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If You Truly Love Yourself, You Won’t Let Anyone Do These 8 Things To You

If You Truly Love Yourself, You Won’t Let Anyone Do These 8 Things To You

Most people say that they love themselves. Unfortunately, that isn’t true love with most of us. We give too much of ourselves to some people.

We change ourselves completely for our loved ones. We lose ourselves when we’re in a relationship.

That’s not how self-love is supposed to be. If you truly love yourself, you would never allow anyone to tell you how you should change yourself completely.

It’s not important who goes or stays in your life; you’re all that’s important. You’re the only constant in your life.

That’s why you have to know your worth. You have to be aware of what you deserve and never settle for any less. In light of that, you should never let anyone do any of the following things to you:

Make you doubt yourself

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Self-love comes from self-worth. You should never let anyone make you doubt yourself and tell you that you can’t do certain things.

You can accomplish more than you think. You can do whatever you set your mind to. You only have to believe in yourself and never allow anyone to dim your light.

Put you down in front of others

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I honestly swear that some people really enjoy doing this. And I’ll never be able to understand why. Do they think they are better than others or what?

Irrelevant. The important thing is that you shouldn’t allow this from anyone. If you allow one person to undermine you, then someone else will think that you’re okay with it and do the same to you.

Use you

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Not all people have a pure and clean heart like you – you have to be aware of that always. You’ll meet some people that will only try to use you and your naivety.

That’s why it’s important never to let your heart control your mind, otherwise you won’t be able to realize when someone’s only using you and your feelings.

Mistreat you

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Again, you have to be aware of your self-worth. Know your value and don’t settle for any less than you deserve, no matter how much you love someone.

Stand up for yourself. Don’t try to fool yourself. If someone mistreats you, that means they don’t respect you. And where there is no respect, there truly is no love.

Make fun of you

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A little teasing among friends is normal. But if it’s only one-sided, then that is not just playful teasing. It’s bullying and that’s something you should never allow.

Show others that you’re confident. Put an end to that constant taunting and tell the culprits that you aren’t okay with it. Tell them that their teasing hurts your feelings and that you won’t put up with it anymore.

Control your life

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Very often, when people fall in love, they let their significant other control their life. And they don’t become aware of it until they realize that their relationship has become toxic and unhealthy.

No matter how much you love the other person, you should always love yourself more. Life is so unpredictable and you never know what the future will bring.

You can never be sure that you’ve met your soulmate or that you’ll stay with that person forever. If you let someone control your life other than yourself, you’ll feel lost if they ever had to break up with you.

Affect your decisions

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We have all different opinions about certain things and we also have all the right to voice them. It’s good to hear out someone’s advice, especially if it’s coming from those close to you.

However, you are the only person who is in charge of your life and you should be the one to make your own decisions and choices. Don’t let other people’s opinions affect your decisions.

Abuse you

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No matter how much you love someone, never – I repeat – never let them abuse you in any kind of way. 

Physical violence isn’t the only form of an abusive relationship. There are so many other types and that’s why sometimes we don’t even realize that we’re being abused by our significant other.

Constant ultimatums, controlling behavior, unreasonable jealousy, guilt trips, verbal abuse, constant criticism…

These are all signs of an unhealthy, abusive relationship and behavior you should never condone if you really love yourself and care about your own well-being.

If You Truly Love Yourself, You Won't Let Anyone Do These 8 Things To You