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My Soul Is Tired: Recognize The Signs Of Tired Soul And Fix It

My Soul Is Tired: Recognize The Signs Of Tired Soul And Fix It

Sometimes, no matter how much you sleep or rest, you constantly feel tired. You feel chronically exhausted and just can’t help it. 

Well, that actually means it’s not your body, but your soul that is tired. Unfortunately, most of us don’t pay as much attention to our souls as we do our physical health. 

It also needs nurturing and it also needs proper healing when it’s tired. It’s important to take care of your soul because it greatly affects your mental health

The first thing you have to do is to admit to yourself that there’s a problem, then motivate yourself to fix it to continue with your beautiful life as soon as possible. 

Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself loudly, My soul is tired, but I’ll find a way to fix it and I’ll never allow it to feel that tiredness again.”

If your soul feels tired, you cannot be happy and it won’t let you enjoy life to the fullest. Everything will exhaust you and you will feel listless all the time.  

How do you know if your soul is tired?

If you aren’t sure that you’re suffering from soul exhaustion, here are some warning signs

1. You start avoiding people around you

Before, hanging out with your friends was your favorite part of the day, so what happened now? You don’t answer their calls and texts, or you use different excuses to reject their invitation to hang out. 

You become paranoid and don’t know who you can and cannot trust. You find yourself thinking that none of those people are your true friends. 

You think that being alone can help you deal with your emotions in a healthier and easier way. But people close to you are the only ones who can help you. 

If you close yourself off from others, you’ll start suppressing your emotions. You may think that not talking about things that are bothering you or bottling your emotions will make them disappear. 

They won’t. Those unexpressed emotions will only negatively affect your mental health. Sooner or later, they will boil over and then you’ll have to deal with even worse consequences. 

2. You feel like no one can truly understand you

Sometimes, it just seems like you’re the only person in the world. You feel so alone because you think that no one understands what you’re feeling and going through.

You’re surrounded by family and so many friends who love you, but you feel that there is no one you can fully confide in. 

Also, you aren’t quite sure how you feel and you don’t know how to explain it to someone. You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, but you don’t know how and why. 

You’re afraid of how they’ll react. You’re afraid that they might make fun of you or even think that you have some mental health problems. 

That’s why you choose to avoid other people and to talk to your inner self only. After all, you’re the person who always gets you and doesn’t ask questions. 

However, you should feel free to express yourself. Those people who truly love you will understand you, try to help you, and stay with you no matter what. 

3. You never feel rested no matter how much you’ve slept

You decide to sleep on the weekend. And truly, you’ve spent all weekend in your pajamas. But it didn’t help; you woke up still tired as if you had never even slept. 

After some time, you even start feeling some physical symptoms because of that tiredness. You become lethargic because you use your free time to only sleep and rest. 

You’re under the impression that the physical pain you’re feeling is caused by this tiredness and all you need is a good night’s rest.

You’re not aware of the fact that the pain doesn’t come from the tiredness of some physical work, it actually comes from your soul. 

It’s your soul that is exhausted and you can’t heal it by sleeping or resting. You have to change your way of living in order to fix your tired soul

4. You aren’t pleased with your life

If your soul is tired, it’s the sign that you aren’t happy with where you stand in life. You must change some things. 

Think about your job. Is it really what you want to do in life or are you doing it only because you have to? 

Have you fulfilled any of your goals in life? Those things you dreamed about when you were a kid – have you managed to achieve any of them? 

5. You feel some intense emotions

You start experiencing some strong emotions – all because you’ve been suppressing them for too long. 

You don’t even know how to deal with them anymore. That’s also one of the reasons why you avoid people. You aren’t able to manage these intense emotions and are afraid of how others will look at you for it. 

6. Lack of motivation starts affecting all aspects of your life

You don’t have the desire to do anything. It’s started affecting all aspects of your life. 

You are so unmotivated, that even getting up from bed in the morning is too much for you. You neglect your house, pets, friends, family, and even yourself. 

You can’t focus on anything. Even your boss has realized that something is wrong with you because you aren’t working as well as before. 

7. You experience some mild panic attacks

You don’t feel comfortable around people anymore. Every social gathering can trigger a mild panic attack for you. It can also cause some mental conditions like depression or anxiety.

You become overwhelmed with emotions. You get confused. You don’t know what to do or say or how to behave. 

You are too nervous to be around too many people. Your hands shake, your palms sweat – you may even start hyperventilating. 

You shouldn’t worry. It’s also called social phobia or social anxiety disorder, and you can work to overcome it. 

8. You radiate negative energy

Those intense emotions and mental conditions make you exude negative energy. You’re not the one avoiding people anymore, now people are starting to avoid you. 

No one needs negative energy in life. Yes, we all have some difficult periods, but it comes and it goes, like everything in life. 

9. You lack self-love

You’ve forgotten how important it is to love yourself. That lack of love affects your self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Great self-relationship comes from self-love and it’s the foundation for all other relationships in your life. It’s no wonder you think that no one else loves you. 

All that makes you disconnect from others and your own life. You live life only because you have to, without any hopes or wishes for the future. 

