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18 Clear Signs Another Woman Is Intimidated By You

18 Clear Signs Another Woman Is Intimidated By You

Do you ever sense that another girl feels threatened by you in any way? In the beginning, you think that you’re imagining it all, but as time goes by, your doubts continue to grow.

Well, we will help you clarify those doubts once and for all with a list of the most subtle and obvious signs another woman is intimidated by you.

I know that it isn’t a pleasant feeling. You start questioning yourself, searching for the reason that might explain that fear, but you can’t find a logical explanation. You try to find the best way to deal with it and make yourself seem less intimidating, but you fail at that too.

But don’t despair. You’re in the right place to find out all the answers you are searching for, and I will gladly help you become less intimidating to others.

18 Obvious Signs Another Woman Is Intimidated By You

Truth be told, most of these signs are pretty obvious, and you can easily recognize them. On the flip side, there are subtle signs another woman is intimidated by you that you may not see immediately.

Now, we’ll go through all of them, and I’ll explain each one of them carefully. Your only task is to pay close attention.

1. Nervous body language (fidgeting)

Have you noticed that she behaves differently when you are around? She’s fun and friendly around everyone else, but every time you’re around her, she becomes nervous and just keeps quiet.

The biggest signs another woman is intimidated by you can be revealed by her body language. She can control everything else, her jealousy and envy, but this part of her can’t be controlled that easily.

So, just pay attention to her body language and her general behavior around you. If she’s fidgeting, pacing, drumming her fingers, chewing gum while you’re talking to her, it’s obvious that she feels intimidated by you.

2. Having a hard time maintaining eye contact with you

If she can’t make and maintain eye contact with you, there are two possible explanations: either she’s a shy and insecure woman in general, or she’s intimidated by you.

Avoiding eye contact is also another sign of her own insecurities because people with low self-esteem find it hard to connect with others in this way.

If you want to help her and make yourself seem less intimidating, you shouldn’t be overly aggressive with establishing eye contact with her. That way, you’ll only scare her even more.

Don’t look her straight in the eye. Have an open body language that will encourage her to trust you. Let her make eye contact first, and when you catch her gaze, smile gently and then just look away.

3. She is defensive

Whether it’s your mother/sister-in-law, a co-worker, or your friend, if a woman has a defensive attitude towards you, it’s because she’s intimidated by you. She doesn’t want to allow you to get too close because she is, in a way, afraid of you.

It’s how she tries to protect herself from you.

Maybe you did something that made her defensive, but maybe it’s only because of her own insecurities. Understanding why she acts that way may help you solve those issues between you and make her understand that she’s got the wrong idea about you.

4. She’s bitchy for no reason

You’ve probably noticed that from the first time you met, she’s had a bitchy attitude towards you. I know it’s an uncomfortable feeling because you know you did nothing wrong to her, but you still feel like they hate your guts.

However, that’s again only because she’s intimidated by you. Through that bitchy attitude, she tries to send you a message that you aren’t a threat to her in any way… A message she doesn’t believe in herself.

Honestly, you shouldn’t allow this to bother you. If someone has the wrong impression of you without even getting to know the real you, it’s their loss, not yours.

5. Offering backhanded compliments

She will compliment you a lot, but if you listen to her compliments carefully, you’ll understand that she’s only being ironic. She’ll make it look like she’s being nice to you, but the fact is, she’ll only offer you backhanded compliments.

The truth is, she can’t pay you a genuine compliment because that would mean that she accepts and admits that you’re better at something than she is. And if she could accept it, she wouldn’t feel intimidated by you.

However, this doesn’t mean you should change your behavior towards her or respond to her ‘compliments’ in a rude way. You should actually accept her game… Just say thanks or ignore it completely.

6. She constantly brags about her accomplishments…

When a woman feels the need to brag about herself all the time in your company, it’s probably because she wants to make you jealous of her.

In the beginning, you might think that she’s just a boastful person, but after a while, you’ll understand that she does it only in your presence. She doesn’t feel the need to boast in front of other people because those people don’t intimidate her the way you do.

Boasting is simply a coping mechanism. She thinks that by emphasizing her own accomplishments, she’ll manage to make yours less important.

You may think that it’s because she wants to show you and everyone around you that she’s better than you, but the truth is, she’s only comforting herself in this way.

7. …While she tries to downplay yours

When another woman tries to downplay your accomplishments and your success, it may be because she’s jealous of you or because she’s deeply insecure. However, the most common reason is that she feels intimidated by you.

She thinks that by diminishing your success, she’ll take away your power. And the fact is, your power is what intimidates her the most.

You see, it’s not like she’s doing it on purpose or that she wants to hurt you. She simply does it because it makes her seem ‘better’ than you, making you less intimidating to her.

8. She tries to belittle you in front of others

If a woman uses every opportunity to insult you or make fun of you in front of others, there are two possible explanations: either she’s jealous of you, or she’s really intimidated by you.

