Whenever you are in an abusive or toxic relationship, everyone wonders what makes you stick around and what makes you hold on to this man who obviously doesn’t deserve you and who doesn’t treat you right.

The truth is that the man you are with doesn’t love you enough. That he doesn’t put any effort into your relationship and that he takes you for granted.

The truth is that this guy is a selfish asshole who doesn’t appreciate anything you’ve done for him and that he has no respect for you at all.

Besides, he emotionally abuses you and puts you down whenever he has the chance to. He is always trying to prove to you that you are not good enough for him and that you are not worthy of him.

He blames you for everything wrong in your relationship and he never takes any responsibility for his words or actions. He never takes care of you and he never worries about your feelings or if he’ll crush them.

This guy is obviously a serious narcissist and a toxic manipulator who will never change his ways.

And the worst part is that you are very well aware of all of this. You know he is not the type of man you want to spend the rest of your life with.

But what prevents you from finally walking away from him is the fact that he wasn’t always like this.

When you first met him, he was a different man and this is the man you want to get back.

Contrary to the way he treats you now, this guy was the most loving and caring person ever.

He was a man who was always putting you first and a man who was ready to disregard his own needs just to make you happy.

He was someone who didn’t mind showing his love for you and someone who acted like he would do anything possible just to make you smile.

This was a man who tried hard to make your relationship work and a man who was ready to make all the necessary sacrifices for the sake of it.

This was a man who tried hard to build happy memories with you.

And these beautiful things from the past are what is keeping you in this relationship.

Because every time you think about walking away from him, you remember the guy he used to be.

You remember every time he held you in his arms when you needed him the most. You remember every time he had your back and every time he was there to give you his unconditional and endless support.

You remember all the effort he put in just to make you feel better every time you were down.

You remember all the surprises he made for you. Every birthday and anniversary. You remember every time he bought you something he knew you wanted to have, without any special occasion.

Whenever you think about leaving this guy, you remember all the times he swore he loved you. And all the times you believed him.

So you forget about the way he is treating you now. All of a sudden, you forget about all the pain he’s been causing you lately and all you want is to have these happy moments back.

But what you can’t accept is that this man doesn’t exist anymore. And that he probably was never real in the first place.

That this was all a mask which he used to get under your skin and to make you love him.

What you can’t accept is that this is his true face and that he’ll never go back to his old ways.

That the old times you crave are only a matter of the past and that you’ll never have them back, as much as you want to.

So please, stop allowing your happy memories with him to prevent you from doing the right thing.

And you know that the only right choice you can make is to find the strength to walk away from this man and to never turn back.

You know that the only option you have is to stop holding on to the past and to finally start looking forward, without this man by your side.