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It’s Okay To Still Have Feelings For Him, Even If You’ve Moved On

It’s Okay To Still Have Feelings For Him, Even If You’ve Moved On

After spending years and years convincing yourself that he would change, you’ve finally moved on, and thank God for that. You’ve saved yourself from many disappointments and much heartbreak.

You still aren’t aware that leaving him is the best decision you’ve ever made and that’s because you still have feelings for him. That’s perfectly normal and you should not feel bad about it.

Unfortunately, you can’t make your heart stop loving him.

It’s all so confusing for you. You hate him but at the same time, you still care for him and have some romantic feelings for him.

You know that it’s not the same love you used to feel, but it’s still something deep and strong.

It’s perfectly normal to feel the whole range of emotions – from love to hate – because forgetting someone who was your entire world doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes time. And you need time because you truly loved him with all your heart. Your heart needs more time to heal.

Time is your only hope because only that will heal your wounds.

You are probably wondering if you’ll ever stop having these feelings for him. I am happy to tell you that you won’t and that’s actually a good thing.

These feelings will always remind you that you should never again pour yourself into another person or a relationship.

They will save you from bad men and wrong loves. They will keep your heart safe and will not allow anyone to break it ever again.

Those feelings you still have for him will fade over time. Despite everything he did to you, you’ll never forget him and nor should you.

He was a great part of your life. That relationship left you with a broken heart and taught you the most difficult lesson in your life.

I know that all of this is becoming overwhelming for you but please, hang in there. Don’t buckle under the pressure of your mixed feelings and make some bad decisions that you’ll regret later.

Be strong. Don’t let the confusion make you return to him. To the man who ripped your heart out once and would do it again.

He is expecting you to return to him and it would massage his ego hugely. He thinks that you can’t live without him and that because of this he has the right to treat you as he wants. Prove him wrong.

People say that good things happen slowly and your healing is the best proof of that. It’ll take days, months, maybe even a whole year, but you’ll heal and you’ll become yourself again.

You’ll become that girl who chooses to see only good in people again, the girl who is in love with her life. Only this time, you’ll be stronger and wiser.

You won’t let a man play with you again. You won’t put someone at the center of your universe. You won’t love someone else more than you love yourself.

You were hurt but you shouldn’t think of yourself as someone who needs to be fixed. Yes, your heart is broken but it will heal.

It will be pure again, ready to love someone again to the fullest. Trust me, time is your only ally.

He is the one who needs to be fixed. He played games with you. He made you fall in love with him so deeply, just so he could break your heart later.

You see, there is something wrong with his heart, not yours. However, you should not worry about that. Let karma handle his fate. One day, it will get him for sure.

As time goes on, you’ll realize that you two would never have made it in the long run. You’ll realize that the universe has something else planned for you.

As time goes on, you’ll still have some feelings for him, but you’ll be aware of many things that you couldn’t see before because your love blinded you.

As time goes on, everything will be easier…

You can look at this as one of your biggest lessons in life.

You should never love someone else more than you love yourself and let them take the main role in the story of your life because that part belongs to you and you only.