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Messages For Husband: 100 Romantic Lines To Text Your Hubby

Messages For Husband: 100 Romantic Lines To Text Your Hubby

The love you feel for your husband is truly special. He is your life companion and your other half. You just have to tell him how much you love him every day.

The best way to express your love and appreciation is through romantic messages for husband. Even though they won’t admit it, men like those little sweet gestures as much as women.

Surprise your man in the middle of the day with a cute love message that will surely brighten up his day. Remind him that you love him as much now as when you first met.

He’ll appreciate that little gesture more than you think.

Whether you need wedding anniversary messages, a good morning text to make him smile, or some birthday wishes and messages for him, this collection of the best love messages for your husband has everything you need.

Messages for your husband on his birthday


1. Every moment I’ve spent with you has been nothing short of exceptional. You are a thoughtful and handsome husband. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

2. Words can’t describe how special and perfect you are to me. I just want to say I love you so much. Happy birthday handsome.

3. There is nothing better in life than having a husband as outstanding as you. Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face and laughter to my lips. May your birthday be filled with endless bliss.

4. Happy birthday to my world, to the person who gave me wings to fly, and who always supports me. I love you hubby!

5. Happy birthday to the most kind-hearted and amazing husband in the world. You are the greatest gift of my life.

6. To my children’s hero, the best son, and my one and only husband – you are the best! Happiest birthday to you darling!

7. Happy birthday to my husband who always makes me feel confident and strong. Thank you for always believing in me. May you feel as cherished on your birthday as I am by your presence.

8. You are the most adorable and romantic husband in the world. Thank you for being my only love and my entire world. Happy Birthday!

9. Even though we have gotten older, I am still discovering new reasons to love you. You are a loving father and an incredible husband. I hope your birthday is filled with many moments of love and joy.

10. Happiness seems to shrivel when you are not around. Have a long life dear husband. May we celebrate many happy birthdays together.

11. There is no doubt that you are the best husband in the world. Do I doubt your directional abilities, cooking, or laundry skills? Yes! But never your love. Happy birthday to my darling husband!

12. Never in a million years did I think I would get a husband as loving and caring as you. I’m happy that I have you. Happy birthday honey.

13. Dear hubby, today is a special day and I want to dance with you till my feet ache. Happy Birthday – enjoy your day!

14. I’m grateful to God because He heard my prayer. I wanted to find sanity and He sent me you. You’re my sanity. Happy Birthday.

15. Life is an incredible journey, and there is no one I’d rather have by my side than you. Every moment we’ve had together is as irreplaceable as you are. Happy birthday husband!

16. The sun may be the center of the universe, but you are the center of my whole world. Happy birthday to the man who brought meaning and joy into my life. May your birthday be filled with every wonder that you could wish for this year.

17. No day is more important than the day you were born. You deserve all the attention on your birthday. Happy birthday, I love you to the moon and back.

18. When I was little, all I wanted was for a prince to come and save me. Now that I am older I can see that I got something even better. I married a king. This year for your birthday I have decided to let you rule the castle. Or at least let you believe that you do! Happy birthday husband!

19. Every day I find new ways to fall in love with you. Every day you take my breath away and today is no different. Happy Birthday, dear.

20. Thanks for always dealing with my craziness and still managing to love me unconditionally. It must be hard to be my husband, but you make it look so effortless. Happy birthday to my other (and occasionally better) half!

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21. Putting a smile on your face is my number one goal today. You mean the world to me. Happy birthday to my wonderful husband.

22. You have given me endless moments of joy and happiness over the years. You are more than my husband; you are my best friend. I hope your birthday is just as fantastic as you are.

23. Thank you for being the best husband ever. I am so grateful to God for giving me you. You are my everything, and I hope your birthday is just as phenomenal as you are.

24. My life just can’t get any better than it is right now with you. You have showered me with unlimited love and given me a million reasons to live for. Wishing you the happiest birthday!

25. My love for you is infinite, immeasurable. It will be the same even when you are 100 years old. Happy birthday my love!

26. I’m so lucky to have such an amazing and incredible husband in my life. You are nothing short of perfection, dearest. May your birthday be filled with warmth and laughter.

27. After all this time I still can’t keep my hands off you. You are almost as hot as the candles on your cake. Happiest birthday to my smokin’ hot hubby!

28. Happy birthday to the most loving, caring, and kind-hearted husband in the world. May you live a thousand years more and continue loving me for the rest of your life!

29. You are still the man of my dreams after all this time. Although, sometimes in my dreams you do a lot more cleaning than you do now! I love you regardless, and I hope your birthday is filled with endless fun.

30. The sun won’t shine if I am not with you. The days are long when you’re not close to me. I am hopeless and scared when I don’t feel your touch. You are the man I will always love. Today darling, you deserve the best birthday ever! Love you to the moon and back.

