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How To Make A Girl Jealous & 10 Important Things To Be Mindful Of

How To Make A Girl Jealous & 10 Important Things To Be Mindful Of

Wondering how to make a girl jealous? Want to know how to accomplish this, but without the fear of an imminent breakup?

You’ve come to the right place. I know a thing or two about making a girl feel jealous as well as all the possible risks it carries.

Jealousy is not always a bad thing, you know.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to see whether your girl still cares, as a jealous girlfriend equals a caring girlfriend (as weird as it sounds).

It should be noted that your reasons need to be valid, though. You can’t just go around making every day a nightmare for her.

There has to be a line you shouldn’t cross. If you do, you can bet your ass that all her female friends will come for you instantly, and that’s the last thing you want.

So, let’s start at the beginning. First, we’ll examine why you want her to be jealous of you. Then, I’ll share surefire ways to accomplish just that.

You should know that every girl reacts differently to these things, so there’s always a risk that you might ruin a good thing.

Below are all the important points regarding this little endeavor of yours. Pay attention to them. If you go overboard, you might just teach her how to live without you.

What Are Acceptable Reasons To Make Your Girl Jealous?

Before we figure out how to make a girl jealous, let’s figure out the why of it all, shall we?

To see if she cares enough to fight for you.

pensive young man looking away wearing a cap

If you’re not sure whether your girl feels about you the way you do about her, then making her jealous might help you find out.

It’s all about not crossing a line. I’m going to share with you the best steps to make her feel jealous, but you shouldn’t make her life a living hell.

This will help you see where she stands, and how much she cares to fight for what you have. Just keep in mind that going too far might result in a breakup.

To get out of a rut that all relationships fall into sometimes.

close up of a thinking man

When you’ve been with your girl for a long time, it goes without saying that you might fall into a rut. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it sure as hell isn’t fun.

So now, you’re wondering how to make your girlfriend jealous for the sole purpose of bringing back some excitement.

In a way, I can get this. When things stagnate for a minute, people will do weird things to make them hot again. Be respectful regardless of how you proceed with this and remember your end goal.

To bring back a level of passion that has withered over time.

pensive man sitting at the edge of the bed inside the bedroom on his pajamas

When you first got together, her body language screamed passion and desire. You couldn’t keep your clothes on for a whole minute.

But now… the passion is gone, and then some.

While this might not be your wisest move, I can see how it might turn things around. Let’s say you start complimenting other girls and being friendly with your female friends.

This is bound to make her want to grab you all to herself. So yeah, it might work, but only if you play your cards right.

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To see what you can expect from her if the relationship is new.

thoughtful young man standing at the central park new york city

If you’re with a new girl and you’re not sure what her deal is yet, it can be argued that this can help you find out some things.

Will she handle it maturely? Will she go off? Will she be completely indifferent? All of these possibilities can tell you a lot about her true feelings for you.

If she seems jealous of you paying attention to someone other than her, then you know she cares. But, if she doesn’t give a damn, or worse off, makes a scene, then you can make yourself scarce on time.

How To Make A Girl Jealous? 13 Surefire Ways.

These are some of the best ways to ignite jealousy and get her attention. Jealous people won’t be immune to any of the following signs, so give it a shot and play it smart.

Give her your full attention, then act distant for a bit.

handsome man giving gift to girlfriend covering her eyes with his hands

One minute, make her think she’s the only girl for you, and the next, stop giving her attention, but don’t be too obvious or she’ll see right through you.

Play hot and cold with her, and make her think what the hell is going on. Today, you’re all over her, and the next day, she can’t get a hold of you.

This will make her mind go 200 miles per hour, creating all kinds of scenarios in her head. Are you seeing someone else? Do you not care about her any longer? Who knows!

Compliment other women in front of her.

unfaithful handsome man looking at the other woman making the woman jealous while having meal in a cafe

How to make a girl jealous? Easy. Compliment random girls, or better yet, your girl’s friends. The trick is to not be too obvious about it. Subtlety is KEY.

Simply notice her friend’s new haircut that you like, or as you’re walking down the street, comment on how exotic a particular girl looks. Trust me, this will drive her wild.

The last thing any girl wants is her man noticing other girls and talking about their beauty in front of them. It’s harmless but foolproof.

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Get in touch with your ex-girlfriend.

man texting in focus while sitting near a blurry woman snooping at his phone

The smartest way to do this is via text messages. Casually start texting with your ex again, and tell your girlfriend that you’ve decided to be friends again (and watch her try to contain her expression).

You could even make her wonder if your ex is really over you, but again, don’t do more damage than necessary. You love this girl, so keep that in mind at all times.

