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Life Is Too Short To Fall For People Who Won’t Treat You Right

Life Is Too Short To Fall For People Who Won’t Treat You Right

Haven’t you had enough? Haven’t you had enough of all those people who treat you the way they do?

Like you will forever be there for them, no matter how shitty they behave? Well, let me tell you that life is too short for these people.

Especially if one of them is the man you choose to spend your days with.

Life is too short to fall for someone who doesn’t treat you the way you deserve. I know that this sounds like a cliché but isn’t it true?

You’re devoting your days to this person who’s only there to take advantage of you. He acts like he won’t ever lose you, like you’ll forever stay by his side.

Show him that he has to think twice about that.

To treat someone right means to respect their boundaries. Knowing that you and I are different when it comes to our boundaries, you should also be aware of the fact that people don’t usually take them into consideration.

What about all those times he made you have sex with him even though you weren’t feeling too great? What about all those times he made you feel bad about saying ‘no’ to anything?

Those were all the times he crossed your boundaries, believing that he would always get what he wanted.

To treat someone right means to love them unconditionally. Do you believe that someone who loves you and will continue loving you under any conditions will treat you badly?

Of course not. Loving unconditionally means that you love them without ever making them feel bad about who they are and never judging them for their decisions.

But all he does is always point out your flaws and he makes you believe that he might even be right.

To treat someone right means to never make them cry. Like life isn’t hard as it is, he makes it even harder for you.

He hurts you with his words and actions, never trying to understand you or apologizing. He thinks that it’s your fault because you’re ‘too emotional’ and that’s what makes you cry even more.

He doesn’t understand. He doesn’t even try to. All he does is break you, each day a bit more.

Life is too short for people like him. Only you know how torn your heart is inside and how much it hurts. Is it really fine to spend your days with him, knowing what he’s doing to you?

Even though you love him so much and even though you two have been through so many things together, he isn’t worth your while.

Life is too short to wait for him to change. He won’t change. Sorry to disappoint you, because that might be the only hope that kept you by his side but believe me, people like him do not change.

Even if one day he is going to be aware of his wrongdoings, that is somewhere far in the future. So while you’re here sobbing and breaking apart he doesn’t even mind flirting with someone else.

So why wait? Move on and save the rest of your life.

Walk away because your whole life is waiting in front of you. It’s waiting for you to realize that it’s OK to discard and move on from someone who doesn’t love you enough.

It’s fine to want to be selfish once in a while and save yourself, because that’s sometimes the only way you can be happy. It’s fine to love yourself enough and just start over.

So the next time you find yourself in a situation where you feel like you’re not being appreciated, loved or cared for—you are allowed to leave.

Just remember that in a few years you will happy that you didn’t waste your valuable time on someone whose intentions aren’t good and someone who isn’t even aware that they are doing something wrong.

Life is too short to fall for someone who won’t treat you right. There are so many amazing men out there who are dying for a gorgeous and loving woman like you and I promise you that you will be able to fall in love again.

So don’t stand around and waste your life. You don’t have forever.