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What Do Guys Think After You Sleep With Them? 24 Common Thoughts

What Do Guys Think After You Sleep With Them? 24 Common Thoughts

What do guys think after you sleep with them?

Regardless of whether it’s a one night stand, if you’re friends with benefits, in a serious relationship, or you’re about to sleep with a guy for the first time, there isn’t a single woman who hasn’t asked herself this question at some point.

Most of the time guys are very simple and don’t bother thinking too much about it, and other times they might start overthinking out of fear that they haven’t properly satisfied their woman.

The main reason why a lot of women (including myself) worry about how a guy feels after we sleep with them is because we women are complex creatures, which is a good thing!

We want to know what a man wants, what a guy thinks about our hookup (especially if it was a first date), whether he’s considering a committed relationship, his turn-offs – the list goes on and on.

We’ve witnessed many men pull away in the early stages (or even after the first night), so knowing what the hell is going on in a man’s mind is not just a matter of curiosity, but it’s a necessity!

This extensive list of the most common thoughts every guy has after lovemaking will certainly give you an answer to the question: What do guys think after you sleep with them?

And if it doesn’t, then make sure to read it again. (Just kidding).

You just made love, you lucky bastard!

Right when the endorphins and oxytocin start kicking in after finishing, this is the first thing that pops into their mind.

They enjoy the beautiful afterglow and think how awesome it was! Let’s be honest ladies.

Guys don’t really have high standards when it comes to lovemaking because they are not as sensitive or emotional as us women.

When they see a naked body, they literally fall into a trance from all the excitement.

A woman could lie down like a sack of potatoes and the majority of men wouldn’t mind – they’d just be happy about the fact that she was willing to do it with them and that they could brag around about it (okay, not all of them).

I’m wondering whether she enjoyed it, too…

This is especially true if they’re in a relationship.

In that case, they’ll wonder whether they succeeded in satisfying their woman because they want to know that you enjoyed it, too.

Although, some men will also be concerned about this if they’re caring and empathetic by nature.

We all know that there are two types of men out there: Those who care about a woman’s satisfaction and those who only care about their own.

Those who belong to the first group want to know that they hit the right spots and did their job like a boss.

Yup, the majority of men are really sensitive about their performance. So, I pray that you always end up with the first type!

Hmm…did she have an orgasm too, or was she faking it?

Faking orgasms has been a trending topic ever since the world began and guys spend lots of time thinking about this one after finishing.

Again, it’s usually those who are in a committed relationship that will be worried whether their lady ‘finished’ too or not.

Truth be told, women have become real orgasm faking experts, which makes it hard for men to decipher if they are faking it.

Oftentimes, this is a good thing because it doesn’t hurt their feelings if their performance wasn’t that good.

If he suspects that you faked it, he will be disappointed in himself because he will think that he did something wrong and that he is not capable of satisfying your needs.

They can take it as a direct attack on their egos (which is one of the reasons why women are faking it in the first place, right? Right).

Is one of us supposed to leave now?

Darling, you got to let me know

Should I stay or should I go?

If you say that you are mine

I’ll be here ’til the end of time

So you got to let me know

Should I stay or should I go? (The Clash, Should I Stay Or Should I Go)

If it was a one night stand, 99% of guys will wonder whether they should leave or stay – or whether you should leave (if you’re at their place).

This is one of the most awkward situations.

While women usually prefer to stay a little bit and enjoy a cuddle session, some men are not really into that.

They just want to drink some beer, turn on the TV, brag to their friends about their steamy night and then fall asleep.

If they’re at your place, they might even gather the courage to ask you whether you want them to stay or leave.

They don’t want to be intrusive, so they let you decide for the both of you.

I wonder if I’m the best she’s ever had.

Every single guy on the planet wants to know that HE’S the best you’ve ever had.

There’s something fascinating about their testosterone competition that always comes to the surface, whatever the situation.

So, yes, as you’re refreshing yourself, he will lie down with a smile on his face reassuring himself that he was the best you’ve ever had.

Because guys want to be the best! Period.

Knowing that you enjoyed their performance is one of the biggest self confidence boosters because they know they did everything right and their moves are still strong.

The last thing they need in life is you telling your friends how bad they were last night. Lord forbid.

Maybe I finished too fast.

Oh, no! This is one of the biggest concerns of every guy out there, whether they are in a relationship or not, and it is a direct attack on their self confidence.

In their eyes, finishing too fast is a surefire way to ruin everything.

And we have to agree on this one, right ladies? If they finish too fast, they will obsess over that fact for hours, weeks, and even months.

They might even ask you to confirm whether it was too fast for your liking. If you say yes, then they will apologize to you for the inconvenience.

The main reason why they finish too fast is because they were too excited, so it was just too intense for them and they couldn’t endure any longer.

Well, for that, we cannot blame them.

Why did it take me so long to finish?