How to recharge your tired soul?

In order to fix your tired soul, you just have to slow down a little bit and recharge it. And here is how you’ll do it.

1. Slow down…

Take a deep breath. Take a day off from work, from people, and everything else. 

Prepare yourself a relaxing bath and enjoy it. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine. Put on some relaxing music. Don’t think about anything. Relax your body, your mind, and your soul. 

Try to imagine yourself in some beautiful deserted island. Hear the calming sound of waves crashing on the shore? Do you hear that beautiful sound of seagulls and other coastal birds singing? 

It’s the sound of how beautiful life truly is. You just have to slow down and remind yourself of it. You have to bring those beautiful sounds back into your life. 

2. Self-care is the number one priority

I know that we all lead busy and stressful lives. Sometimes we forget to take some time for ourselves. 

But you have to set out some “me time” in your busy schedule. You have to pay more attention to self-care. It will boost your self-esteem and improve your self-image. 

We are always in a hurry, so we either grab some junk food on our way to work or forget to eat altogether. You have to change these self-destructive habits. It has many negative effects on your health, too. 

Make exercise a part of your daily routine. Run or walk every day. You’ll be surprised how it boosts your mood. 

Is there any sport you particularly like? Or maybe you’re into yoga? Find some physical activity you enjoy and start practicing it immediately. 

3. Enough with negative self-talk

It’s time someone says to you that it’s enough with negative self-talk and self-pity. 

You are a beautiful human being who deserves nothing but the best. Don’t ever think any less of yourself. 

You are good enough. You are worth a whole lot. Never allow anyone to make you doubt that. 

Remember, how you treat yourself is how you show others to treat you. If you have a bad self-image and negative self-opinion, others will look at you the same. 

4. Improve your mood by doing little things you like

Live a little. Do some things that bring you joy. Call some people you love and invite them over or go hang out with them. 

If traveling is your thing, then pick a destination and go. Don’t overthink it. Pack a bag, call your boss, and leave. 

We all feel good when we help others. There are many places where you can volunteer. Not only will it be great for improving your mood, but you’ll also be doing a good deed. 

Maybe you always wanted to learn to speak a foreign language or play guitar, but somehow you never managed to find the time. Well, now is the perfect time to do just that. 

5. Improve your mental well-being

Meditate. It’s great for your mental well-being – it’s proven that meditation reduces stress. And to be honest, we all need something to lighten the load. 

Dance and sing around the house. Crank up the music while you’re doing the housework. Sing while you’re cooking. Ooze only positive energy

Maybe you still aren’t ready to talk with someone about how you feel, but there is a solution for that as well. Buy yourself a furry friend – you have no clue how happy a little fluffball can make you. 

6. Reach out to your loved one

Sooner or later, you’ll have to talk with someone – and sooner is better. Your friends know you best and they can give you the right advice to help you fix your tired soul. 

First, you’ll need to apologize for avoiding them for so long, then you’ll have to explain why you did it. 

Don’t be afraid. Those people love you the most and will understand you for sure. They would do anything to make you feel better. 

7. Eliminate toxic people from your life

Some people simply share only negative energy. These are the ones you have to eliminate from your life, or at least avoid them as much as you can. 

These people are toxic and can’t bear the fact that someone else is happy. They try to do anything just to drain your energy and make you as miserable as they are. 

You don’t need that kind of energy around yourself, especially now when you’re trying to heal your soul. 

You have to stop wasting your precious time on people who only drag you down!

8. Surround yourself only with love and positivity

Surround yourself only with people who honestly love you and want the best for you – those who bring out the best in you. It’ll help to bring more positive energy into your life. 

Smile more, worry less. Be more grateful and optimistic. Look at life through your rose-colored glasses again. You’ll see how it’ll change your entire life. 

9. Live in the present moment…

Live now, at this precise moment. Don’t worry about the future too much because you never know what can happen next. 

Over-worrying about the future can distract you from your present life.

You won’t be able to think clearly about some important things that are happening right now in your life and it is going to prevent you from being fully invested in what you’re doing. 

10. …but don’t forget your dreams and goals for the future

While you shouldn’t stress too much about the future, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any plans for the future. 

Your dreams and goals for the future define you in some way and it’s good to have something to work for. They are your biggest motivators in life. 

You’ll see how satisfied you’ll feel every time you achieve one of those goals. It’ll give peace to your mind and soul. 

11. Reset yourself

Sometimes it’s not enough to recharge yourself in order to bring peace to your tired soul. Sometimes you need to reset yourself completely and start over. 

This is needed when you shut yourself down completely and bottle up your emotions for so long, you just can’t continue living in this way. 

This takes time; you’ll have to be patient. You’ll have to take it day by day. You’ll need to relearn everything from the beginning. 

The most important thing for you to learn is to deal with your emotions in a healthier way. It’ll help your soul and protect it from getting tired ever again. 

You have to do whatever it takes to fix your exhausted soul. Now, you have to promise me that and say it out loud, “My soul is tired and I’m empty inside, but I am going to fix it!” 

I believe you and I believe IN you. You’ll get over this sooner than you think.