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Have You Met Your Karmic Soulmate? These Are 9 Common Signs

Have You Met Your Karmic Soulmate? These Are 9 Common Signs

I’m sure you’ve already heard about the word karma and the word soulmate but what about karmic soulmate?

A karmic soulmate is a combination of both. Before we get into explaining that term specifically, we need to clear something up.

You probably never thought about this but all relationships we experience in our life are, in fact, karmic.

Every person we meet is bonded with us through a pre-life agreement and has to do with karmic debts.

This includes your parents, siblings, lovers, friends and your children too.

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the word karma and karmic and it’s often misunderstood.

First of all, karma isn’t a bitch, as everyone likes to call her. It’s more of a righteous and strict mentor or a teacher.

It means action and we all know that actions have consequences. Everything we do or even think counts as an action and naturally, it will have consequences.

So, if you ‘bump’ into your karmic soulmate and they give you a hard time while also giving you the best time of your life, know that you have a soul contract with that person and that’s why you’re soulmates.

You’re bound to help each other’s souls to grow and get rid of some of the karmic debt.

However, this is not the beautiful, fairytale love story you’d expect. Not even close.

Most highly karmic relationships turn your life upside down, leave you in a mess and never show up again.

Yes, that means the relationship probably won’t last.

Not every soulmate story is the same and most of them aren’t picture-perfect or ‘healing’, at least not in a way you’d expect.

A relationship with a karmic soulmate is challenging, stressful but very rewarding in the end.

Unfortunately, until you’re ready to understand the important lesson that was thrown at you, you’ll probably feel angry, lost and sad.

Do you feel like you’re experiencing or have experienced this kind of relationship?

If you suspect your partner is your karmic soulmate, after reading these common signs, you’ll know for sure:

9 Signs You’ve Met Your Karmic Soulmate

It feels like they’re destined for you

“Know that we have met before and that we will meet again. I will find my way to you in the next life, and every life after that.” — Mia Hollow

There’s nothing quite like it. It’s a weird sense of knowing someone and you can’t explain how or why.

Every one of us has that hidden part of themselves they cannot communicate through words. That part can only be felt and there aren’t many people who can ‘feel us accurately’.

That’s a part of the tragedy of humans and their obsessive need for connection and an inability to achieve it fully… unless you experience relationships like this.

This person is probably not good for you, they’ve probably done things you wouldn’t forgive anyone else for

BUT in your heart, you always find understanding for them.

They feel like some extraordinary being, someone with special powers who can make you feel things like no one else can. That’s a karmic connection.

A sense of thinking that you knew them in a past life and that they’re destined to reunite with you in this one.

You feel an immediate connection with them

The first time you see this person, you’ll feel it immediately, you’ll feel the instant connection.

Some people say they felt like something had struck them and others report similar intense experiences.

Once you make eye contact, you’ll be hooked.

Maybe you’ll hate them at first, maybe you’ll dislike something about them; however, you will know right from the start that there is something more about that person.

After the first meeting, strangely, you’ll think about them often and wonder why. The next thing you know, you’re daydreaming about the moment you’ll ‘accidentally’ see them again.

Unsurprisingly, that probably did happen soon after the first meeting and the intense feeling stayed with you.

Not only that but you happened to meet up through some weird synchronicity. That’s when you definitely decide to find out what it is about that person that draws you in so powerfully.

Every feeling is ten times stronger when you’re with them

Once you start your relationship, you’ll notice that every feeling you normally experience in similar circumstances is ten times stronger and more intense when you’re with them, be it happiness, anger, sadness or excitement.

Everything they do leaves a strong effect on you and vice versa. It feels like a movie and your conversations probably sound like one.

However painful it is at times, it’s also extremely enjoyable when things are good. It’s almost like a drug. You’re willing to go through rough times to achieve periodical bliss.

You’re aware that something ‘isn’t quite right’ but you’re also aware this is a once in a lifetime experience that has something to teach you, so you ignore all the red flags.

This is also why after it’s done, there is nothing that matches this level of intensity and that’s why most people go through a numb phase and think they’ll never experience ‘true love’ again.

It’s also why most karmic relationships end up being romantic relationships too.

They connect you with your dark side

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ― Carl Jung

Having pleasant, healthy relationships is great, it’s preferable and normal. Nevertheless, they sometimes leave us unsatisfied.

