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People With Big Eyes Share These 10 Special Traits

People With Big Eyes Share These 10 Special Traits

People with big eyes have the ability to attract you with minimal effort and this is not just because of the size of their eyes.

They say that our eyes are the windows to our soul and it’s true. Unlike other parts of our body, eyes come in different colors, patterns, and different sizes.

Your eyes, more than any other facial feature, have the ability to express your emotions and tell people how you feel without saying anything.

Your eyes help you perceive the world in your own unique way and absorb even the smallest of details.

Yes, they are that powerful. It may sound weird but even the size of your eyes says a lot about your personality, your life goals, and the way you treat others.

What Does It Mean When You Have Big Eyes?

When you look at it from a physical perspective, big eyes have the power to open up a person’s face by adding warmth and passion to their expression. People with big eyes are easily noticed both on pics on social media and in real life.

Undoubtedly, having big eyes is an attractive quality in itself but there are more things about it that make these individuals truly special.

Big eyes are a symbol of youth

Unlike small eyes, larger eyes are connected to baby features that make you look innocent and attractive (especially when it comes to females).

Basically, if your eye-socket is naturally shallow, your eyes will look bigger and you will resemble traits of a baby.

A baby-faced person with plump lips and a round face can be a 40-year-old who looks like a 20-year-old instead just because of their large eyes which is sort of incredible. And don’t be mistaken.

Every single person on this planet can have big eyes (yes, even Asian people) but they usually look slightly different.

Huge eyes are also characteristic of Disney princesses (Snow White) and Japanese anime, where they all have overly expressive eyes and some women (mostly Asian) have started wearing contact lenses with larger limbal rings to make their eyes look bigger.

The bigger the eyes, the more innocently sensual and sexual the woman will be and the same applies to the man.

Regardless of eye color, bigger eyes are a symbol of youth and much more!

Big eyes are the reflection of a big soul

Big-eyed people are thought of as:
  • receptive
  • passionate
  • warm
  • creative
  • kind
  • approachable
  • honest
  • naive
  • trustworthy
  • likable
  • familiar
  • charismatic

Have you ever heard people say Big eyes, big glaucoma? Well, here’s another interesting statement: If the eyes are the windows to our soul, big eyes are the reflection of a big soul.

This may sound weird but it is the absolute truth. When you look at someone’s eyes, (according to the Chinese art of face reading) you can learn a lot about them without ever talking to them.

There is something really special about big-eyed human beings. You can notice them easily even if they are meters away from you.

When you talk to them, you feel like you could drown yourself in their eyes (contrary to those with deep-set eyes).

You can notice little sparks sparkling from their big blue, green, or brown eyes while they’re talking to you and you have a feeling like they are absorbing everything in their surroundings.

You feel like they’re absorbing your every single word every day, and their concentration is at the maximum level all the time.

These are some of the characteristics that make them really attractive and appealing to everyone.

People with large eyeballs have the ability to attract you with minimal effort and this is not just because of the size of their eyes.

Rather, it is because big-eyed people share some special traits which make them so inviting and desirable.

10 Special Traits Of People With Big Eyes

They are friendly to everyone

Big-eyed human beings are naturally ‘warmer’. They are warm-hearted and friendly and they like to meet new people.

This probably stems from their facial features which make their face more open and appealing.

Be it blue eyes or green, people with big, beautiful eyes are not just friendly with the people they already know. They are friendly with everyone and they treat everyone with the same level of respect.

What is really special about them is the ability to accept all types of personalities, and the willingness to make an effort to understand you instead of instantly judging you.

They are the embodiment of selflessness and because of that, you count on them any time.

People with big eyes will always be willing to help you when needed because their main goal is to make the world a better place.

They may seem innocent and flirtatious but underneath, there is the strength of a warrior (similar to those with cat eyes).

They are curious

This is the most special trait of people with big eyes. Their curiosity is like a sparkling light that you can see in the corner of their eyes when they are looking at something that intrigues them.

And they get easily intrigued because they see things differently from others.

They notice even the smallest of details about you or around them, which helps them read other people and understand their body language.

