Hey you!

Yes, I am talking to you. I know that you now think that you are not good enough but let me tell you something: You are more than enough!

Don’t you see all those things that you accomplished with your hard work? Don’t you see all those people around you that admire you?

I know it looks like they have better lives than you but darling, that is not true. They just know how to lie better than you. And that is it. I know that because I have been there. I think all people get to a phase in their life when they think they are not enough. Sometimes things happen just like that and you don’t know what the right path of your life to take is. You don’t know if you made good or bad decisions before but don’t let that define you. You need to be okay with your ‘now’ so you can be okay with your ‘later’. No matter how hard it is, you need to get rid of the negativity from your life. I know that is a long process but it is definitely a journey worth taking.
Whatever you do, don’t try to be perfect because that will drain all the positive energy out of you.

Don’t look at the all bad things that you did but rather focus on all those good decisions that you made. And I know that you made a lot of them. Your good decision was to help that old lady to cross the street because you felt sorry for her. Your good decision was to give all your love to the man you thought was the one. And even if you were hurt in that relationship, you know that it wasn’t your fault. You know that you gave yourself all in and that you tried so hard to save it. So don’t blame yourself because one man left you; he just didn’t see that you are a diamond in the rough. He missed seeing that you were the best girlfriend he could ever have because you have a pure heart and soul. Don’t ever think you were the reason for the end of that love because you were not and don’t let anyone convince you of the opposite.

I also know that sometimes you won’t be happy with your work or that you won’t get that promotion that you have been waiting such a long time for. But bear in mind that it takes patience for some things.

The reason they don’t happen to you now is because something better will happen to you later, when you least expect it. So, don’t think that something is not right with you, as there is more right than wrong with you. It just seems that it is not like that but the truth is totally different. Telling yourself that you are a failure won’t make things any better. If you tell yourself that you are not giving your full potential, it won’t help you to reach your maximum. Telling yourself that you are not worthy and that you are an unlovable one won’t make you feel any better; in fact, you will feel much worse.

I know it looks like a mission impossible but to be able to achieve self-love means to learn to love yourself. It means putting yourself first. It means not giving a damn about what people have to say. It means living your life just the way it works for you, without anyone else interfering and telling you what to do. Loving yourself means accepting yourself with all your flaws. It means giving yourself another shot when you don’t make a success of it the first time. It means forgiving yourself for all the bad things that you did. Loving yourself means looking to the future and not being obsessed with the past.

So the next time you think that you are not good enough, just look at the person in the mirror. She has gone through so many bad things and yet she is still standing on her own two feet. Look deep into her eyes and tell her that she is more than enough.

And that no matter how many slaps life gives her and no matter how many times people disappoint her, she will always be a fighter and most of all, she will always be more than enough!