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Is Your Relationship Compatibility As Impressive As You Think?

Is Your Relationship Compatibility As Impressive As You Think?

While there are many things that affect how strong your relationship is, relationship compatibility is the biggest factor in trying to calculate your chances of success.

This article will give you some useful insight in how to know if you and your partner have what it takes to call yourself compatible. 

Check out these 12 signs you do, and 10 that say you absolutely don’t.

12 Signs Relationship Compatibility Between You And Your Partner Is Strong

1. You’re both certain you love each other

You never wonder if the other person loves you or not. They are also completely certain you love them. Between compatible partners, love is something that’s not questioned.

This applies to long-term relationships though. If you’re at the very beginning of a new relationship, this doesn’t have to be true for you.

I’d say that, if it’s your first date or you’re not very far into the relationship, look for attraction, chemistry, and understanding – those will be your cues that you’re on the right path to forming a strong, healthy relationship. If you don’t succeed in it, then don’t shy away from deciding to move on from a relationship

2. You share the same core values

Even though compatible partners may seem like totally different people, they share the same core values such as honesty, loyalty, commitment, or being open-minded, compassionate, or positive.

Not all of your values have to be the same – one partner may lean towards optimism and one can be a pessimist, or something similar – but in order to have a successful relationship, it’s necessary to share a lot of the same values.

If you and your partner both believe in honesty, morality, and kindness (for example), it makes it easier for you to decide on both the big and the small things that involve both of you and your relationship.

3. You don’t mind arguing to solve your problems

You are open about your attitudes and opinions and you present them in a calm, healthy way to your partner, who in turn takes the time to consider them.

They, of course, do the same. You’re not afraid of fighting and what’s most important it gets you somewhere.

When you make up after a fight, you both learn new things about the other’s stance on the contentious topic, and are willing to solve them.

You don’t feel attacked by your partner. You know they have your best interest at heart at all times, even when you disagree on something.

4. You can imagine your future together

The image of your future you have in your mind involves your significant other. When you think about where you’ll be in 5, 10, 30 years, you can always see them there with you.

This shows your romantic relationship has reached a level where you two are completely integrated into each other’s lives and into each other’s dreams.

You want to live your life with them, and they do with you. Even when you fight or have difficulties, you still see them there with you, no matter what. For better or for worse, they are your person.

5. You have common interests

You don’t have to do everything together, but having interests that overlap at least gives you an opportunity to have fun together, which is really important.

It’s vital to have your own hobbies and interests too, but sharing something, such as cooking together or watching the same TV show, can mean a lot.

First of all, it proves that your ways of thinking and lifestyle overlap in some aspects. Secondly, it gives you a huge chance to bond even more.

6. You can be yourself around your partner

Your partner is a part of your comfort zone. You’re able to be who you are around them. You’re not afraid they won’t like you if you’re being yourself.

The same goes for them. When they are with you, you can see that they share more of themselves and their personality than they do when other people are around.

They might have seemed like an introvert when you just met them, but when the two of you are alone, they are like an open-book extrovert – communicating, sharing, totally open for everything.

Being able to be yourself without fear and accept the other person for who they are proves your love compatibility like nothing else does.

7. They like the weird things about you and you like theirs

When you’re being yourself, sure enough, some quirks come out in the open. Your partner doesn’t even mind them.

It’s like they love you more for them. This is something that not only shows your relationship compatibility but probably even means you’re absolute soulmates.

Liking things in your partner that other people consider flaws is adorable. It proves you both have what it takes to deal with the other person’s weaknesses and not only adore them for their strengths.

8. You share both good and bad news with them

When something amazing happens to either of you, it makes you run to the other immediately to share your exciting news.

When something brings one of you down, your partner is your number one shoulder to cry on.

This proves you’re so deeply connected and happy to have each other in your lives that you always want to keep them in the loop, but also rely on them to be your partner in crime when something thrilling and fun happens, and your rock when things aren’t great.

In a strong, compatible relationship, partners enjoy sharing their everyday life experiences with each other.

9. You are attracted to each other

There’s a physical attraction between you and your partner. Physical compatibility is an important part of romantic relationships.

Usually, you feel this kind of attraction and chemistry before you feel anything else for your new partner. It’s not the most important one, but bedroom compatibility is a big part of every relationship.

10. You both make an effort to make each other happy

There are times in every romantic relationship when one person feels undervalued or like they are putting more effort into the relationship than the other does.

In a compatible relationship, this happens rarely, and if it does, it’s quickly resolved by conversation.

Both partners make conscious efforts to make each other feel better about themselves, the relationship, and life in general.

This means that if you’re truly compatible with your partner, you will always try to consider their needs and treat them with the respect they deserve, and they will do the same for you.

11. You’re able to enjoy spending time apart

You both value your free time. You don’t have to be together all the time to feel loved and like everything is going perfectly.

It’s okay for you to take a trip with your friends or do whatever else it is that causes you to be separated from your partner for an extended period of time.

Not only are you both okay with being apart, you enjoy spending time on your own from time to time.

Being able to be apart and still feel that your relationship is strong is a huge factor that proves you’re compatible partners who have a healthy, successful relationship.