People may see an old pot but they will see a vase lacking flowers. Their curiosity helps them see the bigger picture of everything.

It helps them see the world in a different light, which is truly exciting and mesmerizing.

They easily adapt to new situations

Big-eyed people have the gift of being easily adaptable to the most difficult and weirdest situations one can imagine.

It is in their nature to always find a solution to a problem instead of just sitting and waiting for it to be solved by someone else (just think of the movie In Time and Amanda Seyfried’s mesmerizing large eyes and intelligence).

They are very flexible when it comes to making compromises because they always put themselves in other people’s shoes and sometimes they go out of their way to make you happy.

Their adaptable nature makes them ready to conquer even the toughest battles and difficult tasks at hand.

So, the next time you find yourself staring at their mesmerizing big eyes, know that you’re attracted to them for a reason!

They are persistent

Big-eyed people remain persistent at whatever they are doing. They don’t give up that easily because they are born to fight for themselves and others.

They are bold and stubborn at the same time and this is what makes them truly amazing and it gives them additional strength when it comes to achieving life goals.

If you tell them that they should give up on something or that they are not good enough at something, they will do anything to prove to you that you’re wrong.

They will always respect your opinion but they will not let you interfere with their goals and dreams.

Their persistence is closely connected with their passion for life. They enjoy little things and their goals are more selflessly oriented.

They easily convert their passions into achievements because their will is really strong with them.

They are not afraid to follow and fight for their dreams because they know that if they don’t, no one else will.

They are open to new experiences

The only thing they are afraid of is being in a rut—which for people with big eyes seems almost impossible (even during lockdown).

That is why they are always open to new interesting things and experiences because they want to live life to the fullest.

They aren’t satisfied with mediocrity. They are not materialistic and they appreciate the little things in life.

You can see it in their eyes when they are showing admiration for a flower or something else other people might see as trivial.

Their whole perception of things around them differs greatly from others.

When you ask them to participate in something, they will never make excuses because they see everything as an opportunity for self-improvement.

They know that even if they failed at doing something, it was still worth it because it has taught them a valuable lesson.

They are creative and passionate

Big-eyed people have an artistic brain, which means they are creative with everything they do. Not all of them are Picasso, yet they all exhibit their creative traits on different levels.

Some of them are passionate about cooking, drawing, singing, swimming, writing, etc., and whatever they choose, they will be good at it.

Passion is a strong force that serves them as fuel. They feed themselves on passion and that is why it is so hard for them to do something they don’t enjoy.

That is why sometimes they find themselves in a confusing labyrinth of choices when they have to choose between something they really like and something they are expected to do.

They are devoted

Don’t let their flirtatious nature confuse you because big-eyed people are passionate lovers and devoted partners.

When they love someone, they love them with their whole heart. They are sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions and that is why they simply don’t know how to hurt you.

If they decide to love you, they will be devoted to the core and you will never have to question their decisions.

If they promise you something, they will stick to it. If you don’t believe me, just look into their eyes and you will know what I’m talking about.

They know how to fight for themselves

Big eyes are usually linked with babies and innocence but don’t let this information fool you.

People with big eyes may look innocent and easy to be with but if you hurt their feelings or say something bad to them, they will not just go silent.

They will always stand up and fight for themselves and others if needed because they live for justice and fair play.

Their angelic nature gives them the courage to fight evil and they are really good at it. People with big eyes will always find the perfect arguments and the perfect ways to right wrongs.

They are very persuasive

Big-eyed people naturally have more of an expressive face than those with small eyes. Therefore, in arguments, they are very persuasive and they express themselves with minimum effort.

Because of that, they have the ability to escape being judged for their wrongdoings (which for us regular humans is fairly captivating).

Having big eyes means having an advantage when it comes to crimes and other things because no one would ever suspect a baby-faced woman or man as violent.

And believe it or not, there are thousands of past cases where people with big eyes were not considered suspicious and succeeded in getting away with their crimes (just like gangster George Nelson).

Women with big eyes are more fertile

Larger eyes (along with plump lips, bigger breasts, and smaller chins) are all signs of higher levels of estrogen in women.

