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This Is Exactly What It Means When A Man Hides His Phone

This Is Exactly What It Means When A Man Hides His Phone

Is your man all of a sudden too mysterious with his phone and your intuition keeps telling you that there is something wrong with that?

When a man hides his phone from his better half, that doesn’t have to mean he’s cheating on her.

However, it’s considered a major red flag in every relationship.

If your man is spending too much time on the phone and he always hides it from you, there is definitely something going on there that you shouldn’t probably find out.

Even if the reason why he does it isn’t his infidelity, it still shows that your relationship isn’t so good.

Being in a healthy relationship means that two people must share everything together, even their deepest and darkest secrets.

There is no lying or hiding. Both partners trust each other and are sure of each other’s loyalty.

The unfortunate fact is that these are very difficult times to maintain a relationship. There are so many types of social media that definitely make things easier for cheaters.

They think they can cover up their infidelity but don’t you worry, the truth always comes to light.

I know that just the thought of being betrayed by someone you love is always painful; however, you must know that it’s not the end of the world.

You’ll need time but you’ll heal and you’ll move on. And don’t even think about getting revenge, leave it all to karma. Sooner or later, karma will hit the cheater and it’ll hit them back badly.

If you want to find out the truth and discover the real reason why your man is hiding his cell phone from you, continue reading below and listen to some of this efficient dating advice from our relationship coach.

18 warning signs your man is hiding his phone from you because he’s cheating on you

I agree that if a man hides his phone, it doesn’t have to mean that he’s cheating.

For example, he doesn’t like anyone going through his private messages or he doesn’t want anyone to snoop through his gallery but unfortunately, the most frequent reason is infidelity.

Fortunately, there are some warning signs that can show that betrayal is the reason why a man hides his phone.

So, if you’re doubting your man’s fidelity because of his sudden secrecy with his phone, pay good attention to these major red flags.

He gives his phone more attention than he gives you

The fact is that we all have become a little bit obsessed with our phones and that is definitely unhealthy.

However, we can all agree that it’s very rude when you go out with someone and they spend the whole night on their phone.

If you go on a date, then you should leave your phone alone and enjoy spending time together.

If you feel that he’s giving his phone more attention than you, then there must be something more interesting than you on it.

You should talk to your significant other and explain nicely to them that you aren’t okay with them spending so much time on their phone and neglecting you.

That doesn’t make you needy; you have every right to insist on more attention.

He always leaves his phone face down

It’s okay if it happens a few times because a lot of people do this unconsciously sometimes.

However, if your partner has done it a lot of times, then he’s definitely hiding something from you.

Maybe he’s expecting a text message that he doesn’t want you to see or he’s afraid that someone (read ‘the other woman’) might call him and that you might see it.

He gets angry if you take his phone even for a moment

Is he always upset if you try to take his phone to see something, to call someone or even if it was ringing and you just wanted to give it to him?

If your boyfriend’s phone is always off-limits to you then there is definitely something in it that he’s trying to hide from you.

If you think that’s the case, you should politely ask your partner why he acts the way he does every time you try to take his phone.

He changed his lock screen password

If you’ve been dating for some time, you should definitely have access to your boyfriend’s phone and vice versa.

I know that a healthy relationship must be built on trust but giving someone your phone’s password is also a sign that you trust them.

The worst case is if you did know his phone’s password and he decided to change it all of a sudden and without any proper reason.

Of course you are now wondering if he’s hiding something and you have every right to do so.

He’s very secretive about with whom he is texting

You’ve noticed that he’s always texting someone on WhatsApp or Snapchat or some other social media and when you ask him who he is texting all the time, he tries to avoid talking about it or he tells you that it’s just one of his friends or a family member?

Come on, don’t believe those lame excuses of his. What can he possibly be texting his buddies about all the time?

No, it’s not his buddies, it’s someone else and you should try to find out who.

He’s always on his phone when you’re together but he never replies to your texts immediately

This one will definitely get on your nerves the most. When you’re together, he spends most of the time on his phone but when you’re texting him, he takes so long to reply to your messages.

That means you’re no longer his priority and that’s probably because there is someone else who he replies to immediately and who obviously became his priority.

