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One Day You’ll Wake Up And It Won’t Hurt Anymore

One Day You’ll Wake Up And It Won’t Hurt Anymore

One day you’ll wake up and he won’t be the protagonist of your thoughts.

He won’t be the first thing you think of when you wake up nor the last one when you go to sleep. He won’t appear in your mind in the middle of your busy workday, preventing you from functioning normally.

He will be nothing more than a distant memory. He will fade slowly and you won’t be aware of it, you will just wake up on that day and you will breathe easy.

One day you’ll wake up and he will lose the significance he has for you now.

You will realize that you never needed him in the first place. That he was just making your life into a living hell. That in spite of the initial hurt you felt, you feel peace now that he is no longer by your side.

He was never the love of your life, he was the mistake of your life and it was so easy to mistake one for the other.

One day you’ll wake up and you won’t feel confused anymore.

Your head will be liberated from all the questions. You won’t blame yourself or recount all the what-ifs in your head. You won’t try to find the answer to what went wrong.

You won’t wonder if you were enough because you will know you were. You were more than enough but he wasn’t enough for you – you just failed to see that then.

One day you’ll wake up and you‘ll realize he was wrong for you all along.

He will fall from the pedestal you kept him on. He is not your king because he never treated you like a queen. He was always doing the bare minimum to keep you by his side.

He would always take from you but he never knew how to give. He always counted on you to be there but you could never lean on him. He was there but you still felt all alone.

One day you’ll wake up and you won’t be haunted by the memories.

When everything comes down to it, you don’t think about all the bad things and his crappy behavior and hurtful memories. You concentrate on the good.

You emphasize the good so much that it becomes better and you start to miss it. You think back to every nice word he said and every grand gesture he pulled. And it hurts.

But on that bright, sunshiny day when you are finally over him, you won’t think any more about the good or the bad.

You won’t think about what once was because you will be too busy with your life then. That will be your personal victory.

One day you’ll wake up and you won’t miss him anymore.

You won’t miss him because you’ll realize that there’s nothing to miss. You had your time with him. It was good and incredible and it was also bad and ugly but that time has passed.

You have a new life to concentrate on now. You have your own goals to reach and interests to fulfill. You are on a mission to make yourself complete and there’s no stopping you.

One day you’ll wake up and it won’t hurt anymore.

He will be nothing but a pale memory of a love that used to exist long ago. He will be the one who showed you what love should never look like. He will be a lesson you had to learn.

He will be somebody you used to know. Somebody you used to love. Somebody you don’t care for anymore and that will be his loss. He lost an amazing woman and that will be something he has to live with, not you.