And women with higher levels are more successful at conceiving than those with lower levels.

Summarized, men are deeply attracted to women with bigger eyes because they see them as a better ‘mate’.

They subconsciously choose them over others because their mind and body are signaling to them that they are a better ‘mate’.

That is one of the biggest reasons why men find women with big eyes more attractive than those with smaller ones.

This is confirmed by Adrian Furnham, a psychologist at University College London: “Evolutionary psychologists say that what men are looking for in a woman is someone who will have his babies and make healthy babies – and there are markers of this.”

If You’re Considering A Relationship With A Big-Eyed Person…

If you’re already in a relationship with a big-eyed person or you’re considering entering one, be prepared to show them your affection in multiple ways and always make an effort to surprise them and keep things fresh whenever you have the opportunity to do so.

Big-eyed people are brave and really sensitive at the same time and that is why they will expect more than just compliments.

They like to be at the center of attention (but in a positive way) which means they will value your affection in accordance with your efforts.

And as a reward, they will shower you with their ultimate selflessness and caring nature.

At times, you might feel like you’re on a roller coaster but whenever you look into their eyes, you will know that every relationship has its own good and bad days.

Their determination will motivate you to achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself.

A relationship with a big-eyed person is more like a vacation for your soul.

It is filled with cute surprises and exciting adventures. Every time you look them in the eyes, your affection will become ten times stronger.

Their baby-face features will always make your heart beat faster and you will not be able to get mad at them that easily.

Big-eyed people are truly special creatures and that is why they require a different approach and treatment.

Their devotion will never be questionable because even if they wanted to lie, they are simply unable to do so.

Their big eyes will always reveal the true intentions of their big heart and every time they look at you, you will see it, too.

Some Interesting Facts About People With Big Eyes

I came with some facts about big-eyed people that really amazed me.

So, to conclude all of the aforementioned, here are 4 interesting facts about people with big eyes that you (probably) didn’t know about!

People with big eyes are more likely to become criminals

As already said, people with big eyes are perceived as less suspicious. They are powerful at convincing others that they are not guilty of something.

The best example for it is gangster George Nelson, whose big eyes and baby face made him look less suspicious and the undercover FBI agents simply turned a blind eye to him and let him and his fellow crew escape.

This doesn’t mean that every person who has big eyes is likely to become a criminal.

It means that people with big eyes are more likely to maintain that status of a criminal once they become one.

For them, it is much easier to deal with dangerous situations because they can always find a way out just by looking cute and innocent.

Big-eyed politicians are generally rated as warmer, more honest, and attractive

The example for this one is Clinton, whose big eyes helped him to become really popular with the public. The reason why this is so is because big eyes are directly linked with being innocent.

So, while politicians may lie to you in your face and talk bullshit, you will still believe them because their facial expressions (together with their big eyes) make them look honest and innocent.

But sometimes it might also prevent them from being elected because people can get scared that their leader will be weak and too innocent to wear the title of president or some other important position.

Baby-faced men tend to be more assertive, accomplished, and better educated than their peers

Since men with big eyes are often labeled as innocent and childlike, they have this urge to fight through life just to convince others of their masculinity.

It is believed that this is the main reason why baby-faced men tend to be more assertive, accomplished, and better educated than their peers.

Baby-faced individuals have better survival skills

If a person with big eyes comes to you and asks you to give them food, you will simply not be able to refuse doing so because your mind subconsciously sees them as a baby in need of help.

That is why baby-faced individuals generally have better survival skills than those with small eyes.

Their innocence and baby-face features help them get what they need in times of scarcity and potential danger.

This is especially effective with women because doe-eyed females like Mila Kunis or Zooey Deschanel automatically have better chances of convincing people to help them during their misfortune.

Women are by nature considered as a less dangerous species and that is why people are more inclined to help them no matter what.

Final Thoughts

People with big eyes are watching you! Kidding.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the special traits of big-eyed people and that you’ll find these interesting facts helpful.

The next time you find yourself in the company of a big-eyed person, try not to fall for them but I know you will (just like myself)!