31. Dearest husband, the decision I made to be your wife remains the best I have made in my entire life. May our love for each other grow deeper and stronger with each passing day. Enjoy your day.

32. You are a magnificent husband and such a blessing in my life. I am unbelievably happy that I met such a generous, humble, and hot man. I hope your birthday is filled with everything your heart desires.

Anniversary messages for your husband

33. Being your wife still feels like a dream to me. It feels like just yesterday we got married. After all these years I still love being with you, and I look forward to many more years together to come.

34. I’m the luckiest wife in this world, because I’m blessed with such a loving and responsible husband. I thank God every day for having you in my life. Happy anniversary!

35. Your love is the most precious thing in my whole life. I love you not just for who you are but also for how you make me feel. A very happy anniversary to my dear husband.

36. I want to thank you for being not only my husband but also my soulmate and my biggest support. Happy anniversary dear! I am proud to be your wife!

37. Our marriage may have many bumpy rides and different obstacles but we have always faced every hardship together. This is why our relationship is so strong. I love you with my whole heart. I am very happy to be your wife. Please let this anniversary be the best. Happy Anniversary.

38. Life wouldn’t be so wonderful if you weren’t there to hold me up every time I fall. I feel very happy that you decided to spend the rest of your life with me. Happy anniversary!

39. Our anniversary isn’t only a symbol of color, loud music, fireworks, and parties it’s also a celebration of time, love, struggle, and the hardships we face together. Here’s to the love of my life. I am very grateful to be a wife to such a beautiful man.

40. It’s a day to celebrate all the memories we’ve created over these past years. I want to wish a great anniversary to you, my dear husband. God bless you!

41. On this anniversary, I look back on all the memories and time we’ve spent together and I wonder if there is a photo frame big enough for all our beautiful photos and memories together. Happy Anniversary!!!

42. On this very special day, I want you to know that you are everything that I have always wanted. Thanks for being with me all these years. I love you a lot!

43. Our marriage represents the journey that we started many years ago. I am very grateful to see we have not been led astray from our path and that we’ve always had each other’s back. I am very grateful to have such a caring and responsible husband. I love you exactly the way I loved you back then. A very Happy Anniversary.

44. I still remember the moment when you and I became “we”; I want to hold you tight for the rest of my life. Thanks for always being there for me! Happy Anniversary!

45. Time changes everything. But you have proven this statement wrong. You are still the same loving husband you were at the beginning of our marriage and that is what I love about you. I love you and I am grateful for being your wife. Happy Anniversary!

46. All the things I have achieved in my life mean nothing if you are not with me. I want to let you know that I love you more than you know. I want to celebrate another 100 anniversaries with you!

47. You are the equilibrium in my life. You brought stability to my craziness, elegance to my cuteness, and happiness to my smiles. What more can I ask from you? I love you with all my might. Wishing you a very happy anniversary.

48. Once in a while we meet someone in our life who is capable of giving us the hint that they will be our forever favorite no matter what happens. You are that person to me. Happy anniversary husband!

49. Despite having millions of flaws, you have never made me feel anything less than perfect. Even though I make thousands of mistakes, you always make me feel best. I could never thank you for everything you do for me. I am very grateful to you and your endless love. Happy Anniversary my dear!

50. When growing old, each and every wrinkle in our faces shows that our marriage is full of memories. Memories that we share together. Love you my dear – Happy Anniversary!

51. I wanted a romantic, handsome, energetic, smart, and caring life partner – I’m extremely lucky to have found all of those qualities in you. Happy anniversary my dear.

Sweet love messages for your husband

52. Every second of every day I spend being your wife makes me realize how blessed I am to live this blissful life. I love you, my dear husband.

53. I’ve loved you since the beginning, I love you today, and I will love you forever. You are in my heart and no one will ever tear us apart.

54. Every single day that I spend being your wife, I realize how lucky I am to live such an amazing life with the most perfect husband ever.

55. Thank you for being my soulmate, my better half, my partner in adventures, the father of my children, my lover, and my best friend. I love you.

56. Knowing that you will always be there for me to love me no matter what happens is my life’s biggest security and comfort. I love you, honey.

57. They say coffee is the best way to start and end a day but I say they are wrong. All I need to start and end my day is your kiss. I love you, my husband.

58. You have been my hottest crush, my most awesome date, the greatest boyfriend, and most passionate lover. All this put together makes you the most perfect husband ever. I love you.

59. Every day of my life is just perfect because it starts and ends with loving you!

60. Darling husband, you are God’s blessing to me. When you are not around, I feel like I have been denied what is mine. This is because you belong with me and nowhere else. I miss you.

61. When we’re not together, my soul feels hollow; my heart feels numb, my emotions become shallow. Like a rainbow without colors, like poetry without rhyme, times I spent away from you are the darkest ones.

62. I don’t need a superhero. I don’t need a character from romantic novels. I don’t need a prince from a fairy tale. Why would I wish for those when I have all of them wrapped in one? That’s you, my dear husband. I love you so much.