And the opposite of the previous problem is taking too long to finish.

Yup, when they finish too fast, we end up feeling betrayed and dissatisfied, but when they are trying to finish it for an eternity, we get drained and impatient.

Guys know that very well, and that is why they will get overly worried about it.

They start thinking about whether the problem is with them or you, and you will think that as well.

He will be disappointed in his performance and start rewinding the whole thing to figure out where it went wrong.

Also, delayed orgasm is sometimes linked with health issues, so their concern about it might be legit after all.

I truly hope she’s on the pill.

Interestingly, many men will start thinking about this one right after finishing because they’re too busy before or in the middle of the process.

Passionate kissing, sighing, and intense lovemaking prevent them from thinking about anything else than that – pure joy.

And then, after finishing, they start thinking about potential consequences of their actions (especially if they haven’t used any protection).

So, they will hope that you’re on the pill, but oftentimes they will be too afraid or ashamed to ask you.

This is a scenario for one night stands where alcohol takes its toll, you come unprepared, you know the rest.

So, this might be exactly what he thinks after you sleep with him.

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Dude, I think I really need to shower.

Oh, yes. After a steamy session, one thing is sure: You are bound to be covered with sweat.

The thing is, we don’t really notice it until we do. So, when the excitement subsides, he will start noticing things around him and about him.

One of those things is the urge to take a shower because he doesn’t want to be stinky next to his lady.

Because of that, he might avoid cuddling with you (so, when that happens keep in mind it might be because he needs to shower).

And if you’re in a committed relationship, showering together is a nice option, and it’s economic too.

And it might well result in round 2 – which he simply cannot refuse.

I hope she’s not taken.

What do guys think after you sleep with them?

Well, if it was a one night stand, after finishing, a guy might start thinking about whether you’re taken or not for two reasons:

a) Because he really likes you A LOT

b) Because he doesn’t want to get beaten up by your husband or boyfriend.

We all know that many guys (especially when they’re drunk) don’t really worry too much about whether you’re single or not.

Speaking from personal experience – I was once told that I’m not taken if I don’t have a ring. In other words, I’m single if I’m not engaged or married.

If nothing else, I have to say that this is an interesting analogy.

Wait, what exactly happened last night and who did I just sleep with?

And sometimes guys wake up in the morning after an intense night, look to their left or right and realize that there is a woman in their bed.

Thanks to an excess of alcohol, they can’t figure out what happened and who the woman sleeping next to them is.

So, they ask themselves: Wait a minute, what exactly happened last night and who did I just sleep with?

Truth be told, they don’t really worry much about it as long as they know they enjoyed it.

But, it is somewhat irritating when you can’t remember everything – how you met that person and how they ended up in your apartment.

So, they truly hope that at least the other person remembers how it all happened.

What’s next?

Now that you’ve slept together, the question that bothers many guys is: What happens next?

In their head, they have already achieved the ultimate goal and now they know how you taste from the inside out (pun intended).

So, now they wonder what they ought to do next.

They think about things like: Should we continue seeing each other? Should it be casual or something more serious? I wonder what she thinks about all this?

Yup, even guys start overthinking from time to time, especially when things are still undefined.

He doesn’t want to suggest anything because he doesn’t know if you’ll agree with him.

I wonder if she’s interested in round 2.

Let’s face it. This is not something that every guy asks himself because the majority of them are not ready for round 2 immediately after the first round.

But, when they are, they secretly hope that you are, too.

They are afraid of forcing things, so if you say that you are kind of tired, chances are they won’t even ask you about round 2 even if it is something they really want.

But, if they see that you might be interested, they might as well ask you to know for sure.

Some guys will ask either way if only to boast to their woman about their endurance.

So, if she rejects the idea, they won’t get offended because either way, they win.

Damn, that was a hot move!

Let me tell you one thing. Guys LOVE confident women because they are not afraid of experimenting and introducing them to new things.

So, when you do something that is non-standard for them, they can’t help but think that you’re a true Goddess full of hot moves.

So, they get excited about what you will do next because you must have more of your voodoo magic up your sleeve.

Chances are they will brag to their friends about your hot moves so that they get jealous of him. (And, who wouldn’t?).

Should I tell my friends?

If you ask me, there are two types of guys in the world: Those who immediately tell their friends everything and those who question whether they should, or not.

Now, the reason why they have this tendency to share their experiences with their friends is because they want to boast about being with a hot girl and being active (if you catch my drift).

They want to be perceived by society as active individuals who are using all their potential and enjoying their life.

But, not all guys are like that. There are still those humble men who don’t have the need to boast about all the women they’ve been with.

They don’t really care what others think of them because what matters to them is knowing that they are enjoying it.

Can’t wait to tell my friends!

And here’s the second type as mentioned above!

After finishing, guys who belong to this type don’t really care about anything else because the only thing they’re thinking about is telling their friends everything ASAP.

