I know you like to think of yourself as this tough guy who can’t be touched by anything or anyone. But I know you better than that.

You can pretend to be like that to everyone else but not to me. You can even lie to yourself but you know very well that you could never lie to me, so don’t try now.

You behave like you never loved me, like I am just a distant memory in your life, as if I never existed.

Everyone would say that you forgot about me long ago and that you’d moved on with your life. But you and I are the only ones who know the real truth.

I keep seeing you with all these girls. There is always a different girl by your side. And they all look a little bit like me.

But we both know that none of them could ever be me, so it’s time for you to stop trying.

handsome man standing by the lake

You can’t fool me—I know you are still searching for me in all of them.

I know you are searching for my look, for my smile and for my laughter. You are looking for my hair and for my eyes.

But above all, you are searching for my personality. And you are searching for my love.

Deep down, you know that there will never be a girl who could make you feel like I made you feel. You know you’ll never find a girl who will give you a roller coaster of emotions.

No matter how hard you look, you’ll never find a woman who’ll be able to make you the saddest and the happiest man at the same time.

You know there will never be a girl who will accept you for who you truly are and who helps you to accept yourself, the way I did.

man looking at the view at the lake

You are far from perfect but I accepted your flaws because I knew that they were a part of your personality and I loved you for them.

But no matter how hard you try, you’ll never find a girl who could put up with your hot temper and with your fierce personality.

You know there will never exist a girl who will stand by your side through all the hard times.

It is easy to find someone to be with you while everything is going great but every one of these girls will back out on you at the first sign of trouble.

While you were with me, you knew you could always count on me, no matter what. You knew I always had your back and you knew you could never find someone like that again.

You know there will never be a girl who will be as patient as I was.

young man sitting near window and looking away

You will never find a girl who will be patient enough to wait until you come to your senses, to spend her life waiting for you.

You’ll never find someone who will put up with your mood swings nor will you find someone who will patiently wait for you to come back every time you leave her.

You know there will never be a girl who will know understand you completely.

I was the only one who knew how to fight your demons, the only one who always understood your issues and everything you were going through.

I was the only one who could read you like an open book, the only one who knew what was going on with you without you even saying a word.

I was the only one who always felt everything you were feeling and now you search for that in every woman.

man outside at house balcony alone looking depressed

You know there will never be a woman who will love you the way I loved you. I was the only person in your life who loved you, no matter what.

You always knew that there was nothing you could do to me that would make me stop loving you.

You keep searching for that unconditional, undemanding love in every woman who crosses your path but it’s nowhere to be found.

But deep down, you know that you’ll never find me in any of them, no matter how hard you search for me.

And when you finally realize that, please, don’t come back to me. Don’t search for me, for I will be long gone.

Stay with them and spend the rest of your life regretting the fact that you walked away from me.

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I Know You Are Still Searching For Me In Every Woman