How so? This feeling probably comes from the inability to share all aspects of ourself.

It feels like there’s more to share with other people but we’re not allowed to or we’re scared of their reaction.

There are so many restrictions, taboos and forbidden things that society and our upbringing forced upon us while we were growing up that we never even dared to question or explore some of our secret sides, needs or desires.

Well, that changes once we meet our karmic soulmate. Everything that has been lurking in the darkest corners of our mind is now brought to light and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Usually, we try to put it back where it was, hide it and move on as if nothing happened. But that’s not how it goes.

Once we consciously perceive the ‘dark side’ of ourself, there’s no going back, only making sense of it.

Of course, it makes us uncomfortable, ashamed and scared, like we’re not ‘good’ or ‘worthy’ of something. And that’s actually a good thing.

Yes, you’ll probably experience hell but you’ll evolve through it. That’s the point of a karmic relationship.

There’s no use in repeating positive affirmations and prayers if we’re looking away from the ‘problematic’ parts of ourself.

And this isn’t only about our bad habits, it’s about our very deeply rooted beliefs about ourself, about our life, our family members and relationships…

They trigger your worst fears

Naturally, after your karmic partner opens Pandora’s box, all of your fears are on show and you have nowhere to hide.

Your karmic partner will probably make you feel insecure and make you question everything about yourself, including your self-worth.

What’s interesting is that throughout all this time, you’ll feel bad and hurt but you’ll never feel lonely.

This is due to your innate recognition of a previous lifetime.

Even though you don’t consciously comprehend that what’s happening is for your own good, no matter how confusing it seems, it is a soul lesson.

Your karmic partner doesn’t usually do this on purpose but they sure do push all the ‘wrong buttons’.

There’s probably no person who can trigger you more easily than them and that’s not a coincidence.

Not only is it not a coincidence, they’re ‘programmed’ to trigger you. Everything about karmic soulmates screams tough love.

This relationship can’t be avoided. Of course, if it becomes too toxic, a break-up is inevitable but however long they stay in our life, they will make their mark forever.

Your relationship has toxic moments and you don’t seem to care

“Impossible to let go… No longer knowing how to hold on.” ― Truth Devour

Souls are reincarnated into this life to pay off their karmic debt and that debt is something that can be partially but never completely or fully controlled.

It can definitely be eased by good actions and conscious living but in one way or another, we’ll be reminded of our past actions.

However, with care, something that could’ve been a lion’s bite can transform into a mosquito bite and that’s very important.

Still, when it comes to relationships like this, it’s hard to keep your cool, your rationality and your sense of true self.

When you’re with your karmic partner, you’re fighting your illusionary image of self. They are your (very clean and undistorted) mirror.

They subconsciously want you to see yourself as you truly are, without all the junk or other people’s influences that have accumulated over the years.

Of course, this means a roller coaster of emotions and a relationship that is often labeled as toxic.

Nevertheless, while it lasts, you don’t seem to care about the toxic parts, as long as there are good parts.

It’s extremely hard to keep a happy-go-lucky attitude when someone is constantly reminding you of your imperfections, whether you want them to or not.

That is their purpose and our soul lessons go beyond labels, no matter what anyone says.

This doesn’t mean anyone should stay in an abusive relationship, however; on the contrary, this is how they’ll learn not to be in one.

You can’t imagine your future with them

Despite an obvious soul connection, deep down inside, you know you can’t imagine yourself with this person in the future.

You can’t imagine a peaceful or normal relationship with them and you definitely don’t want to stay in a tumultuous relationship for the rest of your life.

In fact, your mind doesn’t know what to do when you start thinking about it and your heart already knows that it’s probably doomed.

Nevertheless, when you think about losing them, your heart sinks and you go into panic mode. Know that this is normal.

After all, it’s hard to guess what kind of a relationship you had in your previous lives and what kinds of emotional strings are attached between you two, in addition to those in this life.

Whenever we experience something intense, it could be connected with something we don’t remember from our past lives.

The point is that you know you won’t end up together and before you’re even done with them, you’ll start to mourn the relationship.

Separation from a person you’re very karmically connected to is a very painful but inevitable experience.

They changed your life forever

After you meet your karmic soulmate, your life won’t be the same again, I can guarantee you that. Everything will feel different, you will feel different.