It’s not about hurting her. It’s about seeing whether your relationship is as solid as you’d like it to be.

If your girl seems particularly upset about it, then nip it in the bud as you have your answer.

Start leaving her out of things.

young woman looks suspicious while boyfriend is texting on smartphone while having coffee in an outdoor cafe

For example, don’t include her in your WhatsApp text chain or a social media group photo. Go on a night out with a big crew, but don’t invite her that one time.

It’ll be enough to make her question everything, but not enough for her to go crazy mad. It’s going to feel weird for her, so watch out about how she reacts.

Pay attention to what her body language is telling you. She might seem cool, but her body will tell you a whole different story.

Don’t reply to her text messages instantly.

pensive woman in bed holding her smarphone waiting for a reply

This will work especially well if you usually get back to her quickly. Bonus points if you’re active on social networks and you’re ignoring her.

Boy, will this piss her off! I know first-hand (as I’m sure many girls do) how annoying it is when your man doesn’t text you back for ages. It’s like, how can you not spare 10 seconds for a quick text?

Act chivalrous toward another girl.

young man opening door of the car for a woman

It can be a close friend or any girl who you’ve crossed paths with recently. Hold the door for a hot girl in front of you, offer to help carry a bag for her, or anything like that.

Be a real gentleman toward other girls, but make sure that your girl is right there to witness it. It’s an instant way to make her jealous.

She’ll probably wonder why you don’t do those things for her and sulk very visibly. This shouldn’t become a thing. Go along with this for a few days, then make her the center of your universe.

Forget that you’ve made plans.

young woman looking at her watch while waiting for someone at the restaurant

Oh, and avoid eye contact as you’re apologizing. This’ll add to her frustration. Forgetting about making plans sucks enough on its own, but not having the decency to look at her is even worse.

Naturally, you won’t forget about it. Just act as if you did, then offer to make it up to her the following day.

Spend a lot of time with your guy friends.

group of young men enjoying drinking inside a room in a building

Spending time with friends is important, and you should do it regardless of this whole thing. What I’m saying is to kick it up a notch.

Start spending more time with them than usual to the point of her wondering where you are. But, don’t get any ideas. The whole point is to make her jealous, not to do anything you’ll regret.

A girl who cares a great deal about you will notice that something fishy is going on and she’ll ask you about it. If she didn’t care, she wouldn’t notice.

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Browse through online dating sites when she’s around.

jealous woman spying on her boyfriends messages on his smartphone

This one might rock her self-esteem, so make sure that it doesn’t happen more than once. Here’s how to make a girl jealous with the help of a dating site.

When you’re in the same room and you’re on your laptop, open up a new tab and choose a dating site of your preference. Scroll up and down until you’re sure she has noticed.

Now, she might not say anything, but if she has seen it, be sure that she’ll be confused, to say the least.

And, if she does ask you what the heck you’re doing, just say you are checking something out for a buddy and close the tab.

Do stuff without her, then brag about how amazing it was.

couple talking seriously during breakfast at the table at high angle

Go on an adventure with your friends, family, or co-workers, and when you come home, brag about it for days.

She’ll be very jealous that she wasn’t a part of something that you enjoyed so much. It’ll be a real blow to her self-esteem because you’ve had the best time without her.

If you notice that this is the case, then you can stop going on and on about it. You don’t want her to feel left out, so promise to arrange a trip for just the two of you very soon, and kiss her as you mean it.

Be very friendly with your female co-worker (but don’t cross a line).

friendly co-worker discussing in colleague space

If she ever comes by your work, use it as an opportunity to be very friendly with a coworker, but everything should always be 100% platonic.

As I’ve said countless times, there should never be anything physical going on. It’s about making her wonder if it is, that’s all.

So, joke around with a girl from work that you’re close to, touch her (innocently) on her arm, and make sure your girl sees that you’re really good friends.

There’s nothing wrong with having a female friend, of course, but when your girl sees your bond first-hand, she’ll feel a certain type of way about it.

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Hit ‘like’ on random girls’ social media photos

man standing inside the office smiling and looking at his phone with one hand on his pocket

This is something most girls can’t stand. I can tell you this from personal experience. If you’re wondering how to make a girl jealous instantly, there’s your answer.

‘Like’ a bunch of photos of hot girls, but be certain that your girl can see it, too. It’s preferable if she’s also friends with these girls so that she doesn’t miss it.

Hitting the ‘like’ button is as innocent as it can be, but it’s also the fastest way to make a girl’s blood boil. In her mind, she’ll be like: Why the hell is he liking Stacy’s photos like crazy? Am I not enough for him?

