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Love Needs Hard Work; You Can’t Just Leave When Things Get Rough

Love Needs Hard Work; You Can’t Just Leave When Things Get Rough

When you love someone, you love them all the way. You love them through good and bad times and through thick and thin.

You don’t love them only when everything is going smoothly and when life is beautiful. Because when you really love someone, you stay by their side, no matter what happens.

You stick with them even when it’s not easy and even when the only impulse you have is to run and hide from everything.

Yes, the truth is that love is beautiful and that it shouldn’t make your life harder. But you need to have in mind that love isn’t a real life fairytale and that it will always be far from perfect.

Because sometimes, shit simply happens.

And when it does happen, that is when the strength and the depth of your love for the other person is tested. Because love is a journey, not a destination.

And it needs hard work. It needs to be worked on and fought for. It needs effort, energy and a lot of sacrifices.

And most importantly, it requires the same amount of commitment through both good and bad days.

Because you don’t walk away from someone you love just like that. You don’t leave them hanging when something becomes too much for you to handle.

You don’t just turn your back on them the second things get rough.

And that was exactly what you did to this girl. You walked out on her when she needed your support the most.

You gave up on her without a fight, and you left her, when the only thing she needed was for you to stay. And that is not something you do to someone you love.

Because when you love someone, you go through life shoulder to shoulder with them. You show them that they can count on you and that you’ll always be their partner in crime.

When you love someone, you love all of them—not just the parts you like and find convenient. You accept them with all of their flaws and imperfections.

You accept all of their problems as your own, and you see the two of you as a team.

When you truly care about someone, you are aware that things between the two of you won’t always be easy. You understand that your relationship will sometimes go through rough patches.

And when it does, instead of backing out, this is when you fight the most to keep your love alive. This is when you put in all of your efforts and all of your energy into overcoming this crisis.

This is when you show your partner that you believe in the two of you.

When you love someone, you love them the same when they are at their best and when they are at their worst.

You hold their hand through thick and thin, and you don’t run away at the first sign of trouble.

You don’t escape when they need to be taken care of, when they need help or just a shoulder to cry on.

You don’t run away when they crave your support and when all they need is you assuring them you aren’t going anywhere.

Instead, you stand by their side, and you show them that you have their back. You don’t act like their problems are none of your business, and you never even think of giving up on them.

When you love someone, you don’t disappear on them when they need your presence the most.

You don’t chicken out on them, and you show them that the two of you will overcome every life difficulty and obstacle, as long as you are together.

And this is something you’ve never done for this girl. You’ve never showed her that she can rely on you, and you’ve never fought for your relationship.

You know, it is easy to remain in someone’s life when everything is going great. It was easy for you to be with this girl while everything was sugar and spice.

But it took a real man to actually be there for her and to be her strength.

And obviously, you weren’t man enough for the job. Instead, you acted like a coward who ran away when she needed you to hold her hand.

So no, you never loved her enough. Because you don’t turn your back on the ones you truly love.