So, you’ve met this awesome guy and you really start to like him but because of past experiences you simply aren’t able to figure out if you two are compatible. You wouldn’t want to start a relationship with him, fall in love passionately and then get your heart broken. That’s not how it all works. In order to save our heart from being hurt and to spare ourself those tears, we always look for the weirdest signs of compatibility between ourself and the man standing right in front of us. Those signs aren’t always that obvious but if you know what to look for, you can see them clearly.

1. You shop the same way

This one is a bit strange but it is a sign of compatibility. How many times did you go to the mall with your partner and he started yelling at you because you took so long? Well, if you’re both fast shoppers or if you both like to take your time while shopping, or if you both don’t mind spending hours buying things, then there is a slightly smaller chance that you will fight about it and it saves a lot of stress.

2. You don’t question each other

When you have full trust and you don’t have to question the intentions of your partner, you know that you two understand each other at a higher level. When you feel the love of your partner despite the fights and disagreements, there’s no way you’ll split up. You will go a long way together.

3. You put the same amount of effort into the relationship

What’s really important is that you know that your partner really wants to put the same amount of effort into your relationship because you both want to make it work. If you were the one who made dinner last night, he’ll make it tonight. If you called him this morning, he’ll call you twice during the day. This is probably the most obvious sign that you two were made for each other. If he does this, he really is Mr. Right.

4. You share common interests

The most obvious sign of compatibility is knowing that you two share common interests. Maybe you have the same taste in music, you both like adventures and you have a similar circle of friends. By having common interests you will actually never run out of topics to talk about and you will inspire one another.

5. You handle arguments well

In a relationship, arguments can be a really tricky thing, especially if you both love to be aggressive and start to yell at each other. Because of that, at least one of you needs to have a clear and calm head to be able to handle situations like these. Sometimes it’s even good to sleep the night through and talk in the morning when you’re not too angry anymore. Whatever it is, if you can talk your arguments through, you’re going to be fine.

6. You both have the same vision

When you can both picture yourself in a happy and lasting relationship that will result in marriage, then you are completely compatible. The problems start when one of you wants a serious relationship and the other one is just fooling around. But if you really want to make it obvious that you are compatible and made for each other, just ask him about your future. If you want the same thing, then that’s that.

7. There’s no need for change

If you can only see yourself marrying your partner if he changes this or that, then you certainly aren’t compatible. You need to be aware of the fact that, just like you, he doesn’t want to change either and if you’re trying to change him just to please your own wants and needs then your relationship doesn’t make sense. Why are you with him? If you love each other for who you are and you respect your differences, then there’s nothing that can stop you.