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I Forgive You Because My Soul Deserves Peace

I Forgive You Because My Soul Deserves Peace

How do you forgive someone who took all your love and then used it against you?

That kind of betrayal is something that scars you for life.

I was naive but I loved with all my heart. I never second-guessed the things you said to me because I was so infatuated.

I was wrong to do so, but I couldn’t resist the way you made me feel. I thought we had something special, but I guess it was just another game for you.

I’ll never understand people who play with other people’s emotions like it’s just something harmless.

I’ll never understand that something that means the world to one person is just a fling for another.

You were the first person I let into my heart. The same heart that felt so scared to let anyone in after you.

The same heart that was broken into a million pieces because you couldn’t be the man you said you were.

The whole thing caused me deep pain and I didn’t understand what was happening to me.

My world was crushed and everything I knew stopped making sense.

I was in love with a man who abused me.

Looking back, I don’t understand why I didn’t see it right away.

Women in love can be so blind. We tolerate so much and make excuses to the point where we become delusional. All in the name of love.

Only years after do we realize how wrong everything was but by then it’s too late.

Unfortunately, there are so many people who mistake infatuation and passion for love.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Love isn’t possessive like you were and it doesn’t make demands like you did.

You made me believe that the pieces of so-called love you gave me were the whole thing.

You made me believe that pain has to be part of love. How crazy is that?

Now, things are different.

The illusion is over and I finally see things as they are.

You’re not some extraordinary being that found his way to my life through mysterious ways as I believed before. No.

You’re just a hurt man with no capacity to love because you can’t love yourself. You’re the one who’s lost.

That’s not my fault. It never was. I can’t help you if you can’t help yourself.

That’s the lesson I choose to learn from you: To love myself. To never let anyone and anything change that.

In order to do that, first, I need to forgive.

I need to forgive myself for letting you play with my heart and I need to forgive you to heal that same broken heart.

I need to forgive you to finally be at peace because I deserve it.

I deserve to feel peaceful and move on with my life.

I deserve to heal.

I deserve to feel whole again and welcome something new and better in my life.

I’m ready for it.

All the things that happened to me will make sense in the end.

I don’t have it all figured out, but I’m not scared.

All I know is that I’m finally taking control of my own life. I have the strength to move on and I’m not letting this feeling slip away.

Nobody has the control of my heart but me and for once I’m happy.

I’m happy you didn’t turn me into something I’m not.

I’m happy I chose to listen to myself in the end.

Now I know what love isn’t and for that I’m grateful.

From now on – only true love will reach my heart. Only the man who accepts me as I am and treasures me will feel the greatness of my love.

I was always a lover and now I know I’m a fighter, too –  because I saved myself.