A lot of your personality will be changed or gone for good. You’ll start addressing yourself from the past as the ‘old you’.

You’ll stop relating to many things you used to like and your view of relationships will be forever changed.

It’s possible that you will lose some of your friends or find a new group of people who share your beliefs.

A karmic partner brings about big life lessons in a short amount of time and not everyone is ready to handle that positively.

For some people, the whole experience feels like another failure. Some feel used, betrayed or abandoned after their partner leaves.

You’ll need time to make sense of it all and recognize that that person was your teacher, regardless of how messed up some of the things that happened were at first sight.

This experience will change your life forever and you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.

You have become more aware of repeating patterns in your life

One of the things that happens in the aftermath of these events is that you get clarity about certain things in your life that no longer serve you.

After you say goodbye to the inauthentic part of yourself, you’ll make room for stronger intuition and more awareness.

For example, you’ll start noticing how karma really works in everyday life or you’ll start noticing how you always bump into the same type of person over and over again and they always have the same effect on you.

You’ll start noticing and understanding the signs along the way better than before.

You’ll learn to see more subtle signs and you’ll be sure about their true meaning. You’ll learn how to cut the karmic ties and pay off the debt.

Other types of relationships

Apart from a karmic soulmate, there are a few other types of relationships.

None of these relationships or their definitions are set in stone (meaning there’s no definite rules to them); however, they help us understand our experiences more easily.

Twin flame relationships

“I look into your eyes and I’m sure that some divine artist dipped her brush in the same soul and used it to paint us both.” ― Cristen Rodgers

This type of relationship means that we’re not only connected to another person on a soul level but that we share one soul with them.

Unlike a traditional soulmate connection (the good kind), they’re not as comfortable or perfect. They have challenging aspects but not in the same way as a karmic relationship.

With this kind of relationship, one feels like they’re ‘home’ with their twin.

They feel like they’re whole again and can experience a genuine connection on every possible level; a mental connection (they sometimes even share a thought, read each other’s mind, etc.), an emotional connection, a spiritual connection as well as a connection between their physical bodies.

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Traditional soulmate relationships

“Our souls speak a language that is beyond human understanding. A connection so rare the universe won’t let us part.” ― Nikki Rowe

As we already know, there isn’t only one type of soulmate.

A soulmate connection isn’t always romantic and can happen with anyone, including one of your friends, a family member, co-workers…

Out of all relationships, soulmate relationships are the most mature in the sense that there are no tough lessons or toxic behavior.

It’s almost like the two souls already had that in the past and now are here to lift each other up and help with each other’s life path.

Some of the signs you’ll see when you find your soulmate are:

• You feel an instant connection but everything about it is calming and not intense in a disturbing way

• You share similar or the same life goals and genuinely enjoy each other’s personality

• You’re not afraid to hang with each other in silence; as a matter of fact, you sometimes prefer it

• You rarely or never experience negative emotions from each other

• You have no problem apologizing or discussing any kind of matter

• There are no secrets or taboos between you two

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Karmic relationships

“Each relationship nurtures a strength or weakness within you.” ― Mike Murdock

The difference between a karmic soulmate and a karmic relationship is simply that a karmic relationship doesn’t end up as a romantic relationship as frequently as karmic soulmates do.

Also, they’re almost always toxic and abusive.

Karmic relationships can happen with anyone and often with people we strongly dislike.

For example, people who put us through a traumatic period of life, people who invoke fear in us, etc.

Unfortunately, there’s usually some kind of dependency between the two and it’s hard to cut the strings.

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Wrap Up

Ultimately, all the relationships we have in this life are experienced to teach us more about ourself.

They’re here to break the illusion of separateness and to epitomize a universal connection.

Everything in the universe is connected and our life can’t be predicted as long as we have our free will.

That’s why a label like a karmic soulmate is used only as a guideline and not as something to completely define your relationship with someone.

Your experiences are unique and your existence is unique. The general rules or signs don’t always apply to everyone.

We’re allowed to have our own impressions and interpret life and the world as we see it.

That’s why we’re born different and born with the gift of intuition. We’re our own guru and teacher.

After all, the point of any kind of connection is to remind us of our true nature, which is a part of universal consciousness, a beautiful and fascinating phenomenon that forms reality and chooses to experience itself through us.