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One Day You’ll Wish You Fought For Her While You Still Had The Chance

One Day You’ll Wish You Fought For Her While You Still Had The Chance

I bet you’re crying your eyes out right now. I bet you’re praying to God to turn back time so you could do things differently.

I bet you’re regretting so hard for missing probably your only true chance to feel loved.

You had her all to yourself and you fucked up.

She loved you so much. She was ready to give her life for yours and you missed it.

You missed love when it was right under your nose.

She tried to be perfect for you, you know? She tried so hard to keep a smile on her face when all she wanted to do was to scream in pain from the top of her lungs.

Scream from sadness and neglect. But you were just doing fine, weren’t you? You were given so much love and affection and gave nothing in return. Isn’t that a pretty life?

She stood by your side choking in tears and crying when you weren’t looking, hoping that things would change.

Nothing changed. You got up in the morning leaving her all alone after just saying goodbye. You didn’t answer her calls when she was worried sick about you.

And after you were gone the whole day, you would come home reeking of alcohol and cigarettes. You had such a great time while she was imagining you lying in a gutter somewhere.

And no, you didn’t even bother to text her that you were fine, that you were out with friends, that you were coming back soon.

She even opened up to you. She told you what was bothering her and you lied to her face saying that she was right and you’d make up for everything. That was just one of the lines of your endless lies.

She never asked for too much.

She was a normal girl. She only wanted to love and be loved. This time she thought she finally had her dream come true and she did but only halfway through.

She loved you and showed it to you every day and you couldn’t have cared less but you took her love anyway. It suited you.

You felt nice. But you never stopped to think how she was feeling.

She was never high maintenance. All she ever wanted was to spend time with you. She wanted to be by your side, to do the things you loved.

She wanted you to do things together. She wanted to fall asleep next to you and wake up in the morning with you holding her.

But, at the end of the day, you didn’t make her wishes come true. You were too selfish to do that.

She wanted to love you.

It’s as simple as that. She wanted to hold your hand when you were falling apart and she wanted to laugh with you when you were happy.

She wanted to be a part of your life. She wanted the two of you to be one. But you disappointed her again.

You made a huge mistake and one day you’ll realize that and it will be too late.

By the time you realize what you’ve done and how you neglected the only person who will ever love you the way she did, she’ll be gone.

She’ll have found someone to love and that man will never treat her poorly like you did. That man will be aware of what a diamond he has in his possession and he will never let her go.

He will be grateful that you tossed her away because by doing so you made it possible for him to find her.

And at the end of the day, you’ll end up bitter and alone and she’ll be the happiest woman alive. And this will hurt you so badly.

After all she’s been through, she still can’t hate you.

There is no place for hate in her heart. Yes, there is disappointment, yes, there is anger, but hate is not a feeling she is familiar with.

Yes, she wanted you to hurt like she did but it was only because she received so many blows, one after the other, that she wanted you to feel just a small portion of the pain she felt.

But that is gone now. She can’t hold anything against you. She can only feel sorry for you for not appreciating her the way you should.

Now, she’s thankful.

If it wasn’t for you, she wouldn’t be so happy today. If it wasn’t for you, she wouldn’t know what it means to hit rock bottom and come back to life stronger than ever.

She would never have learned what she is capable of surviving if you hadn’t been there in that one sad chapter of her life.

But she finished that chapter with a big full stop at the end and she turned a new, fresh page, ready to be written all over. In this chapter of her life, she is not taken for granted, she is not sad and, most importantly, she is loved.

But there is still no excuse for what you did.

You’re an idiot for losing a one-of-a-kind girl. I know love is not a one-way street and you can try to find your justification there.

But she was the one driving in the right direction and you were nowhere to be found, so please don’t even try to go there.

You fucked up and you have to own up to it. You broke her. You made her cry.

You almost made her never trust anyone again. You can’t do that to a person, especially not a woman who loved you unconditionally.

You just had to be less selfish. She wasn’t a needy girl, she always gave you space and time to sort out everything you needed to deal with.

All you had to do was open your eyes and make room for her in your life. You would have had the best life ever.

This way, you’re going to end up alone, thinking about what a fool you’ve been and cursing yourself for pushing her away.

Girls like her don’t walk away that easily. Girls like her give so many chances, much more than men like you deserve.

One day, when you look back, you’ll be sorry but don’t feel so bad.

The two of you never stood a chance anyway. You were just a lesson that she needed to learn. You were just preparation for the beautiful life she had ahead of her.

She’s living it now. And where are you? Probably sitting all alone with a bottle of whiskey by your side. Tell me, isn’t that karma at its best?