You’ve found out that he has two cell phones

If you accidentally found out that your man bought a new phone and now uses two and he doesn’t need one for his work, then that’s definitely suspicious.

You should definitely confront him about this. Ask him why he needs two phones and more importantly, why he didn’t tell you about the existence of that other cell phone.

He doesn’t post photos of you two together and neither does he allow you to do so anymore

If you used to post photos of you two together on your social media and all of a sudden your boyfriend tells how he doesn’t want to post any anymore and asks you not to post them either, then you should find out the true reason behind it.

Of course, you can ask him but good luck with that, because he probably won’t give you the answer.

There are indeed some men who don’t like posting their photos on social media and exposing their private life in that way but they’ll say it to you at the beginning of your relationship.

In this way, you should just accept this or try to compromise with him to at least let you post a profile photo of you two but if he used to post pictures and that has changed, you need to know why.

He changed his phone number all of a sudden

If your boyfriend has suddenly changed his phone number without any reason or without any explanation, you should begin to wonder if there is something going on in his life that you know nothing about.

Again, you should try to have an honest talk with your man and ask him why he changed his number.

If he doesn’t give you an answer or you don’t quite believe it, then you should try to get at the bottom of it in a way that you think will be successful.

He always deletes his phone call history

Even if your boyfriend allows you to take his phone when you’re together but whenever you do that and go snooping around his phone calls and texts and there is absolutely nothing there, you should still be worried.

There is a reason why he always deletes his call history and messages before he goes out with you. He’s definitely hiding something that he doesn’t want you to find out.

However, he can’t be that careful and cover up all traces of his infidelity.

You should try to look at his phone sometimes when he’s taking a shower or when he takes out the trash and snoop around his call history then.

Let’s see what you find then.

He frequently gets phone calls from an unknown number

You have caught an unknown number calling him a few times or you found several calls to some unfamiliar number in his call history and when you confronted him about it, he tried to avoid answering you or he said that it was some wrong number?

Well, my dear, don’t let him fool you. There are so many different ways and apps for smartphones (many apps that are compatible both with Android and iPhones) that can help you to find out whose number that is instantly.

He always leaves the room when someone calls him

If he doesn’t want to answer a call around you, he whispers while he’s talking on his phone or even worse, he leaves the room when someone calls him, that is another warning sign that he’s hiding something.

Remember, there shouldn’t be any secrets between you if you’re in a healthy relationship. Of course, if it’s something related to his work, however, then that’s understandable.

He never wants to open a text message or an email while you’re around him

Whenever you’re together and he gets a text or an email, he just puts his phone in his pocket or leaves it on the table (of course, with the screen facing down), that’s a sign that he doesn’t want you to see it.

Why should he be hiding it if it’s something irrelevant or something business-related?

The next time you’re together and he does the same, ask him who’s texting him and ask him to show you his phone.

There are some nights when you can’t reach your man for hours

If he’s unavailable for several hours at night, you should definitely check what’s happening there and what the reason for that is.

I know that we’re all having a hard time wondering if our significant other may be cheating on us but if this kind of situation happens too often, you should get to the bottom of it.

As an example for what you can do, you can check the location on his Snapchat, if his Android or iPhone isn’t set to Ghost Mode, of course.

You found some strange names in his phone

If you’ve snooped through your boyfriend’s contacts and you’ve found some strange names, the first thing you should do is politely ask him who those people are.

Don’t jump to conclusions before you ask him to explain. Maybe those are his new colleagues or simply they are some people he recently met.

Of course, if you don’t quite believe his answer, you can check those numbers yourself.

Simply enter the number in your WhatsApp or Viber account and if that person uses either of those apps, you will see their profile photo or their name.

Whenever you ask him to give you his phone, he becomes nervous and makes up an excuse not to give it to you

Of course, you should respect your partner’s privacy and not take his phone without his permission, especially if they aren’t okay with that.

However, they should at least give it you when you ask them politely or if you need to borrow it to call or message someone.

If he starts to behave awkwardly every time you ask if you can borrow his phone, then there is definitely something in it that he doesn’t want you to see or find out about.

He always turns his phone off when you spend the whole night together

Does your significant other turns off his phone when you agree to spend the night together? Do you think that there is definitely something strange about that?