Laugh while you’re on your phone with someone else.

laughing man sitting in the couch inside living room talking by phone and looking away

You know what I’m talking about here. When you’re with your girl, grab your phone and start texting someone (it can be your guy friend) and laugh as if they said something hysterical.

It’s going to get her attention. She’ll be wondering who you’re texting (is it a new girl?) and it’ll trigger jealousy in her.

The thing is, it can be completely innocent, but she’s going to think that there’s someone out there making you cry with laughter and you don’t want to say who.

This is bound to make her feel uneasy. Pro tip: Don’t drag it out. If you get the desired reaction, then tell her it was just your buddy and that she has nothing to worry about!

6 Telltale Signs Your Girl Is Jealous

If your girl exhibits the following signs, then congrats, you’ve managed to make her feel jealous! Now, go back to being a good boyfriend and take her someplace nice to make it up to her.

She’s calling you non-stop (to check up on you).

worried woman with her phone sitting on the couch putting her other arm on her head

This is how it starts. She’ll be blowing up your phone like crazy. Whenever you’re not with her, she’ll call to check up on where you said you’d be.

She’ll probably text you all the time, too. This will help her in two ways. One, she’ll make sure to be on your mind constantly, and two, it’ll be a reminder not to do anything you’ll regret.

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She unexpectedly pops up at your workplace.

woman at the reception of the building talking to a male receptionist

One day, totally out of the blue, she’ll just pop around where you work, and act as if it’s the most normal thing ever.

This is proof that your tactics are working because if she never visits you at work, then what more do you need? When this happens, it’s safe to say that your work here is done.

You don’t want this to go any further, so be pleased with your success and never question your girl’s loyalty again. She loves you, but over time, she’ll get tired of having to prove it.

She is always suspicious when you say you’re out with the guys.

worried woman talking by the smartphone standing near a telephone booth in Europe

Normally, when you say that you’re going over to Mark’s, and later, you’ll go for drinks at your local pub with the guys, she wouldn’t think twice about it. But now, there are so many questions on her mind.

Is this just an excuse so that you can go off with some random girl? How long have you been lying to her and making her think that you’re with your guys when you’re actually with someone else?

It doesn’t have to make sense to you, but to her, it’ll be all she’ll think about. This is why not crossing a line is important. Don’t give her too many reasons to doubt you or it’ll bite you in the ass.

She asks who you’re texting A LOT.

addicted young man on the phone with an angry wife lying down beside him

Every time you start texting someone in her presence, she won’t be able to help her inquisitive mind. Usually, it’s not a thing she notices, but now, she has become very observant.

She’ll probably ask to see your texts so that she can have peace of mind knowing there’s no one else. As a girl, I can tell you that this is not a pleasant feeling at all.

While it’ll get you what you want, making her go crazy jealous like this can take a serious toll on your relationship. Know when to end this charade, and never toy with her emotions after this.

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She suddenly wants to spend every waking minute together.

pensive woman in bed drinking coffee wearing eyeglasses and socks in the morning

I know what you’re thinking. This is all you could ask for, right? Well, yeah, but you have to understand that she’s acting this way because you’re making her feel threatened.

In her mind, her place in your heart is jeopardized, and now she has to fight tooth and nail to keep you.

Spending quality time together is important for a healthy relationship, for sure, but if it’s for these reasons, then it’s messed up. You got your answer and this is where it should end.

Never make your girl feel like she has to fight for you. She can love you to the moon and back, but if she senses that she’s being played, she’ll walk out on you just like that.

She feels threatened by your female friends or co-workers.

couple having arguement inside the cafe with man holding the phone

Every time you mention Lisa, from work, she asks why you’re suddenly talking about her so much (even though it’s the same amount as always).

When you say that you’re out with your crew, which includes girls, too, she doesn’t feel good about it. She won’t outright say it, but you can tell that she feels threatened.

This is where you end this whole thing. If she has been affected by your behavior, then that’s a clear sign of love, and you should stop putting her through this ordeal.

You got what you wanted and now you can tone it down knowing that your girl loves you. That’s all you wanted to be sure of anyway, right?

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Final Thoughts

pensive handsome man inside the cafe waiting for a beautiful tomorrow

Learning how to make a girl jealous doesn’t give you the right to hurt her on a deeper level. This is all about establishing where you stand and whether she cares about you.

Once you get the answers you are after, I highly suggest that you stop playing with her emotions and end this.

You’ve learned the best ways to ignite a streak of jealousy, and also, which signs showcase that your mission was a success.

If you want to keep her, make it all up to her and never put her through this ordeal again. Girls can endure A LOT, but once she’s done with your BS, there’s no going back.

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