So, a woman might be still in their bed while they are texting with their friends and retelling everything that happened.

But, this doesn’t necessarily have to be perceived as a bad thing.

They just want other people to know that they are happy and that they just got lucky.

Usually, they don’t retell every experience (especially when their performance wasn’t that impressive), so this is more of a random thing they do from time to time.

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Should I call her back?

I know what you’re thinking, ladies! YES, CALL HER BACK!

If I was given a dollar for every time my friends or I worried about whether a guy would call us back or not, we would be richer than Oprah by now.

Now, the reason why guys always question whether they should call back or not is because they themselves are not sure what they really want at the moment.

So, while girls end up worrying about why he hasn’t texted or called back (of course, if the whole experience was satisfying), guys are overthinking the whole situation.

After some time thinking about it, some of them decide to call back and others don’t.

And, trust me, you shouldn’t worry at all about those who don’t because everything happens for a reason.

Man, I’m starving!

After an intense performance, it’s normal for a guy to be starving.

While women usually prefer to cuddle, men are more food oriented, so sneaking to their fridge (or your fridge) will be their priority.

Some men will be courteous enough to ask whether their woman is hungry too, so you might order pizza or similar.

After finishing, eating healthy food is the least of a guy’s concerns (whether he’s a bodybuilder or a regular guy).

He just wants to devour a calorie rich meal the same way he devoured you (sounds really hot).

Or he might suggest round 2 to appease his appetite (here’s something even hotter).

Did I reciprocate?

Ah, that famous reciprocity. Mostly guys who are in a serious relationship worry about this one.

I don’t even think there’s a need to explain it in detail.

Being in a relationship means constantly giving and taking, rather than only taking.

So, they will worry whether they were selfish in bed or if they succeeded in reciprocating and making you feel special.

They don’t want you to feel like you’ve done most of the job and they were only there to enjoy it.

They appreciate mutual effort and they want you to know that your happiness is a reflection of their own.

Although, sometimes even guys who are in a relationship turn into savages and forget about this whole reciprocation thing.

But, we won’t blame them (as long as their performance was satisfying).

I hope she won’t figure out that I can’t remember her name

While you might be worrying about an emotional connection, the whole night and what will happen next, the guy you’ve been with might be trying hard to remember your name.

This sounds really cruel, but it happens.

Picture this: You’re still in bed and he has to ask you something, but he can’t remember your name.

If he says a random name, you might feel insulted, but if he says something neutral like Honey, you might be insulted as well (if you’re only casual).

So, he is literally begging the universe to enlighten his memory and remind him of your name.

Sometimes, they get lucky and a woman doesn’t notice, but other times they end up feeling embarrassed (I daresay for a reason).

I wonder what my orgasm face looks like.

This one is hilarious, but it’s totally true.

When they’re about to finish, they don’t really bother about what their face looks like – or about anything else.

But, after finishing, they tend to think about a lot of things and one of them is: What does my orgasm face look like?

They don’t want to look overly emotional or like an animal. Basically, they don’t want their orgasm face to look like a meme.

So, they all hope that they look normal, but of course, they would never ask you about it because it would be really weird and inappropriate (unless you’re already in a relationship).

Maybe this was a mistake.

Believe it or not, even men sometimes think that they’ve made a mistake after lovemaking.

There are many reasons why a guy would think like this and include some of the following:

He is really interested in you and now he’s afraid that you are going too fast

• He was really drunk and forgot that he has a girlfriend or wife at home (hmm…)

He is feeling lonely, so he chases random girls

He will question all this for a long time and the fact that he thinks it was a mistake speaks a lot about the validity of his statement.

Sometimes it really is a mistake, but it’s also a lesson.

I should do this more often

If a guy has been inactive for some time, after finishing one of the first things to pop into his mind is: I should definitely do this more often.

They remind themselves of how good it feels to be with a woman, so they instantly regret not doing it more often.

Given that lovemaking releases endorphins (feel good hormones), they literally get addicted to your body, smell, and all your moves, so they have to get their daily dose of you.

Otherwise, they will start feeling irritated and stressed out.

Where’s the remote?

And the last, but not least, some guys only think about chilling in front of the TV – so if they are not in their apartment, they will start wondering where the remote is.

And if you add some pizza into the equation, there you have it: the perfect combo for almost any guy out there.

Although, some guys prefer cuddling instead of spending time in front of the TV.

If you also prefer TV and pizza or something else like your guy, there you have it! You may well be soulmates (joking aside).

It takes all sorts (to make a world)!

I hope you enjoyed the list and that it succeeded in answering that famous question: What do guys think after you sleep with them?

The truth is, there are many other things guys think about after finishing – these are just the most common ones.

As always, it takes all sorts to make a world!

Whether we agree with all the things that are going through their head or not, one thing is sure: We cannot blame them.

What we can do is (try to) understand them.

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