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I Promise You’ll Find A Better Man Than The One Who Broke You

I Promise You’ll Find A Better Man Than The One Who Broke You

What hurts the most is when a person knows exactly what you’ve been through, promises to be different, and ends up hurting you anyway. It makes you give up on everything, doesn’t it? It makes you wonder if you’ll ever find someone who’ll know how to love you.

Before you give up, maybe you should try and let go of everything that’s telling you to give up. You don’t need that negativity in your life. So, just let go of it. It may be difficult and you might not know how, but the truth behind it—that you’re unable to see—is that the world doesn’t end now with your mental breakdown.

There is nothing wrong with you. It was just a wrong guy, the wrong situation, the heartbreak you didn’t deserve and that’s all the philosophy behind it. It would be cool not to give it more attention than it deserves, but it’s impossible. Because it hurts.

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There is plenty of fish in the sea and you hooked the wrong one. You didn’t have the chance to eat it because it bit you. But you have to let it go back to where it belongs. You have to heal your wounds, not jump into the water after it.

He never paused his life for you—why are you holding your breath for him? He hurt you, he lied to you, he broke you like one of his promises, and he still gets to have the power over you. Why do you give him so much power?

I promise you, there are men out there worthy of your love. There is a man out there who’ll know how to love you, the broken you, and who won’t care about your scars. There is a man out there that deserves a chance—it would be a sin to give up on him now.

Someone will love you for who you are. Someone will love both your good sides and your flaws. Someone will kiss all your wounds and hug all the sadness from your body. Someone will love your laugh, the one your ex hated. Someone will think the wrinkles around your eyes are cute, the same wrinkles he was disgusted by.

Someone will thank God for having you so emotional, imperfect and beautiful the way you are.

You might not met him yet, you might be scared of what the future holds for you, or you might be too tired to give it another shot. And that’s OK. But what’s not OK is for you to be scared forever.

Take all the time you need to heal. Take all the time to hate the one who broke you and then give yourself some time to heal. Give yourself some time to get over him and thank him for showing you how you shouldn’t be loved. Because now you know how the right guy will love you.

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