To be honest, I think there is. It’s okay to turn it off sometimes, when you’re on vacation, for example, because you want to relax and you don’t want to be disturbed but if it happens every time you spend the night together, then there is definitely something suspicious happening there.

You looked through his phone and found a dating app

Well, if this is not a sign that he’s been cheating on you or that he’s at least been thinking about it, I don’t know what is.

If you found a dating app while you were snooping through his phone, then that’s definitely an alarm sign for you to dump him and end that relationship.

If he truly loves you, he won’t be chatting to other women online, as you should and must be enough for him.

Maybe he has never been on a date with any of those women and he never cheated on you but he installed that app, which means that he was thinking about it and that he would do it sooner or later.

You can ask him to explain why he has a dating app on his phone and why he uses it but I’m sure the only thing you’ll get is a lame excuse.

However, there is no excuse for that. He was thinking about dating other women and that’s unforgivable.

What should you do?

Don’t do anything reckless before you find out the real truth. If you jump to conclusions before giving your man a chance to explain, you might regret it later.

Maybe the real reason he’s being overly protective of his phone is that he is planning a surprise for you and doesn’t want you to find out.

If you form any conclusions regarding his infidelity without any credible proof, that’ll definitely hurt him and his feelings.

Instead of coming to any hasty conclusions, this is what you should do to find out the truth behind his sudden strange and mysterious behavior regarding his cell phone.

Try to snoop through his phone but be REALLY careful

It’s inappropriate to take someone’s phone without their permission and you should do this only if you’re almost convinced that he’s cheating.

Take his phone when he goes somewhere or when you think is the most appropriate opportunity for that and go through his text messages and phone calls.

If you find some incriminating messages, don’t lose it right away. Try to talk to him first and ask him if anything is happening in his life that you should know about.

If he doesn’t admit it himself, then you should tell him that you found those messages on his phone and ask him to explain them to you.

Giving him an opportunity to explain is giving him another chance to save your relationship but if he keeps lying about it, then that should be a good reason for you to end that relationship and let him lie to another person instead.

Be careful though, as this is a very dangerous move. You shouldn’t be caught snooping on his phone because you might lose his trust then.

Look for other signs of cheating

If you really have some good reasons to start wondering if the reason why he is hiding his phone is that he’s cheating, then you should look for other signs.

There will be many little things in his everyday behavior that can help you find out if he has another woman in his life.

For example, if he starts paying more attention to his looks, if he starts going out more frequently or has started avoiding you, this is all suspicious behavior and a good reason for you to start doubting his fidelity.

Focus on his body language when you confront him about your doubts

Body language is a great way for us to know when someone is trying to lie to us. Just pay attention to his behavior and his moves when you start talking to him about your suspicions of his infidelity.

If he starts behaving nervously when you mention it, if he avoids eye contact when he’s trying to deny all of that or maybe if you’re sitting talking about this and his legs start shaking, those are all signs that he’s definitely guilty of something.

His body language is one of your biggest allies in finding out the truth. Trust me, even if he has high self-esteem, you’ll be able to spot that he’s lying with his body language.

Pay attention to his Tweets and posts on his social media

First go through all posts on his social media from last week and try to figure out if there is anything suspicious.

Did he share any songs or quotes that you can’t say are meant for you or your relationship? Did he share any Tweets about how he was feeling or what he was doing or anything else that sounds strange to you?

Again, even if you do see some posts that you can’t understand or think weren’t dedicated to you, you should ask your boyfriend about the meaning of them.

Maybe he posted something just because he liked it but maybe (and more probably), you don’t understand his posts because they weren’t meant for you but for another woman.


When a man hides his phone, it doesn’t have to mean that he is hiding something or that he is being unfaithful to his significant other.

Unfortunately, however, in most cases, that’s actually what’s happening when he hides his phone.

Betrayal hurts. Being lied to and used hurts. And the thing that hurt us the most is that those things come from the person we love the most.

Even if you’ve found out some irrefutable shreds of evidence and you know for sure that the reason he has become so mysterious with his phone is his infidelity, the best thing you can do then is just confront him about your findings and end your relationship immediately.

Don’t even think about getting even because it will only make it all more painful for you. Accept it all as one huge life lesson and try to move on as soon as possible.

Don’t give any more of your precious time to a man who never even deserved it.