In the first case, she belittles you because she wants to put you down in front of others. She wants you to feel uncomfortable and shameful, and she probably wants to turn others against you.

In the second case, belittling and disrespecting you is once again a coping mechanism. She wants to keep you at a safe distance and thinks this is the right way to do it.

9. It’s like she’s avoiding you all the time

She wants to be in your circle, but she’s also afraid of being alone with you. Whenever there is a social gathering you’ve both been invited to, she finds an excuse to skip it and doesn’t show up.

It’s all because she is afraid of you. Don’t take this the wrong way; maybe the problem isn’t in you at all, but there is something about you that she just finds intimidating.

10. Talking behind your back

She’ll gossip about you 24/7. And once she runs out of material, she will start lying and making up stories about you.

She’ll do it only to ruin your reputation and turn everyone else against you. She wants you to be all alone because she hopes that’s how you’ll seem less intimidating to her.

11. Using your friends to find out more about you

She’ll approach your friends but not because she wants to hang out with them or anything like that; she’ll do it only because she wants to get to know you better through them.

So, don’t be surprised if your friends tell you that she has been asking questions about you. She sees you as her biggest enemy, and that’s why she’ll try that hard to find out every little thing about you.

12. She’s trying to take over your best friends

She starts spending more and more time with your friends and tries very hard to earn a place in your circle. She always invites them to hang out at her place and does everything she can to make them see that she is a better friend than you.

In the beginning, she won’t badmouth you in front of them, but once she gains their trust, she’ll trash talk you at every corner.

13. She’s your biggest critic

Everything you do, every step you take, she’s always there to judge you. She can’t wait for you to make a mistake so she can brutally criticize you.

There are a couple of reasons why she does it. Firstly, she wants to harm your self-esteem so you’ll be left with no faith in yourself. Every time you make a mistake, she’ll gladly rub it in your face because she intends to make you think less of yourself.

Secondly, she wants to change the image all the other people around you have of you. In Layman’s terms, she wants to bring you down and ruin your reputation completely.

14. Her jealousy is more than obvious

She is jealous of you, and she doesn’t even bother to hide it anymore. She’s envious of your success, your friends, and pretty much everything you have.

In her head, she’s convinced that you’re living a better life than she is, and that drives her crazy.

She also tries to steal the spotlight every time you’re around. Taking over all of your friends and being the center of attention 24/7 is what would make her the happiest woman alive.

15. Ironically, she actually idolizes you

I know this sounds funny after everything you’ve read above, but, trust me, it’s true. In her eyes, you’re the best, most successful, and most beautiful woman alive.

She wants to be like you more than anything else. It’s like she’s found an idol in you, and she’s aware of that. That is the reason for her awkward behavior around and towards you.

16. She sabotages you whenever she can

It’s not just that she rejoices every time you fail at something, but she also makes sure that you’re going to fail. Whenever she gets the opportunity, she’ll sabotage you because she can’t stand your success.

She’ll also try to undermine you and make you lose faith in yourself. She’ll want to weaken you in every possible way because that will allow her to finally be better than you.

17. She never wants to hang out with you alone

You’ve tried to invite her to hang out with you, but she always had some excuse prepared. It’s like she’s afraid to be alone with you.

That is probably because she is afraid that you might figure out that she’s intimidated by you. She’s afraid of both your reaction and the future of your ’friendship.’

She’ll continue to hang out with you, and she’ll keep you in her circle but not because she thinks of you as a true friend. You know what they say… keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

18. Her social media is full of subtle signs

If you’re looking for signs a girl is intimidated by you, the first place you should look is social media. Both your and her social media profiles will be full of hints that will expose her fear of you.

She’ll leave unpleasant comments on your posts and may even mention you in other people’s posts. That’s all because she hates that she is intimidated by you and wants to make you feel the same way she does.

She’ll become so annoying that you’ll want to take a full social media detox. However, remember that you’re enjoying real life to the fullest while she’s obsessing about you in the virtual world.

6 Possible Reasons Why Another Woman Might Feel Intimidated By You

When a person feels intimidated by you, there must be a good reason. And when a woman feels threatened by you, there are a few possible reasons for that, and of course, I’ve listed all of them for you below.

I hope this will help you understand that woman and, in a way, make you show some solidarity.

1. Your looks

The way a woman looks plays an important role when it comes to this issue. If you’re a beautiful woman, if you have both outer and inner beauty, that definitely may be why another woman feels intimidated by you.

She might think you’ll steal her man and see you as competition. I think this is pretty normal because, honestly, we are all a bit jealous when we see a good-looking woman talking to our man.

2. Your social status

From my point of view, financial and social status are two of the most common reasons women feel intimidated by one another.

It’s mostly because this modern world of social media and our virtual lives have set some new standards. And if you’re a successful and popular woman, tons of other women will definitely feel intimidated by you.

