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If He Ever Makes You Feel Unwanted, Leave And Never Turn Back

If He Ever Makes You Feel Unwanted, Leave And Never Turn Back

The worst thing about people who make you feel unwanted is the way they motivate you to start thinking you’re unworthy.

No one should ever question their own worth.

Just because someone doesn’t know how to love you doesn’t mean you’re unlovable.

I know that awful feeling. Here you are, and there he is. It seems like you can’t reach him no matter what you do.

It feels like you’re invisible; he doesn’t even see you. Do you even matter to him? Would anything you do make him blink, if nothing else? It seems not.

The person who’s the biggest part of your life seems not to care whether you’re even there. At that very moment, you’re unimportant.

You seem so small in his eyes. You wish to be small in reality. You wish to withdraw so deep inside you no one can see you.

How can you even exist with such little value you carry? That’s how a woman feels when her man makes her feel unwanted and unloved.

You have to run – run and never come back. Don’t think twice, because you’re not leaving anything behind but the pain.

Your man should value you, protect you, nurture you. He should love you and recognize when he does something that makes you feel unseen.

If he’s got you to a point where you no longer see yourself, that’s the point of no return. Go now. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to make yourself more noticeable for him.

Don’t bend over backward to attract his attention. You don’t need it any longer.

No matter what you do at this point, it won’t benefit you in any way. It will only make you feel worse to know that even when you try your hardest to make him notice you, he still doesn’t.

You’re not the one to blame. It’s not the things you did or did not do that made him act this way. That’s the reason you’re also not the one who can change this.

The only thing you can do is leave while there’s still time for you to go back to your confident, healthy, powerful self.

Don’t waste your time on trying to go back to something you two maybe had before he started going blind to everything about you.

There’s no going back.

If you stay, you’ll fall deeper in the mud every day. With every morning you’ll feel weaker, more tired, more sad than you did the day before.

Day by day there’ll be nothing left of the person you used to be. You’ll become a shadow of the girl who once existed.

The girl who knew how to appreciate herself and the world. The girl who loved life, loved herself, and knew how to spread love everywhere she went.

She’ll be gone forever.

People say that the most precious thing about our loved ones is never who they are as people, but the wonderful way they make us feel.

If he makes you feel like nothing, there’s nothing about him to regret leaving.

That girl though… She’s worth it. Everything about her is worth it. Don’t leave her behind, that’s something you will regret. She’s the one you should seek. She’s the one to protect.

Leave now. It won’t be easy, but you will heal. Getting away from him will be your starting point in this journey of regaining your strength and confidence.

Don’t let him make you think you’re the one who’s unlovable. Just because there’s a dark cloud over his head that stops him from seeing your worth, it definitely doesn’t mean you’re unworthy.

Letting him make you feel unwanted and destroy your self-esteem is the worst thing you can do to that amazing girl.

He was a bump in the road and he did slow you down, but don’t let him stop you for good.

Everything he ruined can be rebuilt. Once you realize you shouldn’t question your value, things will start falling back into their rightful place.

This is where you learn never to let this happen to you again. There will always be people who won’t see your worth – the most important thing is that you don’t let it be you.