattoo designs. So, stop searching through google, watching endless designs and tattoo models, and get up and get a tattoo!