63. All the men in this world could learn a thing or two about being a perfect husband from you. I love you, sweetie.

64. Each day in my life begins and ends perfectly. It starts with me rolling over to see your face, and it ends when you wrap your arms around me in the evening. I love being with you, more than anything else.

65. Wherever I am, I always say a prayer asking that God will treat you as well as you treat me every day. That’s with lots of love! Honey, I love you.

66. You are my other half and my best friend as well. You are the only one who is ready to do anything for me and you show me how much you care for me every day. I love you hubby.

67. I’m the luckiest wife in this world because I have a loving and caring husband like you. You are the best. I love you so much – thanks for always supporting me.

68. I say this from the bottom of my heart honey; your love for me is flawless, your commitment impeccable. You make me feel so special. I love you.

69. Babe, the most romantic love story on earth isn’t that of Romeo and Juliet, but that of you and me. Thank you for being the reason for the happiest days of my life. I am so lucky and proud to be your wife.

70. I could easily say that I’ll love you until I die, but I really want to live forever to love you eternally.

71. The best part of our marriage is that the look in your flirty eyes still makes me feel like the most beautiful girl alive.

72. My love, when we got married, I almost told the priest to add a cautionary warning below your name in our marriage certificate that read “Beware of Hot Husband.” I am so lucky to have you.

73. You are more than my husband. You are my friend, my partner in crime, my confidant, my comforter and so much more. In everything I do, you are always in my mind.

74. If your love can be valued in monetary terms, I’d be the richest woman on earth. Anyway, since your love is invaluable, that still makes me rich beyond measure. Love you.

75. To be yours forever is all I want in this life. I love you so much, my dear husband.

76. The love you have for me is simply flawless and your commitment immaculate. All that matters to me is when you are happy. You make me feel like the queen of the world.

77. Years can go by, but I will never forget the first moment that you held me in your arms. In that moment and every second since then, you have been the reason I breathe, live, and exist. You are my love, and the source of all of my happiness.

Father’s Day messages for your husband

78. It is easy to tell you that you are a loving husband, a wonderful father, or a great husband. But you are much more than that – an example of a perfect man. I love you and we all adore you.

79. The only thing better than me having you as my husband is our children having you as their father. Happy Father’s Day, we love you.

80. You are so full of compassion, love, and strength. When we need a strong hand of support in our family, you are always there. I love you for being who you are and for all that you do. Happy Father’s Day to a wonderful husband and father!

81. You are my rock, my sounding board, the love of my life, but most importantly you are the greatest father to our children. Happy Father’s Day, we love you.

82. Your love reflects in the eyes of our children, they beam with joy when you enter the room. I adore you and am so blessed to have a respectful, hardworking husband. Happy Father’s Day.

83. You are our children’s hero. They watch everything that you do, learn from everything that you do, and want to do everything that you do. You’re teaching them to be confident, self-assured, and proud. Happy Father’s Day.

84. What in the world would I change about a man that loves his family, works hard, and treats his wife with love and respect? Absolutely nothing!! Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Wonderful!

85. Happy Father’s Day to an award winning father! You are truly the best father a child could hope for, as well as a fantastic husband!

86. Happy Father’s Day to my loving husband! I’m so very thankful that our children have a spectacular father like you. You mean the world to them and I admire you even more because of it.

87. You give our children someone to admire, respect, and honor. You are a fantastic dad. Happy Father’s Day to my loving husband!

Good morning messages for your husband

88. My love is finally awake; I thank God for you each and every moment. You are the best husband in the world and my one true love. Enjoy your day!

89. Waking up next to you every morning has been a dream come true. I couldn’t have found a better husband if I searched across all the planets.

90. You are all I’ve ever wanted in a husband and I am blessed to wake up beside you each day.

91. Good morning my handsome husband, you make me feel lucky each time you open your eyes to kiss me in the morning. Have a successful day, I love you!

92. My dear husband, you set my heart ablaze each morning when your eyes open and capture me anew. Good morning!

93. Waking up next to you is another reason to be thankful for the day, my dear husband. You are the one that lights up my day. Enjoy your morning sweetheart.

94. Since the moment we said our vows, nothing has been the same. I now know for better or for worse, you still remain the one I want to wake up next to. Good morning!

95. My dear husband, you’ll never know how secure I feel waking up in your arms each morning. Thank you for loving me with all your soul and strength. Good morning my charming man!

96. I’m wishing you a day as bright as your smile, a day as sweet as your heart and a day as amazing as you are. Good morning my love.

97. There is no one like you in this world. You are my shining star, and I just wanted to wish you a good morning.

98. Your morning kisses and hugs speak more than a thousand words and express a lot of love for me. They melt my heart.

99. Life is great when my morning starts with you after having a wonderful dream of you. Good Morning Dear.

100. Every new morning makes me fall in love with you again my love. Good morning and have a nice day ahead!