3. Your intimidating personality

Some of us simply have an intimidating personality, and unfortunately, we can’t go against it because it is part of our natures.

However, when you notice that another woman really feels threatened by it, you should approach her and let her know that it’s just part of your personality.

You should allow her to meet the other parts of you and see for herself that there is nothing she should be afraid of.

4. Her own insecurities

An insecure woman will feel intimidated by any other woman with high self-esteem. She’ll think that another woman is better than she is in every possible way, and that will simply terrify her.

I know this isn’t your fault, but still, you should try to help that girl deal with her insecurities.

Show her that you have your own insecurities that you’re trying to overcome, and maybe that will encourage her to work on her self-confidence too.

5. She worries her crush/partner is in love with you

If her man has ever given her a hint, a reason to suspect that he likes you, I think her fear of you is perfectly reasonable. She’s afraid you might take her man.

Now, it’s all up to you. If you don’t like him, you should let her know that directly. And, on the other hand, if you do have feelings for him… Well, you should decide if you really want to take someone else’s partner.

6. Jealousy

This is definitely the most common reason another woman might feel intimidated by you. She thinks you’re more beautiful, more successful… She thinks you have a better life and that jealousy is eating her up inside.

She feels that no matter what she does, you’ll always be at the center of attention and that others will love you more. Jealousy is indeed one of the worst traits someone can have.

How To Make Yourself Less Intimidating To Other Women

Some women simply have an intimidating personality, like alpha females, for example, and they unintentionally make other women fear them. If you are one of these women, I’m going to help you slightly tame your intimidating nature.

• Stop using your intimidating personality as a defense mechanism

Most alpha females actually use their intimidating personalities as a shield, a defense mechanism that will stop other people from hurting them.

If that is your case, you need to let those walls down. If someone wants to be your friend, you should give them a chance to prove themselves because they may become a friend for life.

• Let them approach you

If you behave like you are a level above them all the time, like you’re better than them, it’s actually normal for them to feel intimidated by you.

You need to give them a chance to approach you and get to know you better. Once they get the opportunity to meet the real you, they’ll understand that there is no reason to feel threatened by you.

• Stay humble no matter what

Don’t ever point out that you’re better than them or more successful than they are. That won’t just make you seem intimidating to other women, it’ll also make you seem like a bitch.

You should be proud of yourself and your accomplishments, but don’t brag about them. Live in silence and let your deeds speak for you. And remember that nothing in life is constant, so always try to be and stay humble.

• Remind them we’re all unique in our own ways

If you’re a beautiful woman, a smart and successful one, an independent one who knows what she wants from life and how to get it, then it’s no wonder other women feel intimidated or envious of you.

However, your job isn’t to rub it in but to remind them that we are all different, that we all have our own unique qualities.

Show them that you aren’t perfect as well. Expose your flaws to them. It’ll motivate them to do the same and may change the image they have of you.

• Celebrate their success as your own

Don’t be jealous of your friend’s success. On the contrary, be their support. Let them know you’ll always be there for them… to smile with them in good times and offer them a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on during the difficult times.

• In the end, don’t ever change who you are to please others

It’s okay to work on yourself and change certain things about yourself that you don’t particularly like. However, it’s never okay to try changing yourself to get someone else to like you.

You are who you are, and you should never be ashamed of that. Be humble, be good, be kind but also embrace that intimidating part of your nature because it is also part of you.

If you try to change or lose that part, you’ll only end up losing yourself. Your best friends and the people who honestly love you will accept you, all of you, and they’ll learn to handle those great and not-so-great parts of your personality.

How Do You Tell A Woman Is Jealous Of You?

To be honest, it’s not that difficult to recognize jealous people or people who are envious of you. They might pretend, but their jealousy will come to the surface, and they’ll show you their real face sooner or later.

If your co-worker or your female friend bad mouths you whenever they get the chance, if they judge every single one of your actions, if they rejoice over your failures, if they try to sabotage you in every possible way, it’s clear that you’re dealing with a jealous woman.

When another woman is jealous of you, the first thing she’ll do is attack your self-esteem. She’ll want to make you doubt your self-worth because she’ll want you to feel bad in your own skin.

She’ll try to be better than you in every possible way, and that’s why she’ll try to use your low self-esteem against you. That is, of course, if you allow her to have such a huge influence over your self-confidence.

To Conclude

If you’ve recognized most of these signs another woman is intimidated by you, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Just understand that we all have different perspectives on certain things and that this definitely doesn’t make you a bad person.

Maybe the real problem lies in that other woman and her own insecurities. And if that is the case, then you need to accept that it is something you can’t change because it’s beyond your influence.

What you should remember is that you always need to work on yourself and your self-growth, but you should never change just to make others like you.

Stay true to yourself no matter what, and if it feels intimidating to others, then just keep walking with your head held high and leave them be.