12. You have similar views about important things in life

When it comes to the most important things in life – health, religion, politics, having children, money – you two share many opinions.

Even though it’s possible to maintain a relationship with someone who has different views about politics or having kids, it’s super hard to make it work.

Not only is it hard to make the relationship work, but it proves that you and your partner can hardly be called compatible.

Disagreeing on less important matters is completely normal in successful relationships, but compatible people share views on the most important stuff.

10 Red Flags That Show You’re Incompatible With Your Partner

1. You want completely different things in life

Your goals are completely different. You can hardly imagine your partner in your future because your plans for the future don’t overlap.

He wants to do something with his life, or you want to do something with yours that in no way can be combined to create a plan for the future that makes you both happy.

Sadly, this shows that you are not compatible.

Sure, one of you can sacrifice your dreams in order to make the other happy, or you can both try to compromise, but neither of you are going to be perfectly content.

You might just not have any future together.

2. Your friends and family think you’re not right for each other

I’m not saying that your family or your friends get to decide who you date, but when more than one person that’s close to you seems to notice that you and your partner aren’t right for each other, they’re usually onto something there.

Sometimes we’re too subjective to see the things that a person looking from the outside can easily notice.

You probably feel the chemistry between you and your partner and it’s clouding your judgment.

Pay attention to what your close ones are saying about your relationship compatibility because it usually makes a lot of sense, seeing as your family and friends are normal people who usually have your best interest at heart.

3. You fight all the time

Your relationship is full of bickering and fighting about both insignificant and significant things. It seems like all you do is fight and it has become a normal everyday experience.

People around you have started giving you relationship advice because everyone has noticed that something is up – everyone except you, that is.

Fighting is a healthy part of every relationship, but if you do it all the time, it becomes a stressful, unhealthy pattern that leaves very little space for you and your partner to bond and communicate in a calm way.

If you can’t spend a day with your partner or even a couple of hours without having such a strong disagreement that it causes you to fight, this means that you two are indeed not compatible.

4. You don’t fight, ever

On the other hand, never fighting also means that there’s something weird about you two. Compatible partners fight in a healthy way because they have issues that they want to resolve.

They care deeply about clearing the air between them and also about their partner’s opinions and viewpoints.

If you avoid confrontation or have achieved that sad level of indifference in your relationship, you and your significant other probably weren’t compatible to begin with.

When there’s a good level of love compatibility between two people, they are not indifferent towards each other and they’ll definitely have a fight now and then.

5. Your values are completely different

Yes, having differences is okay, but if you and your partner have different opinions about fundamental, core values, this means you aren’t compatible with each other.

If your partner cares a lot about honesty and you don’t, it’s very hard for you two to relate on other levels as well.

If you are super excited to have kids and they already know they never want to have children, this not only means you two are incompatible, but also that you’ll have an incredibly hard time making your relationship work.

Some basic level of compatibility is necessary for every relationship to function, and having different core values means you’re as incompatible as it gets.

Deciding on what to do in important life situations is a good compatibility test for any couple.

While the two of you are allowed to have your ways of living, if they don’t match up, you won’t be able to get through things life will put you through as a couple.

6. You are afraid to be who you are with them

You’ve noticed that you hide your true personality in front of your partner. It seems like you don’t want them to know everything about you, especially those things you consider to be your flaws.

You fear that they might love you less or even leave you if they get to see the real you.

This is not how compatible people function in their relationships.

If you aren’t certain that your partner would accept you for whoever you are, then there’s a lot of deeper issues that need to be resolved before you start thinking that he’s the one.

7. There are many things about your partner you’d like to change

You like your partner, sort of. You could say that you like your image of them more than you like them.

There are some amazing things about your partner that made you fall in love with them, but then there are so many things you would like to change about them.

You keep thinking that your relationship would be so much better if those things changed but…

Having a lot of things you hate about your partner sadly is your cue to realize that your relationship compatibility level isn’t really high.

8. You can never agree on what to do together

It seems like whenever you want to hang out, you disagree on what to do. Your partner wants to watch a movie and you want to go out and party.

Your partner’s thinking about inviting friends over for dinner and you really don’t want any company.

Sure, these things happen even in the most compatible relationships, but they are a rare occurrence – not an everyday thing.

If it seems like you and your partner can never agree to do something that satisfies you both, this can be a red flag that says you’re incompatible with each other.

9. You don’t get each other’s jokes

Humor is important. Having a similar sense of humor means having a similar way of thinking and understanding the world.

If you and your partner not only don’t have the same sense of humor but don’t even understand each other’s jokes, this basically means you don’t understand where they’re coming from.

If you do get their jokes just don’t find them funny, this is slightly less of a red flag – at least there’s at least a little bit of understanding going on between the two of you.

10. You don’t care about sharing important news with them

When something super important happens to you, your partner isn’t the first person to share your news with. Not only are they not the first, they sometimes don’t even make the list.

Not wanting to share stuff with each other means your interests in each other’s lives are low.

Compatible partners are keenly interested in whatever is happening in their loved one’s life. So if that’s not the case, sadly, you don’t have what it takes to call yourselves compatible.

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